Top 10 Ways to be the Change You Want in the Society

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Often heard elders discussing politics and you wondering why it doesn’t end up with a productive result? That’s probably the case of every general board, dinning table or drawing room meeting in our country often ending up in more than one ways to intensify the problem. This is primarily because our focus is on OUR own views, OUR understanding of those views and OUR immaturity of not being receptive to any change in the given two whatsoever. While we do have the right to criticize, blame and ridicule the society for its malfunction and extremely shallow sense of working, we forget that we are part of the same ridiculous society. Therefore rather than being the critic, let’s find out ways to be the change we wish to have in the society.



Putting up a status of how you were disgusted at night seeing a tobacco chewer plastering marks across the walls of the office or how the war between Iraq and United Nations upsets you or how The Twin Towers memories are still distinct in your mind or disliking the Prime Minister’s speech or forwarding a prayer photo for the recent rape victim isn’t the solution to bringing change in the society well its even worse, you are just publicizing the incompetency of few people. Your duty as the citizen of your country doesn’t end at posting statuses and forwarding photos rather it is the least of this and mostly meant for you to act, react and be the change.



How often do you blame yourself for your defeat or how often do you give up on a discussion and accept that you were wrong, mostly not. Reason being are ego hampers our conscience from bulging out at stopping us from speaking unwanted stuff. While our conscience is being submissive to your arrogance, we become slaves of our negativity. We no more want to know how we can improve the situation, review the faults made but rather our full concentration is diverted towards finding faults in the next most obvious target. This in the long run makes our decisions fatal and non effective.Be aware of the global issues



It isn’t necessary to put our point forth every single time. It isn’t always necessary to pull the other person down or showcase our knowledge in the most prejudice and centered way possible. This quality demands both patience and maturity to know the difference between blabbering and sense. You should not speak to grab the attention or to hamper a person’s image, change is made when we can value our critics. Change takes place when you are receptive to the sarcasm as well as plan on changing your system for the betterment of the society so that fingers are pointed out towards you.



We often want a drastic change where an angel should come and swipe away all the negativity in the system, while it is as ineffective as the dream we can always try on changing things slowly. It isn’t necessary for a revolution to take place but our steps which would focus on the solution than the problem can help bring a change in t society. If a fire can spread so fast and the news can be broadcasted within seconds after the session then your one step of change can also make hundreds get attracted to the progress. Therefore do not criticize and count the problems rather analytically find solution of change.



Be not the one who is a pin pointer with a tub of criticism but hasn’t cleaned his home as yet. Rather stop criticizing, it doesn’t matter what perception you have of the other person. What’s more important is your perception about yourself. Critics will do the job of finding faults and criticizing the planning and implementation done in the society while we should focus on stopping our mistakes to hamper the proper running. Before asking for a low electricity bill and free water lets ask ourselves to switch off the lights before leaving the room and closing the running tap water while brushing.



You do not have to go far before starting to stop the ill happenings in the society. If each person stops tolerating and becomes aware the society shall become a safe and peaceful place for all. Do not let your father control your mother, do not let your friend spit around, switch off the lights, be polite, do not take or accept bribe, these small ways and actions can help regenerate the society and the people around you with positiveness, hope and wish to change themselves.


do not be impatient

It is a trait of the weak, what’s yours shall eventually be yours. Do not loose your tempers at small occasions and do not be a slave to anyone. Have your ideologies and know the difference between right and wrong. The ones who don’t understand the difference are the ones who grow up to be the rebellion group of the society causing a distress to everyone. Be a social person who is well behaved and causes no concern or problem to those around him/her.



Whenever we see a terrorist doing violent acts or civil servants evolving themselves in non moral acts, we should remember they shall reap what they have sown. When you are attracted to false means of income or a speedy way to gain your life’s motives that’s when your principle come to action. It is easy to judge from the crowd and blame the unruly but being in power and following a decent life is the bigger task. Be the person who would stand all even when adversity hits him/her for you have your principles and your belief to guard you. This shall attract respect for your character and even make people follow your steps, this when done for a long time can make a huge difference in the lives of those who aren’t as fortunate.



Do not be the one who criticizes but has his hands in equal amount of ghee. It is easier to judge than to follow therefore first review yourself and then point a finger on someone , that’s when you are fearless and can hit the hardest. Therefore do not scrape at every instance rather be tactful and careful of what you are doing, be mature and know the difference between barking and being sensible. We often here discussions which turns to politics or social injustice, each having his own point of view blaming anyone but themselves, this makes us judgmental and critical of others faults but does not make us counter question are own efforts in changing the society. Hence each side needs to work effortlessly understanding that self appreciation is going to only worsen the state.



Regular efforts from each and every person who belongs to the nation when can come together the negative traits of violence, poverty, illiteracy etc shall be evaded. A day outside the Parliament or the White House won’t solve the curses in the society. A powerful objective, strong personal screening and proper reviewing can only make the society a better place for it is us who make this place worthwhile or waste. Do the best you can in your power and leave the rest to almighty, he knows best.

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