Top 10 Flowers that Smell real Bad

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When we think of flowers the first thing that comes to our mind is the cool breeze carrying the sweet aroma and the fragrance it emits which we just can’t resist. Many of us enjoy the scent of flowers let it be in a garden or in a vase at home, for some reason the decoration of any function be it a marriage, birthday, anniversary or engagement is incomplete without flowers. They come in almost all colors and shades, and unquestionably smell sweeter than the modern day room fresheners and scents. But not all flowers are the way you think, there are some flowers that you can’t keep in a bouquet or use for decoration because the foul smell and the stink they emit will make you vomit then and there. So here comes a list of the world’s top 10 bad smelling flowers:

10. Aristolochia Gigantea (Brazilian Dutchman’s Pipe)

Walk through a garden having this spectacular ornamental flower and you are sure to smell of mice dung, mothballs and feces, thanks to its foul smelling behavior it finds itself listed in the dubious list of world most bad smelling flowers. Native to the regions of Brazil they grow 8-10 feet tall and 6-8 feet in width, it can be grown with seeds as well as by cutting and the bloom is red in color attracting pollinators which are bees, butterflies and/or birds. The foliage has a shiny, glossy texture and the sparkling color it possess will surely make someone to come and dip their nose it only to pull it back and hold the nose.

9. Eastern Skunk Cabbage

The Flowers name is apt for how the bloom smells like, because when the task is to create a foul smell The Eastern Skunk Cabbage does it in style, it smells like a skunk as the name suggests and is naturally found in swampy wetland soils. One of the unique properties of this flower is its ability to adapt and generate its own internal heat similar to that of a fresh dead body that can attract pollinators.  The flower will grow 4 inch long and it also known to have several medicinal properties used to cure asthma and cough.

8. Hydnora Africana

This parasitic fleshy flower is mostly found in the arid deserts of southern Africa. It has also got another name and known as “Stinking Root Parasite”. You just can’t stand the odour it emits which smells like feces. The stink has a reason as its main pollinator is the dung beetle. This flower is famous only for bad reasons as if its stink is not enough it boasts of growing entirely under the ground except for its bloom. Hydnora Africana was first listed as a fungus by its discoverer but later analysis proved it was rather a flowering plant.

7. Stapelia Gigantea

This hairy, starlike flower is fascinating enough to attract you towards it but once you get close the stench and the foul smell it emits will surely drive you away from there. Stapelia Gigantea resembles a cactus and is a carrion flower and gives the smell of decaying flesh. The flower when blooms produce large, five pointed stars having 4 sided spineless stems that are textured and hairy and can grow up to 16 inches. Flies are the predominant pollinators even here because of their tempting appearance and the foul odour. The savory look of the flower makes it popular among the cultivators but they look to it that it is planted in outdoors having a huge free area where the air can weaken the foul smell.

6. Arum dioscoridis

The Arums native to Cyprus, Greece, and the middle east, these are tubers having a hood like spathe that wraps around a long spadix. It has mottled hood and the leaves are very attractive that are dark green in color but the odour it emits is a mix of dung and rotting flesh. This flower is dormant in summer and grows in winter. This flower looks spectacular in a garden and grows in any sunny areas and dimly shaded areas stretching almost 70cms in height and 60cms in width.

5. Rafflesia Arnoldii

The nickname “Corpse Flower” that it shares with Titan Arum speaks for itself in the list of worst smelling flowers. Mostly found in the states of Indonesia its genus contains almost 27 species of different parasitic plants. This plant produces the largest individual flower in the world which might seem impressive until you get close enough to know about its aroma which is very foul smelling that can make anyone put off their food. Rafflesia has several petal-like structures but no roots, leaves, or stems. They grow up to the height of a human body and can weigh almost 11 kgs. The carrion plants as it is also called tricks the flies that breed on dead bodies into pollinating them. Despite this unwanted smell Rafflesia Arnoldii is one of the three national flowers of Indonesia.

4. Western Skunk Cabbage

Western Skunk Cabbage, scientifically known as Lysichiton americanus is a plant native to America mainly found in damp, marshy and wooden areas.  This flower is a nice change from the others listed above that give a decaying and rotten flesh smell but it makes it to this list of world’s bad smelling flowers solely based on its ability to let off skunk-like odour to the entire surrounding that it is present in, this smell can also be found in the dried specimens of the flower. It has a very large spadix and a big spathe surrounds it, the foul smell attracts pollinators which are beetles and flies.

3. Dead Horse Arum Lily

Helicodiceros muscivorus or Dead Horse Arum Lily as it is called is a very foul smelling flower. As the name suggests it smells of dead horse which is very stinky. It has a unique property by which it is able to raise its temperature using thermo genesis and this acts as a lure to attract flies. But also there are other factors which helps to attract flies, which acts as pollinators and they are the stench of rotting dead horse and dark colored spathe. This spathe will not unroll when the day is cloudy rather they do this job on a warm sunny day releasing its stench and attracting the pollinators that are lured deep inside the hairy spadix, and get trapped there for a whole day.

2. Dracunculus vulgaris

Known as the Dragon Arum and also as Voodoo Lily this flower lives up to the reputation of its name in both looks and smell. A beautiful, frilly pink flower having a purple or black colored spadix and stems that are mottled with purple and red, this flower is mostly known for its unforgettable scent of decomposing carcass which lure and attract the flies. Native to some parts of Greece, this flower has also been introduced to parts of the United States of America, where this can be commonly found on the western coast as well as many private gardens in Washington, California and Oregon. So make sure you don’t carried away by its look and plan to plant one in your garden unless you want to wake up to the disgusting smell of rotting carcass.

1. The Corpse Flower

The Corpse plant, Amorphophallus Titanum is also known as the Titan Arum. It has one of the largest flower bodies in the world, but its bloom is not actually a single flower, rather hundreds and thousands of small flowers, which is called an inflorescence. They stretch up to 10 feet long and the inside of the spathe is of the coloration dark red meat. They are found in the rainforests of central Sumatra, in Indonesia, dubbed as “The Corpse Flower” and “The Worst Smelling Flower” because of the putrid smell of its bloom, its principal pollinators are flies and beetles that lay their eggs on dead corpse. The only good thing about this flower is that they only last for 24-48 hours after blooming only once in 4-6 years. So, when it comes to creating a stink among flowers none can beat the Corpse Flower.

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