Top 10 Ways to Give Back to the World

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We often catch ourselves thinking how the world has given us so much and how lucky we are to have come across opportunities in life. How we have accomplished things in life which would not have been possible without the help from people around you or even without help from the world in general. And often at these times we wonder how we can give back to the world? How we can show that we are grateful for all the we were provided with. This is not only acknowledging the role that opportunities play in life but also is one of the stepping stones to being content in ourselves. You don’t need to strike oil and discover a gold mine in your backyard. No, monetary value certainly isn’t the only thing. There are many little things that you can do to give back to the world. Because we live in a time and space which is far from perfect and a lot of change is required to make this world a better place to live. We aren’t aware of the things that we do on daily basis that impact the world at large. So, here are the top 10 ways in which you can give back to the world, show gratitude and let your inner peace grow a little.

10. Be more involved

Most people as they maneuver through life often fall prey to laziness and start slacking off with their immediate surroundings so wherever you are and whatever you are doing be involved. Always be updated with what’s going on in the community and be aware of the problems that people around you are facing on a daily basis. Talk to them and try to help them. Know who your political representatives are. Vote and make your democratic right count. Listen to others, get to know other and in the process rediscover yourself.

9. Respect everyone

The most important part of living in a society and being a part of a community that involves so many people is to be sensitive. Be sensitive to everyone’s situation and remembering that not everyone has had the same opportunity as yourself and hasn’t been in the same background as you, so their decisions and opinions are bound to differ. Respect people around you; respect them for they are humans too. You don’t have to agree with what people say but difference in opinion shouldn’t lead to condescension.

8. Sponsor a child’s education

Sponsor a child’s education as in when you can afford to do so. Education is the only way out for empowering millions. Be a part of the process, if you can’t volunteer and have enough on your plate the least you can do for those who don’t have the same means that you had is help them move through life but helping them learn. If you can’t shell out that much then simply send a volunteer school books, stationary, books as in when you can. Every little gesture counts.

7. Smile

Smile. It’s as easy as that. People often move with so much hate, so much bitterness that they can’t see beyond their situations. Smile whenever you meet someone, whenever you pass someone and whenever you are walking. Smile wherever you go. People might not smile back, not all of them at least. But you might make someone having a bad day feel better. Some might even think that you aren’t in your senses, don’t be disheartened. Think of the people who do smile back and are happy that they saw you that day.

6. Clean your closet

Learn to draw lines between too much and enough and clean your closet. Figure out the things that you don’t need anymore. Sort them and give them away. Give away the clothes you outgrow to a charity, give away the books from your school, from your college to children who now need it more than the garbage person. Do not throw away things. Learn to distinguish between things that can be reused and passed on to others and things that can’t be used at all.

5. Switch off the lights, the taps and the engine

Yes, it’s just one light, one water tap and one engine but don’t forget you are part of a whole. There’s entire machinery at work and every clog counts. Switch off the lights before you leave the room and don’t overuse electronic appliances. Don’t leave the water running. Learn to use water judiciously. Use the water from kitchen and laundry for watering plants instead of using fresh water in your garden. Carpool and use public transport when travelling alone. Switch off your engine at red lights. These are all simple steps that can help the generations to come as well as all the people who suffer at the hands of resource depletion.

4. Plant a Tree

It’s said that each person needs thirteen trees to provide the oxygen that they breathe in their entire life. Start planting trees right in your college days. If you are old there’s never too late. Encourage others to plant trees. Also, while choosing your plants be careful to research and find out which ones take the minimum water and require minimum care. Avoid monocultures as they exploit the soil fertility. Don’t always go for aesthetic beauty because most brushes and shrubs hardly contribute to the bigger picture. So make sure you know what you are doing and plan ahead.

3. Avoid things you don’t need

Learn to differentiate between need and want. We all have become the preys to the consumer market, buying things ceaselessly without thinking of the effect it’s having on the world as a whole. Don’t buy things you don’t need. This is not to say live like you have a subsistence crisis but just learn to know the difference between too much and enough and limit your expenses on consumer products and redirect that money to a charity or educating a child or creating awareness about these causes.

2. Reduce your impact on the planet

We all are continuously leaving our carbon footprints on this planet. The more resources we consume the more greenhouse gases we emit to the environment. And doing the same on a daily basis without thinking of the implications is even worse. Avoid hoarding on junk, remove all the things you don’t need. Always sort your garbage and recycle as much as possible. Avoid leaving a scar on the planet cause it might no longer stay the same if you don’t pay attention.

1. Volunteer at a shelter

Take time out of your schedule and put your resources to greater use by volunteering at a shelter home. Be it for homeless children or an old age home or the animal shelter near your house. Learn to care about all things and everything. Start by teaching kids for few hours a week, contribute to their life but educating them about things you take for granted now. Spread your volunteering to various activities. Volunteer for cancer associations, NGOs for blind, the community center. All of these organizations are continuously looking for help they don’t have to hire. There’s no better way to give back to the world then directly caring for those who are on the edge of society and can not make do by themselves.

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