Top 10 Ways to Reduce Alcohol Intake

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We all like to think of ourselves as party animals and social butterflies who often hop from one happening party in town to another. While how true that statement holds is debatable; what isn’t is the fact that when you talk about any party drinking is definitely involved. There are some ingredients that are required for a rocking party and that includes good mood, good food, catchy music and alcohol. While we might often think sipping a glass or two or even maybe three isn’t that harmful, we are thoroughly mistaken. When the Greeks spoke about a glass of wine after dinner being healthy, they surely did not mean having two or three glasses of beer, champagne, vodka or tequila every night. If we aren’t careful we might soon cross the threshold of healthy drinking, and once we cross there’s no coming back. We always walk a very thin line when it comes to drinking, especially when it involves drinking in moderation. And before we know it we have slipped way past the line. So here are some tips that’ll help you curb your drinking so that liver problems and hospitals aren’t anywhere in your near future. And with the New Year around the corner, this might be the perfect time to incorporate this in your new year’s resolutions list.

10) Dance, Talk, Enjoy:


While we often consider it a norm to drink at parties, it is actually far from the truth. There are so many other things to do when you go to a party rather than nursing glasses after glasses of alcohol. Talk to other people, socialize a bit. Once you find a good conversation you won’t realize how time flies by and before you know it the night will be over and your glass of champagne will remain untouched. If there’s a dance floor go set it on fire and show everyone your amazing moves. Trust me, nothing can compare to the high you get from dancing and soon you won’t need any alcohol.

9) Eat:


Sublimate your cravings for a drink with food. This rule not only applies for when you are at parties but also if you’re at home. If you feel like drinking go open your fridge and have some healthy food instead. If you eat along with your drinks your stomach is bound to fill up faster, which means you won’t feel like having more than a glass. A task which is easier when you’re at a party, all you have to do is go raid the buffet.

8) Consciously Substitute:

drinking orange juice.

It’s alright to have one drink, be it a party or at home, balance never harmed anyone. But make sure you stop at that. If you are someone who often frequents the party scenes make sure you consciously drink only one drink and then stop at that. And even then if you feel the need to drink something switch to juices and cold drinks. Holding a glass of orange juice will help you blend right in as if you’re holding a glass of screwdriver and also keep you healthy at the same time.

7) Friend Guard:

friend guard.

It’s very easy to lose track of the number of drinks you’re having at a party especially when you’re busy having fun. We also tend to be less strict and more laid back especially if we are alone. So if you’re on a mission to curb your drinking make sure you drag a friend along with you; someone who you can trust on and someone who can be firm with you and stop you after the first drink. Having a friend along can also help you as you can talk and spend time with them in case you find yourself getting bored at the party. They’ll serve as a good distraction and you wont find yourself frittering across to the bar out of boredom. You can cook up some crazy ideas with your friend to make the party seem interesting rather than rely on the services of alcohol.

6) Measure your drink:

measuring drinks

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have two glasses of drinks come what may, make sure you measure your drink. If you’re at home and it’s your custom to relax and have two glasses of scotch or whiskey after a hard day of work make sure you pour yourself a small quantity. Having two small drinks is better than having two large ones. Even at parties make sure you measure the amount of alcohol the bartender is adding and tell him to reduce it if you find it a lot.

5) Pace drink:

pace drinking

You might often find yourself drinking glass after glass or shots after shots and before you know it, you’ve had too much to drink. Instead of repeating the same mistake, next time pace yourself. Take gaps between two drinks. Walk around or have some cold drink in between. This way you won’t end up drinking way too much and it’ll save you from the excruciatingly painful hangover the next day.

4) Keep a diary:


Keep a dairy record of the number of drinks you end up having in a day or a week. If you’re someone who likes to start the party early, make sure you note it down. If someday you see yourself having more than one drink at a time, make sure you compensate for it by forgoing drinks for the next two days. Having a diary will help you keep track of your drinking habits. And who knows maybe seeing the number of drinks you consume might be enough to make you start cutting back.

3) Rid the house of alcohol:

throwing bottles

Often saying no to drinks at a party can prove to be difficult, especially if the host has an intimidating personality, but the same doesn’t hold true for your own house. Get rid of all the alcohol in your house. This way you’ll only end up drinking occasionally when you go out with your friends or attend an office party. Moreover you won’t end up drinking just because you have alcohol in the house. And before you know it you would have cut back a great deal.

2) Learn to say No:

saying no

More often than not, we find that the reason for our excessive drinking turns out to be peer pressure. We end up having that extra glass because we don’t want to end up looking like jokers in front of our counterparts. But it’s important to know that it’s okay to say no. Don’t let society or the other people around dictate how you should behave. Especially not how you conduct yourself at parties and social gatherings regarding your drinks and food. Learn to say no politely yet firmly. Health is more important than what people think and it is not worth risking your liver. So next time, don’t feel ashamed to decline that extra glass, proudly say no.

1) Reasons:


People often drink to satiate some inner emotional turmoil, be it frustration, anger, hurt or depression. So next time when you find yourself drinking try to figure out why is it exactly that you drink. Deal with the problem directly rather than drinking about it. Alcohol only serves as a distraction and doesn’t really help with the problem. In fact in the long run it proves to be detrimental. So talk to someone about it if you need, seek professional help, or just sort it out by yourself. But don’t hide behind the curtains of alcohol.

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