Top 10 Ways to Spend your First Pay Check

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Everyone’s first pay check is something they will remember forever. It is the first time you’ve made money on your own. You have used your skills, talent, education or whatever gifts you may be blessed with and earned yourself something that is necessary to survive in this world- money. Money makes the world go round. Your first salary defines the moment you have gained independence and stood on your own two feet. What you do with your first salary is definitely something that will always stay with you, so the way you spend it should be something that you will cherish. There are many ways to celebrate the arrival your first salary- most of which include spending it. Here are the top then ways to spend your first pay check-

10. Save It

save it

Rather contradictory to what this post is all about, saving your first pay check would be a very good idea. It may seem boring and mundane but it definitely has it benefits for a rainy day when you’re running short on funds. And if you have no other use for your money at present and no pressing need or urge to spend it, it would be extremely beneficial if it were to sit in your bank account and make some money for you. Money making money for you is an art one should pick up early on in life in order to enable them to live more peacefully later on. It is a definite necessity so that later on you may make more money while working for fewer hours. So, letting your money grow in the bank account shouldn’t seem as a boring idea to you anymore but instead something that will only make you richer in the future!

9. Gift your Parents something

give it to your parents

Our parents are people who always sacrifice everything they want in order to meet our needs, wants and tantrums. They give up a lot for us and we have never really appreciated all that they do for us with or without our asking. Spending your first pay check on your parents is something that will give you immense joy and make you feel like you’re finally being able to give them something back. Giving your parents cash is never a good idea but they might appreciate it in the form of your time. Take them out for a nice meal or a small vacation over the weekend. Get your mother a dress that will look good on her or take your dad out for fishing or golf or something he enjoys. The happiness on their faces will be the look of money that has been spent well.

8. Food Sampling

food sampling

There are a large number of restaurants all around the place which have lots of exotic food. You might have always wanted to try these delicacies but maybe you stayed away from it because of their exceptionally high prices. Who needs to spend that much on exotic food which you may not even like? But now that you’ve earned your first salary, you have your own, hard earned money available to spend on all these exotic food and beverage items available everywhere. Spend all night eating exquisite Thai, Moroccan, Danish and Turkish foods. After all, the main reason we earn is in order to fill our stomachs, right? So take an evening off with your friends and spend a night taking your taste buds out on an adventure. Live to eat!

7. Pamper Yourself

pamper yourself

You’ve spent a lot of time earning that first pay check. It may not have been the most difficult thing in the world, but if someone is paying you, there’s quite a definite chance of you being stressed out. Take the day off and spend your pay check by pampering yourself. Go get a hot massage from the best spa in the city, relax, spend an evening at the local bar munching snacks and talking to old friends with drinks on the house if your pay check can get you that, rent a Harley Davidson for the day and drive around the outskirts of your city, spend a day at the amusement park if that will help you unwind. It a great way to get charged up to work for your next pay check!

6. Shop

shopping spree

Go on a mad shopping spree and buy yourself whatever you like. Wanted the latest tablet or laptop? Well, go get it now! If you’ve had your eyes on certain clothes and shoes, now is the time you can go buy it. Shopping is sure shot way to spend your pay check and it will definitely make you happy too! Buy yourself the new book of your favourite author, buy something for your pet, and buy something for your house. Just hit the mall or your favourite shop and buy whatever your heart desires and your pay check can pay for. It is your money; spend it on whatever you like!

5. Donate it

donate it

You have a secure and stable job and you’re sure that money is going to be streaming in regularly. However, there are a lot of people in this world who do not have that luxury. For them, a regular pay check is a luxury. These people could do with a little help from you. If you want to feel truly blessed, donating your money is a good way to make yourself as well as others happy. There are organizations all over the world that support different causes and try to provide maximum funding to it. Pick a cause that you feel for the most and go ahead and let them cash in your pay check. You could help homeless people, poor people, cancer patients, tortured animals or even the environment by supporting Greenpeace. You can make this world a better place with just your first pay check.

4. Extreme Sports

extreme sports

An extreme sport is something that you will never, ever forget. And there are a ton of them which you can take up and spend your first salary on. If you are a water baby, go take a scuba diving class and swim among the fish and explore the coral reefs. Do something more extreme like paragliding and take the plunge and go bungee jumping. If your pay check is big enough, you might even be able to use it to go sky diving. This is something which will remain in your memory forever.

3. Spontaneity Fund

spontaneity fund

You might want to use your money for something but you’re just not quite sure what it is yet. But you don’t want it lying in your bank account just like that either. So, after you’ve met your monthly expenses, you could start a spontaneity fund. There are those times when you want to do something spontaneous but cannot because you don’t have the resources to do it. Spontaneous occasions are what life is all about- so plan for them! It may sound rather odd to plan for something spontaneous but it is the best way around for you to secure your future fun time. Go set aside your money for some fun later on!

2. Extravagant Party

extravagant party

Have you always wanted to be one of those people who throw the best parties around? Well, let your first pay check make you one of them. Go all out and have an amazing party with everything you can afford. Great drinks, music, dance-floor, food and amazing people- it will be something truly memorable and people will talk about it for many years to come.

1. Take a Vacation

take a vacation

A vacation is the best way to spend your first pay. Go to a beach, take a trip to the mountains, see a place you’ve never seen before, take in views which are once in a lifetime. Getting out of the city for a short time is a real stress buster and is a great way to spend your first pay check. You’ve been on a vacation, you know what it’s like so enough said!

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