Top 10 Ways to Rock that Little Black Dress

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Topping the list of statement wardrobe essentials is a little black dress or LBD as it is popularly called. Everyone must have one of these and well if you don’t have a LBD, you just don’t have a LBD. Remember the i-phone advertisement? I am sure it holds truer for a LBD for any fashionista than an i-phone. Ofcourse you would want an i-phone later too, to click pictures when you look as pretty as that. Little black dresses can classify for just anything desirable. It’s hot, its sexy, its classy and its all a woman wants when she needs to look lovely but is just not in a mood to dress. The LBD’s are a statement in themselves, but there are a lot many ways where you can style them  to make a style statement. The top 10 ways to rock a little black dress are:

10. Keep it basic


There is nothing that works with a little black dress like the bare basics. Strappy sandals or black suede pumps, a black sling bag with metal embellishments and hair left finely combed. A cherry atop the cake will be a leather strap watch with an oversized dial. Not to forget that hint of apricot blush and peachy nude gloss. Keep your nails basic, either buffed or a French manicure. Let the dress do the talking. An effortless look that would do for a dinner date just as well as it would for a trip to the designer lane at an upmarket mall.

9. Braids and flats


A little black dress can just as well be underplayed as overplayed. A fun look to sport bu college girls and younger students. A side French braid secured with small coloured pins  and bright coloured flats. You can walk through the day without those shoe bites, what else do you wish for.  Keep the accessories minimal and mostly funky and colourful. You can just as well pull off a backpack with this look as a tote or shopper bag. High on fashion, higher on comfort and you would completely be rocking that little black dress of yours.

8. Building colour blocks


Colour blocking is the in thing for some time now. I would not disagree when you say it is almost hard to colour block with black because just about everything with black goes so well.  Hot pink high heeled pumps, a dull yellow huge shopper bag in leather, a royal blue leather strap watch with silver diamond studded dial and stacked bracelets to accessorize. Furthermore a printed floral chiffon scarf in muted blues and greens can be added. Neon shades of nailpaint and a vibrant lip color, just a single swipe though. Finish off the look with contrast eye shadow. Make sure not to overdo the makeup. Colour blocking draws a narrow line in differentiating trendy from clownish and clumsy. If done right you will be the next fashion statement around.

7. Of collars and curls


I am sure none of the girls are not aware of the collar necklaces being so in fashion. From doing rounds on the runway in international fashion weeks, featured in fashion magazines to simple everyday fashion. They are seen everywhere these days. You may choose one in metals with dull finish or the ornamented pearly ones or maybe even the ones with beautiful intricate carvings. Make sure though that the neckline of your little black dress is high if you choose to style it this way or it is a simple round neck if any deeper. Definitely not deep plunging v necks there. Go for black sandals or neutral shades of pumps and leave hair curled. The curls should only be broad enough to classify for waves. Use a glitter gel for your hair if it is a night outing to hold your hair in place. Go for either dewy or smoky makeup and make sure your foundation is set with a setting spray. You might as well be ready to walk the ramp for Milan fashion week.

6. The blazers and stockings


A way to style your black dress in almost there winters. Wear a coloured blazer- burgundy, pink, yellow, mustard, deep red- any of your choice and complimenting footwear. Finish the look with a messy updo for your hair and a satin clutch. To make the look trendy wear lacy stockings in black and angle high booties or simply put on your favourite pumps in colours that go with your blazer.

5. A sheer long flare


This may take away from your little black dress if worn wrong. It is a risky look to pull of, but if you do it well you are sure to be the trendiest chic on the block. Weak a sheer net or lace flared skirt over your LBD waist down. It will give the effect of a gown with short underlining but would pass off for one of the most glamourous looks out there. Complete the look with hair in a bun and accezorize with hand cuffs and western chokers or ever statement neckpieces if your dress has a wider neck.

4. Chains and belts


Add a belt to your dress to add details. Preferably a broad one with a differently designed buckle. Add lots off long chains with pendants to play it up for a movie outing. Maybe the in-trend moustache pendants and the spectacles too. Layer the chains of with each having different lengths and details. Style hair with less effort, a side flick maybe. Wear kitten heels or bellies to  make the look more comfortable. Wear light rosy lips and an even toned skin with a pink-ish blush. It is the perfect way to not go over the top and still rock your little black dress.

3. High heels and stones


Wear high strappy heels and accessorize with everything stony. Semi-precious and precious stones in all shapes, sizes and colours will do it for you. Stack up on rings and bracelets. Makeup muted and hair let down. Wear a stronger and warmer fragrance to match your look. An easy, inexpensive way to play with your LBD. You may want to add a black hat for fun quotient.

2. Keep warm, be stylish


One of the best ways to style your little black dress. With Christmas and new year around the corner this will sure come in handy. Wear this look for shopping, office, to visit the salon, a birthday party or just about anywhere. You know the kind of look that is not location specific. Wear a long coat over your little black dress. By long I mean long- longer than your dress is. Preferably in suede or velvet finish- go for duller earthy tones. Add flat knee or calf high boots in the same or other colour from the same family. Wear half gloves and black nail paint. The perfect winter look for a snowy evening. It would only take some real will power to sport a little black dress on a snowy evening though.

1. Bold and Blingy


A little black dress can never be played better than this. The perfect red carpet look- it can double up for rocking the dance floor when you go clubbing or any even where glam is in. Bright red lips, a -bling clutch, bling hair clip or bobbi pins and super bright red nails with golden nail art. A deep black cats-eye eyeliner and muted grey shadow would highlight the eyes. Keep the hair textured and rough with bling or crystal embellished bobbi pins clipping at one side. Wear platinum band and diamond studs. High pumps in either deep red or Swarovski peeptoes. It can never get more elegant. You can never get more desirable. And above all Be confident- the trendiest tip to carry off just about any look.

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