Top 10 Ways to Reduce Pollution

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It has been told to us by our elders and taught to us in schools, observed by us when others fall prey and experienced by us when we suffer ourselves. Pollution has adversely affected our health and slowly crept into our lives like a silent parasite that feeds on our bad habits and addictive lifestyle and grows larger and stronger. We live in an era where it is an eternal gift of our anti-nature activities and a part of our metropolitan cities. Let us face it- either we need to take a step now to curb it or it will end up destroying us along with our habitat! So, here are the 10 Ways To Reduce Pollution, mostly things that we all know because they are basic and easy, but we never practice!

10.Car Pooling & Public Transport


Who does not love to flaunt the new car or the latest bike that is now your possession! But, what about the excessive number of possession hitting the roads each day, adding to the burden of air pollution? Well, we do not live in times when cars or automobiles were a luxury. Today, they are a necessity for not just long distance travel but also for those who find it unfavorable to walk or share travel space with anyone else. In such times, the air pollution has become a permanent feature of the crowded metro cities leading to rise in cases of respiratory diseases apart from the other harmful phenomenon like the green house effect and rising average temperatures of earth. We can contribute to saving the earth and our entire race by being a little less selfish and a bit more practical. We can share travel space with co-workers or friends by car pooling. This will not only save us from further increment of pollution but also save our precious natural oil resources. Moreover, using the public transport is a good option which is cost effective too.

9. Recycle & Reuse


Another very intelligent, long propagated but seldom exercised method to reduce pollution can be recycling waste and reusing what we think is waste! We must keep in mind that whatever natural or manufactured commodity we use, has used many other resources in the course of its production. Our duty lies in not only judiciously using the products but also in conserving the resources it used on itself. The best way is to recycle things such as cardboard, paper, metal or other alloys. Instead of simply throwing them away, we can sell them off to scrap dealer who further gets our things recycled for another cycle of consumption purposes. Besides, the old, used clothes should not be thrown away. We could either give them off to the needy who can put them to some use or we could use our creative genes into operation by making cloth bags or other useful  and innovative things from what we thought was “waste”.

 8. Stop Littering


Well, we really need to give a thought to this one. Let us admit, we all litter. We take our roads or any other place right outside our home too much for granted and throw away whatever is of no use to us out there, as if all the world apart from our home were a dump yard. But, we do not realize that we are adding to another form of pollution- visual pollution. By dirtying our surroundings and making our neighborhood dirty, we are also making it a breeding ground of insects and opening floodgates of various potential diseases or viral/ bacterial outbreaks! We need to act civilized and throw our waste either in the  community dustbins or simply in the authorized and recognized dumping grounds but certainly not on the roads and not outside someone else’s house!

 7. Check those Decibels


We live in the age of innovation and our very own lovely discoveries and inventions have given rise to a new form of pollution – sound pollution. It could originate right from you, honking away on the roads in the traffic with fellow drivers who also create an intolerable melody of horns, it could also commence from an irritating neighbor who loves to hear loud music in the dead of the night hurting others peace and to cap it all from the ostentatious ceremonies where large ear deafening loudspeakers make sure to inform everyone of a ceremony going on! All that can be said is – that’s all pollution! We need to check those rising decibels to ensure everyone’s comfort. Not every body can tolerate loud music or incessant horns on the road. The least we can do is, act normal and keep volumes within limits so that we do not force others to hear what they do not want to!

6. Sewage Treatment Initiative


Ever seen a small stream or a larger pond or even, sadly, a river, all full of dirt and junk that was thrown miles away but got swept into the water body either through the sewage pipes or through industrial waste disposing outflows that ruthlessly pollute pour water bodies? It must be a pathetic site, but what if you were made to drink that water because the freshwater resource dried up? Might not be less than a nightmare to imagine but sadly our dreams are on the brink of becoming reality. Our freshwater sources are indeed getting dry or polluted while our industries continue to pollute the rives that we revere in our culture. It is high time that we realize this and opt for sewage treatment plants so that the toxic waste does not flow directly into river bodies, polluting them and killing the natural aquatic life.

5. Stop Burning & Charring


We often do this to get rid of our waste but do not acknowledge the pollution we are adding to by our actions. Burning paper or dry leaves or  plastic polythene bags can turn very toxic for our environment. Burning of these leads to air pollution along with the release of harmful mono oxides of the chemicals that can turn fatal if inhaled. So, next time you see someone burning waste, warn them and make them aware of their actions. After all, this earth is all we have t survive on!

4. Segregate Waste

segregate the waste

We could be really intelligent and rational if we understand the science behind our daily chores. We can begin with segregating wastes that can be easily broken down by the soil called biodegradable waste like vegetable peels, dry leaves etc. and the non-biodegradable waste like glass bottles, metal cans and plastic bags. The non-biodegradable waste can be recycled or sold off while the biodegradable waste could be an excellent manure for your very own kitchen garden!

3. Use Compressed Natural Gas


Another thing we could do to save our environment from pollution and deterioration can be avoiding the use of petrol and diesel and replace it with the cleaner Compressed Natural Gas called CNG. Almost all the public transport has been already made efficient by use of CNG so now it is our turn to do our necessary bit. We can also contribute to healthy environment by avoiding cooking on fire by igniting wood. We could use cleaner and technologically advanced gas stoves or electric stoves. This would keep our air clean for inhaling and avoid harmful gases from getting into our lungs.

2. Go Green with Bicycles


This has been time and again passed down the generations and if not followed seriously now, trees and flora would become a thing of the past! The future is bleak but it can be painted green with cutting down use of vehicles that run on combustion of oil and increasing use of bicycles and electric transport. Bicycles will not only ensure lesser pollution in the air but also keep us healthy and fit. Moreover, we need to seriously indulge in the research for new hydrogen run automobiles or electricity run vehicles to cut down on pollution figures.

1. Plant for the Planet


Here comes the best and the most effective way to curb pollution which will ensure healthy environment and lush green nature not only for us but also for our generations to come! Each One Plant One must be an exercise we must do and make popular among out communities. We all can together restore the natural health and preserve biodiversity by planting trees and making sure that they are nurtured with care and love. This way we would have cleaner air to breathe and better picturesque surroundings to cherish!

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