Top 10 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ to Someone

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I LOVE YOU! One line, three words and a million positive vibes it generates.

As the festive season is nearing, all those positive bouts of energy are resurfacing within us. And then for all those lovey-dovey lovebirds, Valentine’s day is just within 2 months. Hence there is no doubt that new love stories would be springing up all around. And the most awe moment of any love story is the moment when either of them say those 3 magical words “I love you”.

And these three words are the most touching words that a person can hear. However saying these words can take days,weeks,months or even years until you are sure about the love. And once you are sure of it, there comes the heart wrenching task of gathering up strength to utter it. How should I utter it? What should I say other than that? When should I say it? Should I say it or not?

And then there are those relations where these three words have been exchanged for like a million times and somewhere the charm is getting lost. No doubt, even you people need to revamp your ways to utter these words in a way so that it will recreate the old magic it had  for the person you love.

The basic challenge is to say it in a way that actually shows your love rather than mere utterance of words.  For it’s said, “Saying I love you takes a moment, but showing it takes a lifetime.”  So make sure, that you put some effort when you say these important words.

Hence let us check out some cute ways to say these words and create an unforgettable magical moment for the person you love:



Burn all your love’s favorite romantic songs into a CD. Also sneak in your own “I love you, baby!” voice at the end of each song. Wrap the CD in the most creative way possible and gift him/her.The romantic songs will give the listener the right frame of mind before you utter those 3 crucial words. Aww! The expression which you always wanted to have on your love’s face would be right there in front of you. Surely it would be a moment which both of you would cherish for long.



Professing of love can’t be any more romantic than putting up a fairy-tale kinda setup with stars above and your love clutching your hand on the side. Yes! Take the person out for a walk to a nearby park preferably with a lake or something. Get them engaged in watching at those beautiful stars up above while you surprise them by uttering those 3 words in whichever way your relationship with the person permits you. With a hug or a kiss or holding of hands or even better would be kneeling down if you are guy. The surrounding itself would infuse magic in those words making it an unforgettable moment for either of you. And if you are a guy, I am pretty sure your girl would cry with joy! Girls are sensitive emotional species. *sob sob*



Bibliophile is someone who loves and craves for reading books throughout their lifetime. For example me. *grins* Yeah! So if you and your love happens to be books lovers, there can’t be a better way to profess your love than this. Read a book together. Yes read it aloud and preferably choose a romantic book. Things become so easy to say when the plot we would be reading will also be indicating similar stuffs. It can be that one perfect line in novel which you can read and then utter your own words looking into his/her eyes. Once the perfect moment is seized , all you can expect is oodles of love exchange between you too. What can be a better ending to any romantic book than ending up with your own love? * winks*



Get those vapors from the steam bath settle all over the glass or on a cold frosty night you can blow on the mirror or car’s window panes  to get that foggy surface. With your finger scribble those three words on that foggy surface. Although a bit circumstantial method, it would surely cheer your love beyond bounds for the effort you had put in.



Make an alphabetical list of adjectives you would use for your love. Get help from dictionary or anywhere. Try to make those adjectives customized and fit for them. It should be something out of the blue. Once done, compile them neatly either on one single card paper or in small square or heart shaped multiple cards. Write those three words at the end of any one card, preferably in one of the last 4-5 cards and gift it with the message, ‘A message lies for you within this. Discover it!’ You can also keep these cards in their varied belongings. It would soon turn out to be like a treasure hunt game.No doubt, after reading so many heart warming compliments, those words would appear like a cherry over the cake. Compliments make anyone happy. So a good reaction is for sure expected.



Saying I love you with a hug,kiss,gentle pat on back shoulder or holding of hands is far better than merely uttering those words. A mere touch triggers so many sensory signals within our body that would surely give those 3 words more emphasis and value. For all those pinned to long distance relations, you have to run an extra mile and make a small video for expressing your love. Make that video as intresting as you can. You can show your minute belongings or capture your whole day’s activities in small clips and end it up with the immortal line, I love you! All this would make your love feel loved. And when love can be expressed without words, Love is bound to be there.



No matter how tech savvy the world becomes with the advent of instant messaging and video chats, the old traditional way of writing to the love of your life still remains an unbeaten way of expressing affection. Although it comes with some hassles, but surely expressing love is not an easy task. The more you put effort, the more love you would reap! *grins* And yeah apart from the cheesy lines, decorate the letter a bit. It should reflect the extent of your love. And there can’t be a more romantic way of saying I love you than this.



The best way to reach to your love’s heart especially men is to reach through his stomach. Cook, bake or decorate, do anything with their food, And your love is gonna stay for sure. Even if you are not good with cooking stuffs, You can take help from internet and prepare those delicious heart shaped cupcakes or that mouthwatering lasagna which would keep them craving for more.  You can also decorate the normal sandwiches with ‘I love you’ messages using ketchup. Similarly you can do garnishing to those scrumptious dishes in heart shape or something that will remind your love of you.  Love’s in the air folks!



No overpriced greeting cards can beat the extent of affection showed by making a handmade card. Get all those craft papers and glitters and surf over internet for thousands of DIY Love card ideas. Give an hour a day, And within a week, The best surprise for your love would be ready. You can also enrich the card by turning it into a photo card. Paste some of the memorable photos of your love and you two being together. Also spread some mushy one liners all over your card, to make it a small bundle of love. No matter how many times, this card would be seen, The love in it would remain intact. *dreamy*



Get various sized sticky notes and write a note every time you want express your love. Put it between his books, towels or clothes. You can even set ‘I love you! *your name*’ reminders on your love’s cellphone in his absence. If you get into his car, slip a small note with a sugary love message somewhere. The main challenge is to surprise him and make the person feel your presence everywhere. Choose locations wisely and prefer those locations where he would surely approach with a relaxed mind. Rest assured, These small notes of love under the pillow, into the clutch or between the pages of their favorite book will surely work wonders for you love story.

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