Top 10 Ways to take Revenge

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Revenge is that common form of emotion in all humans that can do blunders. Revenge, I guess, is the second broadest range of emotion after love. A revenge can be anything from a small, harmless prank to destructive methods that can destroy an area or even a country. Wars, are often an outcome of revenge. People seem to lose their minds when this spirit of vengeance creeps in their minds. All heinous crimes, like murder, rape etc. are often outcomes of the thought of taking revenge. But what exactly do we call taking a revenge? Revenge is not something that should do blunders to mankind. Revenge is an advanced form of anger, frustration and insult. You may have been humiliated by someone, or have faced an insult because of a particular person, which obviously should be a reason strong enough to make you angry. In return, you want to teach that person a lesson and make him or her undergo the same pain as you did.

This simple mechanism makes people irrational and they end up doing things they had never imagined they would do, at the first place. The formula is to hurt the person who had hurt us, to the same extent, not more. If someone is the reason for your heartbreak, he or she does deserve to get punished, but is it a crime big enough that they should lose their lives? We often see in newspapers or in the dramatized crime shows, how normal and innocent people, adults and teenagers alike, undergo the transformation from a commoner to a criminal. But that is not how it should be. A revenge should be planned in a way so as to hurt the culprit who made your life miserable, but at the same time, you should not get in kind of trouble for planning the revenge act. I have an entire list of harmless but effective ways of taking a revenge on someone.

10. Take Legal Help

There are few things that are not in our hands. Matters like divorce, or property issues, issues regarding family business, these matters SHOULD BE dealt with legally. If you want a revenge against your opponent, or your ex partner, all you can do is to hire a lawyer and prepare a strong case against the one you are building up the case. If possible, keep a close eye on your enemy’s daily activities to get some more evidence against him. Or befriend his close ones and gather as much information as you can. Put it up before the judge, and law will give you justice. But for legal issues, please do not try to take matters in your hands, as it will only complicate situations and your motive will never be fulfilled.

9. The Social Media Revenge

Let us have a look at some light hear-ted fun ways of taking revenge on the person we hate most or who has done something wrong to us. In this age of globalization, what better way that using social media websites to seek revenge? Get hold of your enemy’s password, or use your hacker friend and log in to his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Once you log in to the account, then you are the king, or queen for that matter. Send weird messages to people on his friend list, or send random friend requests, update any status on that person’s wall, or upload funny pictures. Do not leave any stone upturned to humiliate him. But this is a very risky method. This is a part of cyber crime. So before you get hold of that password, make sure to check the laws against cyber crime in your country. Keep the revenge fun and healthy, so that you do not get into any kind of trouble afterwards.

8. Do not leave any chance to Insult

Insult is the biggest and greatest weapon invented by mankind to humiliate a person. It is also the best way to pour out all your anger. Of course there are better ways to pour out anger, but when taking  revenge, it is important to let the other one bear the flames of your anger. Wherever your culprit approaches you, in public or private, do not leave any chance to insult him and show him his worth. The insult is tough to take for anybody. And sometimes, all it takes someone to teach a lesson, is numerous insult sessions.

7. Do Not Help Him

If that person needs your help ever, do not show up. It is obviously a good thing to help others, and that is what we have been taught by our elders since childhood, but to help someone who have been the reason for all your miseries, all your pains, is foolish. That person will probably not ask help from you in normal conditions, bu you may be the only solution to some problem of his, or it may be that only you know how to solve some nuisance he or she has got into. But make sure, you do NOT help him or her under any condition. Let him come to you and beg for your help, but do not forget how he had hurt you, or taken away your job or whatever pain he has caused you.

6. Do Not Give Up

This means not to give up on your daily activities. It gives pleasure to those heartless idiots seeing you break down and depressed, not living your life. But that’s not how it should be. Do not give up any of your activities that you used to do earlier. In fact, if possible, take up new activities, like guitar classes, or swimming or dance classes. Continue partying with your friends like you always did. Seeing you enjoying your life will be the greatest ego hurt-er to the one who thought life would stop for you. But seeing you happier and more cheerful than ever before will be like a hard punch on his face. That is what you wanted, right? So being happy and moving on with your life will be a great way to take revenge from someone who thought they could make life tough for you.

5. Kill with Kindness

This is a very effective way, but for this, one has to be very tough and be nice to the one who had hurt you. It will require a hell lot of patience and calmness, but if carried on following all the rules, it can be very successful. Be kinder to that guy or girl who has caused you sorrow. Be extra sweet, extra caring, extra helpful, tell him or her that he or she is a jewel on the face of earth. Trust me, nothing annoys a culprit more than kindness from the very person he had caused harm to. But remember, you cannot lose your temper any time, because that will spoil all your plan and you will lose out on your mission, right after the beginning.

4. Dating the Bestie

This is for all those who have been prey to infidelity or heartbreak or all love related problems. Getting cheated in a relationship is probably the worst feeling to experience. Want to give back to your boyfriend or girlfriend what he or she gave you? Then date the best friend of your ex. Nothing will hurt them more. Rather, nothing will hurt their ego more. I am saying this from my experience. Not only you will get someone to kill the post breakup loneliness, but also you will have your revenge.

3. Pranks

You are intelligent enough to play any kind of prank which will be a revenge. Set up your friend to call your enemy and talk like his or her parents. It will scare the shit out of them. Or paste notes at their back reading out, “I am an idiot”, or “I have robbed a beggar”. They won’t even come to know about it but will become a laughing stock. You can even take their snaps or shoot videos and upload them on you tube.

2. Spoil their Day

Make this your resolution in months to come. Go out of your way to spoil every undertaking of your enemy. Spoil their meetings, destroy the new car he or she has just bought, spill water on the super expensive smartphone, hide their books and notes before the exam, ruin their dates, their parties and make life hell.

1. Strike at his Weakness

You know the weak point of your enemy, don’t you? Strike there at every chance you get. Weakness might be anything, something materialistic, or some emotion, or attachment to a family member. You know what his weakness is, and strike there accordingly.

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