Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of a Stalker

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Stalkers, they are everywhere. Jobless, young lads stalking girls, mindless girls stalking a guy, fans stalking their favorite superstar, every day we are getting to see so many stalking events around the world. Or just look around your neighborhood and you will find at least one case of stalking. Stalkers should be dealt with care and in a secure manner. Any wrong step might lead to the wrong path, because stalkers generally lack the psychological balance in normal human beings. With safety, especially women’s, becoming an international issue, it is very important to spread awareness among people how to get rid of stalkers and remain safe. Many of us have fallen prey to being stalked, either on roads, or offices, schools or colleges, or even have been cyber stalked. Whatever mode it is, stalking is a CRIME. Governments and other social institutions should take necessary steps to protect people. That should be the first step of uprooting this crime. But more importantly, it is we, the common people, who can protect ourselves the best. So I feel obliged to give the 10 best ways in which you can prevent from being stalked by that guy or girl who has made your life miserable.

10. Keep Safe Distance

This is the first thing to do. When you know you are being stalked by someone, the first thing you gave to do is to maintain a safe distance from that person. Whether in school, or college or office, or even while you are walking on roads, if you see him around, immediately fasten your pace or move away from where he is standing. Avoid the same seat in buses, take another row of seat if he is in the classroom. Move out from your desk at office if he is hovering around. Avoiding your stalker and not catering or entertaining his actions should be the initial step for any victim.

9. Avoid Being Alone

This encourages a stalker tenfold, when he sees you are alone, even at public places. Never ever step out alone, at least try not to. Even if you are going to the local shop, take along your roommate or if you are staying at your home, then ask your sibling or anybody you get, to accompany you. No matter how important work you have, make sure you take at least someone with you. Remember every move of yours is under constant scrutiny by the stalker. He knows everything about you, because that is what he does all day. Gathering information about you from various sources. Your safety is in your hands. Nobody can grant you that. So ensure your security and avoid going out alone.Or the ones who stay alone at home, you can call over a friend or any relative staying nearby. The stalker can even break in to your house.

8. Carry Pepper Spray when Alone

I agree there are times when we do not have any option but to stay alone. It is not always possible to tag someone along with you every time you are alone. So buy a pepper spray immediately. That will be your companion when you are alone. Nothing works like a pepper spray. If you cannot find a pepper spray, even chilli powder will do. Even if for a second you feel you safety is at stake, do not even stop to give a thought and act immediately. It will burn the stalker’s eyes and you can run for safety. But the best thing to do would be to get hold of him and get him beaten by the local people or whoever is around.

7. Prefer Public Transport

You might own an expensive car and obviously like to show it off to others. Moreover, any given day, travelling by personal cars is way better than availing the chaotic public transport. But when you know you are being stalked, why take a risk with your safety? It is better to avail public transport, whether you are travelling alone or with a friend, just because of the presence of so many other people. A stalker will never dare to do something wrong when so many people are around. He probably wont even board the same bus or train as yours.

6. Change Your Contact Information

Change all your contact information. Your phone number, your mail id and all other things that are easily accessible by anyone. The first thing a stalker gathers about you is your phone number, then email id and also all your social network profiles. Change all. Take a new sim card and give your new number only to your close ones, family and a very few close friends. At least for the time being. This will make the stalker as good as handicapped and you will be saved from the wrath.

5. Shift to Somewhere Else, At Least Temporarily

Changing your contact information will become fruitful only if the stalker does not know your address. If he knows where you stay, or even if he finds out after not being able to reach you on phone, it is better to shift places. It is true that you cannot find a new place at such a short notice. So shift to a friend’s place or a colleague’s place for a few days. Make sure that where you shift, belongs to somebody whom you trust. In the meantime, keep looking for new places where you can shift. The new place should be far from your previous locality. Better if it is in a different part of the city where nobody knows you. It might cause you problem initially, but still a lot better than living in fear. Isn’t it?

4. Avoid going to Places you Generally go to

A stalker keeps track of everything you do. He knows your daily routine better than you yourself do. He knows which places you go to, the park where you go for a morning walk, the cafe where you have coffee at the end of the day, the temple or church you visit on Sundays, the bus stop from where you take your ride and what not? So avoid going to these places. He will wait for you at these places like he does everyday. Not being able to find you there for a long period of time at a stretch, he will become frustrated. After a time may be he will lose patience and stop coming there. You can send a friend after few days to check out whether that guy or man is still present there. Meanwhile keep looking for other shops, churches or parks.

3. Notify Everyone About the Identity of the Stalker

Tell everyone you know or do not know that you are being stalked, and also his identity if you know him. This will ensure that you are safe. You can call any of them any time when you feel unsafe or you are being followed by your stalker. When you are on road and find him around, go to a shop where there are many people and notify them that you are being followed. Seek help from anybody you find around you.

2. Ensure Home Safety

Home safety is as important as your own safety. Whether you stay alone or with family, make sure your home is safe and proof from breaking in. Install new locks or call a technician to upgrade to a safer lock system at all the doors and windows. Your stalker knows your address and it is very likely that he might take some really big step after you have tried any of the above methods.

1. Seek Police Help

If none of the above points help you or prove to be enough, then it is best to contact the police. Nothing can make you safer than police protection. Inform the police about every small detail. Also tell them how you have tried to keep your stalker away, but nothing worked. Once the police take the matter in their hands, you can stay tension free.

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