Top 10 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

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In today’s world of junk food, luxury, stress and hectic schedules, obesity often sneaks in, frustrating both teenagers and adults. The belly is one area which is easily affected by fat deposition in case of wrong eating habits and no workout. This is also the area which people wish to flatten for both health and appearance reasons. This is because not only belly fat is unflattering, but it is also linked to various health problems like heartburn, diabetes and bloating. Whether you wish to boast off your perfect curves or expose your wonderful abs, it is important to get rid of the belly fat first, that too, in a healthy way. The most important thing for this is motivation and determination, which can solely keep you going without getting disappointed. Given below are 10 of the best ways (that truly work) to reduce your belly size. Have a look:

10. Detoxify your body naturally:

detoxify your body naturally

One very important thing to do successfully for an easy reduction in fat is natural detoxification of the body. Detoxing regularly strengthens your metabolism, makes you healthy and better equipped to fight away belly fat. Drinks like lemon juice, cranberry juice, green tea and dandelion tea are effective. Apart from that, broccoli, turnip greens, cauliflowers and cucumbers are wonderful natural detoxifiers. Lentils, dandelion root, milk thistle extract, oats, fruits and salads should also be consumed to get rid of waste and make the digestion system work well.

9. Lifestyle DOs and DON’Ts:

Lifestyle DOs and DON’Ts:

There are some healthy things that you should incorporate in your lifestyle and routine if you wish to stay fit and fat free. Firstly, do not adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Walk/Use a cycle to get to your office, prefer stairs over lift and keep yourself moving. Secondly, do not stress yourself as it slows down the fat burning process in your body. Take appropriate rest and sleep for a minimum of six hours as that too, is a part of your journey to a flat abdomen. Lastly, avoid or cut out alcohol from your lifestyle. This is because the adverse effects of alcohol on liver, again, slow down your fat burning mechanism.

8. Too much salt and too much sweet, both are bad:

too much salt and too much sugar is bad

For those having a sweet tooth, you may need to sacrifice more than others as sweets mean chunks of calories. Cut out sugar in your diet wherever you can. If you cannot resist, try some low calorie or zero calorie substitutes to sugar which are amply available in market. Berries, sweet plums, dry fruits or frozen juices may also help to get over your cravings. Too much salt, again, should be avoided. This is because salt makes the body retain water as a result of which the abdomen appears bloated.

7. Water is your best friend:

Water is your best friend:

Whether you wish to indulge in a planned weight loss program or you are trying to lose fat from targeted body areas or you are just trying to stay healthy, keeping yourself hydrated is what you will always need. You must consume at least 8-10 glasses of water daily if you wish to lose belly fat faster. It will also reduce your temptation for sugary carbonated drinks, fruit juices, beer or soda when you are thirsty. Carry your water bottle everywhere you go, sip in every now and then, because it will not only empower your digestive system but will make you feel fuller and you would automatically eat less. The same logic goes for having a glass of water before every meal as you will surely end up eating lesser.

6. Proportions, timings and number of meals:

Proportions, timings and number of meals:

The proportions, timings and number of meals you have in a day should be carefully decided. To lose stomach fat fast, you should take five smaller meals instead of three large ones. This shall include a light breakfast, a mid-morning snack, balanced lunch, an evening snack and a light dinner. The portions have to be small and distributed. Do not miss any of your meals, do not deprive yourself and do not starve. You should have a schedule of meals that suits your body. Also you should be aware of your portions and serving sizes for each meal.

5. Consult a specialist/nutritionist or join a slimming center/gym:

consult a nutritionist/specialist

One mistake that people often make while dieting and working out is that they try to isolate themselves and achieve everything on their own. On the contrary, experts believe that workout is best done together with people around you struggling to achieve similar objectives. Therefore, joining a gym or slimming center may not be a bad idea. Moreover, experts there will help you with valuable advice on diet and workout. There are certain diets which have proved to be efficient in weight loss like Mediterranean diet, cabbage soup diet, low carbs diet and Dunkan diets but one should always consult a doctor/nutritionist before undertaking such diets. Sometimes, they will customize your diets according to your convenience, habits and likes/dislikes.

4. Keep your cardio regime intact:

keep your cardio intact

You should not compromise on your cardio regime in order to shift your focus entirely to exercises especially meant for achieving a fat belly. If you do not have a cardio regime yet, it’s high time to have one. Get your heart pounding at a high rate for entire and continuous 30 minutes in a day– run, jump ropes or dance but keep your cardio going. You may add weight bearing exercises like brisk walking and jogging, as well as, non-weight bearing exercises like biking or rowing to your daily exercise routine. Overall fitness should be the key for losing stomach fat and keeping it away for time to come.

3. Special exercises and yoga:

special exercises and yoga

Apart from cardiovascular workout and weight training, there are also some special exercises which target the fat around the belly area and help you attain a perfect figure faster. These include leg raises, the basic bicycle, oblique crunches, the plank (low plank from elbows, high plank from hands, elevated plank, side plank), sit ups, Russian twist, dead-lift and exercises with the exercising ball. Also, yoga is a wonderful way to burn your fat healthily. Focusing on your breath and core, yoga will strengthen you from inside. Right postures and right breathing help greatly in cutting fat.

2. Activities which are both fun and productive for your goal:

 Activities which are both fun and productive for your goal:

Often your exercise regime becomes more monotonous and less fun. Chances of skipping exercises get high and when you do not enjoy your time, the results get poorer. In such a situation, or even otherwise, you can opt for some fun activities which will lend you some good time while working on your muscles and burning your calories. Pick any – aerobics, cycling, swimming, acrobatics, basketball, cha-cha-cha or belly dancing. You can even join monthly classes or get your membership at the stadium/pool to shed your belly fat easily and happily.

1. Say no to junk/processed foods and beverages:

say no to junk food

This is an absolute MUST if you want to lose belly fat. Fast food, though convenient, is the main culprit in the rising problem of obesity in among people today. Say no to burgers, pizzas, fries and chocolates. In fact you should avoid all types of processed foods, like cheese, jams, ketchups, salad dressings and syrups. These are loaded with calories which rush straight to our problem areas, usually the belly and butt. Also ditch soda and soft drinks which have high calories (thanks to the high fructose content in them) and zero nutritional value.

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