Top 10 Ways to get Romantic when you Get Old

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December is the month where love is actually in the air. And being a die hard romantic, I stay in my own fairy tale world. So what better way to get started than writing about love and togetherness? Love is that little piece of sunshine which brightens up our lives even in the darkest phases. There is a very thin line of difference between love and romance. Love is the emotion, the very feeling that we feel towards that particular person, whereas romance is the factor that keeps the spark of the love alive even after years. We, the youngsters have modified the term ‘romance’ according to our own benefits and our narrow mindedness. Spending all your salary or pocket money on a Valentine’s Day gift or date, going out for dinner dates, making out at random places, calling up your partner every one hour to check on him or her, breaking up every few days, setting barriers and limitations in a relationship is not love, not even near it. Love is above all barriers.

Looking at our grandparents, we realize what it is, and how deep rooted this emotion can be. My grandparents used to fight a lot over trivial issues, but separation was just a ten lettered word for them. That is how it should be. Old age is the time when a human gets the fruits of all his lifetime investments, in love, in money, in relationships. After retirement, when one’s children are settled elsewhere, all a person is left with, is his partner. With nothing much to do, old age is the actual time to sit back and have a dream life full of love and romance. I have come across people who look down upon old age couples in parks, or walking hand in hand in the busy markets. They have a weird logic for that, “Is this is the age of doing romance?”. My question is, ‘why not?’. Love does not come with an expiry date, or with a certificate that showing affection in old age is prohibited. Here are some very personal ways I think are the best ones to keep old age romance alive. Having said this, to me, old age romance is a myth, a beautiful one at that.

10. Stay Together

No matter what it takes, two senior people in love should always stay together. You and your wife have been working all your life to ensure a healthy future for your kids. Now that they have grown up and are working with the same enthusiasm you people had, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the togetherness. Many couples have been living in different cities all their life for work. Barring those initial few months or years when your child was not born, you haven’t been able to spend time with each other in the literal terms. Now you are old, with an uncertainty of what will happen next. So why not just be together and fulfill all those vows you had taken?

9. Do all the Household Chores Together

The wife has served the husband for all these years. Or even worse, the husband and wife have stayed in different cities, with occasional meetings. Now that you are old and your children are well settled and busy building their families, then why not take this opportunity to help each other out? That way, you never really have to let the other one out of your sight for a moment. You can cook together, wash the utensils together, go for morning walks, do light exercises, go to the local market. Okay, so health is a big issue at this age. So if you cannot do it on a daily basis, then have a maid. Every month, send your maid on a holiday for three or four days, and live that time to the fullest. All that you had planned to do earlier, do all that now.

8. Gift Flowers

Flowers are going to be the best way of professing love till eternity. Gifting flowers can never fail to serve the purpose. Every day while returning from the morning walk, or from the church, or market, buy a bunch of fresh flowers for your husband or wife. Flowers, I agree, are a girl thing. But even men at that age do not really mind being gifted flowers. A bunch of fresh flowers in a beautiful vase looks wonderful. But most importantly, flowers make your spouse smile every day.

7. Knit sweaters for your Husband

This, I have seen my grandmothers on both sides, do. Knitting sweaters for your husband is a beautiful expression of love. You know your husband’s favorite colors, designs, patterns etc. and with nothing much to do throughout the day, you can start knitting sweaters just at the on start of winter. Sweaters give that positive vibes of the warmth and intensity of love. After you gift it to your husband and when he wears it and praises you, you cannot help but blush. A little, may be.

6. Go for Evening Walks

Morning walks are not always possible for old people, as getting up early is not really on their plans. So it is better to go for evening walks together. Walking is necessary to stay fit and walking side by side with your husband or wife, with occasional accidental touches of the hands is more than fulfilling. Walk or stride along the neighborhood park, or the lanes and by lanes of your locality, where you been walking up and down for so many decades.

5. Tease Each Other

I always saw my grandfather teasing my grandma for the handsome guy who had an eye on her during their college days, and grandma, in return, used to tell that she should have married that guy, and they both shared a laugh. We all used to laugh too. But they had a love marriage. Even the ones who had an arranged marriage can tease their partners at old age for all the incidents before or after their marriage. Teasing and laughing together only strengthens the foundation of the entire relationship.

4. Write Letters

Letters were so ‘in’ those days when communication was only limited to letters and the long waits for another glimpse of the partner. Even when you are old and staying together, you can always write letters or even small notes and hide them in your husband’s cupboards, or behind all those jars in the kitchen, under your wife’s pillow, or inside that knitting yarn. When you see your wife or husband smiling and blushing reading those notes, you will feel a sense of accomplishment of an objective.

3. Gift your Partner That One Thing they wanted at Young Age

Your husband always had an eye on that expensive Tissot watch but never bought it for himself. Or your wife had secretly admired that pair of shoes but never really expressed the desire to buy it. This is the time to gift it. End of youth does not mean an end of desires. Having your favorite gift from your favorite-est person only makes it better no?

2. Propose

Cheesy? No problem. You don’t have to go out of your way to propose, like you see if films. But proposing to the one you are married to is the most romantic thing to do. Extra brownie points for doing the same at old age. If you had a love marriage, you can propose her exactly the same way you had done years ago. If it was an arranged one, then even better. You know how your loving wife always dreamed of being proposed by the man of her dreams. Make that wish of hers come true when she has grown old.

1. Celebrate every Festival

Not a very conventional way to enhance old age love. But the charm lies in its unconventional factor. Celebrate every festival you have ever heard of in the true style. Christmas, Diwali,  Thanksgiving, New Years and also both of your birthdays. Just see the amount of colors it adds to your life.

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