Top 10 Ways to Avoid Stress in Professional Life

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Woke up at 8.30, had some breakfast, got dressed and somehow reached the office after struggling the traffic. Oh!! Did I forget that small fight you had with your wife about that unexpected office meeting on weekend(Just be happy if you had not). Any ways,  first face that you see after reaching office is not the most gorgeous girl of office which you were wishing while driving you bike, first face that you confront is you boss’s face. You can’t even avoid this bald headed guy and were thinking to drop your bag on your table so that you can just go to the wash room for few minutes but this ivy league pass out MBA guy(your boss) can’t wait to see you and calls you for a meeting. You will feel like gosh, can’t you start one meeting without me as if I am running this company. After that this goes on for whole day, meeting, preparing a report for meeting you just has and then one more meeting. Believe it or not, you have been living this kind of life for several years now and feel like devastated. 1 out of 10 guys or girls have this kind of schedule almost 6 days a week and come to a situation when they see no end to it and get habitual of it. Is there any solution? Well, let’s see what options you have:

  • Change your job: You can’t be guaranteed that this will not happen again because meetings are not going to end and next boss may not turn out to be a saint. So let’s just stick to the job for some time.
  • Go to a psychiatrist: You can do that. Remember that on the very first day he is not going to give you the truth of life which you can just swallow and carry on with you job. It may also become a never ending process.
  • You can consult a doctor and start taking  hypertension pills.Well, You are just digging your own grave.

The reasons which may cause the stress and hyper tension may not end and one single list may not cover all causes as it may differ from individual to individual. Opposite to this, your options are very limited. Some of them are may prove dangerous and some of them are easy to follow and highly effective. Obviously options which are dangerous are not worth discussing.We can say that work and stress go hand in hand and it is very easy to take stress related to your work but definitely there are ways which you can use to reduce your stress and sometimes just avoid it. It is said that prevention is better than the cure, let’s see top 10 ways which you can use to help yourself to avoid stress in professional life.

10. Yoga


Yoga is one of the best ways to fight with stress. It makes your mind calm, relaxes your brain, reduces the anxiety levels and makes you more disciplined in an integrated way.Biggest benefit of Yoga is that it reduces chances of any chronic diseases to reoccur and make you more efficient in handling the situations which make you uncomfortable. 20-30 minutes of Yoga practice everyday can make a big difference in your daily life style.Initially it may not seem as pleasing as it is said here, but gradually it becomes a permanent and inseparable part of your life. It helps you to gain hidden energy of your boy and makes you more attentive, focused and cool. It is a way to make your life balanced because it has been found that little bit of yoga in the morning eliminates the medication and also leads to a much happier life .

9. Develop a Hobby

develop-hobbies Well, this is the thing which does not require you to fulfill any deadlines. You are never forced to do work related to hobby. Professional life and its work lad can make people sick sometimes, but if you like something apart from work such as playing your X-Box, watching movies, blogging, reading, gardening, cycling, it can make you feel stress free easily.  It is the means of recharging your exhausted body by doing something which gives you a nice break from work. Benefit of having a hobby is that it helps some people by stimulating excitement in their lazy and a routine life. Having a hobby unrelated to work may help to maintain your safe level of blood pressure, help you in avoiding fatigue and a confidence in yourself. It makes you perceive that you are successfully managing your personal and professional life. It has even transformed some people lives by providing a full time career related to their hobby. As it is rightly said that ,“If you make your hobby as your profession, you will never have to work a day”. So, if you don’t have one, find one.

8. Exercise


Most of the jobs involve sitting in chair and staring at your computer from 9 AM to 5 PM. Some of them may extend to 6 or 7. Some people get so much involved in their jobs that they prefer to stay in their office up to 9 PM also. This eliminates any remote chances of exercise. We can say that work in the professional life do not give you chances of jogging, running or gyming. But this does not provide any solution. In order to keep yourself healthy and survive in this competitive world, apart from giving focus to money you also need to keep yourself fit and that makes doing exercise very important. A very important and convincing scientific reason is that exercise stimulates your brain’s neurotransmitters called endorphins which are responsible for giving you feel good sentiments. You need to keep in your mind a quote that ,“a healthy brain resides in a healthy body”. 

7.  Smoking


This is not scientific proven but it has been reported by some people that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol may help you release the stress or tension but all it is quite sure and proven that the smoke which comes out is not healthy element. This may lead to stomach diseases, heart diseases, cancer of variou types and may also destroy your lungs.  It is adviced not to attempt smoking or alcohol consumption in order to beat the stress. May be in short term, you can forget all the stress by getting high but in the longer term it almost kills your body. So, Just avoid.

6. Break from work


Continuous work may hamper your ability to think and can restrict you to think outside the box. Today’s world is highly competitive and people do not get much chances to hang out with friends, colleagues, school friends. So whenever you get chance to have a break from work, without thinking twice, just take it. A little coffee break with a beautiful lady in office is not going to be harmful.

5. Music


Music, considered to be one of the most soothing experience among all the options mentioned in this list, is highly effective way to tackle with stressful work situations. It has high ability to slow down the pulse and heart rate and it can help you in controlling your blood pressure. Scientific experiments have shows that slow and classical music can be effective in stress management but this may differ from person to person based on personal preferences.

4.  Eat


This is one my favorite options to use while I am in stress . But this may be dangerous to your body because this way you may perceive that you found a way to avoid stress but this leads to a different form of eating characteristic which is called emotional eating.But effectively you are consuming too much calories which may make you fat, unhealthy and which may subsequently force you to take more and more precautions on what to eat and what not to eat. This way you are taking more and more stress. So just control on emotional eating habits.

3. Talk to a Friend or Spouse

iStock_000014323937XSmall This is quite effective way to beat out the stress. Not every one in this world is self capable to handle situations on their own and may need support of other people. This support may include general conversation, a discussion on interesting issue or just a talk on what caused you this stress and luckily your friend or spouse may throw some solution which can make the mood light and can help you in managing the stress levels.

2. Laugh


Laughter is highly contagious and infectious process. Sometimes we don’t need a cause or a reason to laugh and the popular laughter therapy works on the same principle. People in groups share the laugh on several physical actas and the laugh is shared with many people. This is a great way to live a priceless life as without paying for any doctor or a medicine, you try to perceive that everything is fine and this fosters enery in your body. It helps to relax your body, helps you to think new, helps you in avoiding bad things about life, improves immunity of the body and helps to release more and more endorphins which make you feel good.

1.Love or Date


Forcibly you can not get a partner. But when you get, it is a completely different feeling all together. You do not bother about the work, about the future, you are not scared of the freaky behavior of your boss and it helps you in moving in your life in a different way. Healthy relationships make people confident in expressing, boost their confidence, provide a companion to share everything. It brings a new excitement in life to change old lifestyle.So why wait too much, find a love of your life, partner up and start dating.Well, good luck in finding a perfect match for your life.

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