Top 10 Ways You can avoid Catching a Virus

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Viruses are really small and are not considered living things. A virus can only cause disease if it enters a host cell of an animal, bacteria, plants or humans. Some viruses only affect humans and viruses that affect other species cannot harm people.

Viruses can be classified in many different ways. One way of classifying them is whether they have a cell membrane covering them or not. Enveloped viruses are transmitted by body fluids, like blood, sweat, or saliva. Naked viruses are transmitted by ingestion and they are the only types of viruses that can be prevented with immunization.

Some viruses can’t be destroyed by disinfectants or alcohol and are very resistant to external factors. Likewise, some viruses can never be cured and only treated.

The following are general recommendations to avoid catching a virus.

10 .Get proper rest


If you are not receiving enough sleep your immune system weakens and is more susceptible to infections and you may get sick more easily. Experts recommend us sleeping at least eight hours each and every night; by doing that, you allow not only your brain but your entire brain to get the rest it needs. Being sleep deprived is never a good thing and it will make your body consume even more resources; also, you should avoid compensating the lack of sleep by drinking large amount of coffee. This is never a good thing and it can have serious consequences on your health.

9. Eat healthy and exercise



Having a balanced diet and exercising helps your immune system to battle germs. In order to stay healthy, you have to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention drink plenty of water. As for exercising, do not hesitate to go jogging, running or go and play tennis. Any sport matters and any sport will do you good.

8. Sharing


Avoid sharing personal items such as: lipsticks, straws, towels, and pillows with co-workers, friends or strangers. It goes without saying that if you share your personal objects with other people, you stand a very high risk of getting infected with viruses and bacterias coming from them. Protect yourself and protect others as well.

7.  Food hygiene


Always wash vegetables and fruits with plenty of water before eating them. Wash your hands before preparing food. If you are sick, let somebody else do the cooking. Make sure you cook food appropriately to kill germs.

6. Get immunized

If vaccines are available to prevent you from catching a virus, then you should go get a shot. This doesn’t mean you’ll be completely immune to the virus, but the symptoms may decrease. Other vaccines completely prevent disease. It all depends on the type of virus. Check immunization requirements before visiting another country. Some vaccines are available for when traveling to places with high incidence of a certain virus.

5. Avoid touching your face


Sometime we inadvertently scrub our eyes, scratch our nose, bite our nails and etc. If our hands are full of germs we can bypass the skin barrier and allow the virus to enter trough the mucous membranes.

4. Avoid contact with sick people


This is an easy way to prevent getting sick. Don’t share food or drinks with people who are sick. It’s important to note that some viruses like herpes can be transmitted even though the person has no symptoms.

3. Covering your cough


Some viruses can be contagious through sneezes or coughs, other not, but you should always cover your mouth to prevent the spread of airborne viruses. When covering your mouth, it’s best to use a cloth or your arm. If you use your hands you should wash them immediately, otherwise you would spread the virus by touching other objects.

2. Stay home

If you are sick, it’s better to stay at home and wait till the virus passes to prevent the spread of the disease.

1. Wash your hands


You should wash your hands after using the restroom, handling trash or touching objects that are of public use, such as: bus bars, handles, elevator buttons, door knobs and so on. Most people are not aware of how to wash their hands properly, so here are some tips you must follow: wash your hands for at least a minute making sure you scrub underneath your fingernails and in between your fingers.


There are many ways you can avoid catching a virus. Bookmark this list or print it to remind yourself of things you can do to prevent viruses. In general the best way to avoid viruses is by having good hygiene habits, having a healthy diet and avoiding contact with sick people.

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