Top 10 Ways of Healthy Snacking

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Watching the celebrities with that alluring figure & charming outlook and keeping admiring them is what we do most of the time. It seems like that this is some kind of magic which only the celebs have and you can never have. You are tired of trying multiple diet plans and fed up of doing the exercises yet no effective result has come out. Well people there is this one really simple fact, sometimes the answer to the most complicated & complex problem is the most simple one. Similarly in order to get yourself in shape one most important thing is to keep your meals healthy, the eating habits of a person play a very important role in the overall outlook of a person’s body. Sometimes to keep yourself in shape all you need to do is to keep distant from certain unhealthy things.

If we  look at the eating habits of out celebs then the most amazing thing is that they eat the same as we do but the only difference is that whatever they eat is healthy & they eat in a limit, they do no harm to the body. There are many celebrities who have things like meat, coffee, smoothies etc for their breakfast, they regularly take in the proteins & vitamins, they remain healthy because they eat just the correct amount of food required by the body. Just as eating too much causes harm, similarly eating too less also does a lot of harm. Our body needs protein, vitamins, minerals etc, so when the body lacks these things, the deficiency starts to come off on the surface. These days our routines are really busy, we always eat in a hurry, we hardly get time to eat properly so it becomes difficult to cover up the needs of the body, so in order to do you you can start eating healthy snacks. Snacks are usually the food which you eat between the meal times when you get hungry or when you just feel like eating something. sometimes snacks are required to lighten up the mood, whatever the purpose of the meal maybe, the important things is that the snacks which you take should be healthy, so what your body covers up it’s needs. the top 10 ways of healthy snacking are:

10. Multi-grain Crackers:

Crackers are a kind of biscuits made from grain floor; they are very light, flat, crispy and can be used as a snack. They come in different flavors with cheese, salt and certain herbs. You can eat some low-fat crackers, reduced-sodium ones. They come in various shapes & sizes. Multi grain crackers are good for health because they have less calories and a lot of fiber. Fiber reduces the chances of diabetes and makes the passage of stool easy.  Choose the multi grain crackers with highest nutrition. These types of crackers also have vitamin B and iron in it.

9. Yogurt:

Yogurt is a fermented diary product and is among the healthiest snack, you can eat the simple yogurt with sugar or if you want some variety you can go for any other flavor of your choice, the stores are stocked with multiple flavor of yogurt. Yogurt brings glow on the skin; yogurt eater gets animal protein, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium. Yoghurt is always beneficial; you can eat it any time you want.

8. Smoothie:

Smoothies are the sweetened beverages & are equivalent to any other snack, they are heavy enough to facilitate your hunger for an hour or so, they are healthy because they are made up of fruits & milk and they make you stomach cool from the inside. They are very notorious because many add-ins are available in the smoothies such as whey powder, green tea, soy milk and certain herbal supplements etc

 7. Salad:

Feeling hungry before meal time? No problem at all, Salad is the best appetizer. It is really good for health and it will keep you busy till the meal time. Salad has certain fruits & vegetables, many salads are available with chicken etc. it will not silence your hunger for a while as well as give your body a lot of energy. Salads are of many kinds and they are never bad for health, salads have countless benefits

6. Fish:

You can eat steamed fish, prawns or shrimps if you feel hungry rather than something unhealthy. Fishes are very good for health. They make your hair and nails shine, they improve your eye sight and bring a glow to your skin. Fishes have a lot of variety for example salmon, tuna etc. fishes counter the heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer, depression.  You can eat fish chips, tacos, fish sandwich or fish stick for your snacks

5. Milk or fresh juices:

Milk has many advantages; it makes the teeth & bones strong, helps in losing weight, makes the muscles strong, brings glow to the skin and reduces the stress. Keeping in mind all these advantages, it is proved that milk is a perfect substitute of the snacks. There are people who are not found of milk, so such people can drink fresh juice of any fruit of their choice

4. Homemade sandwiches:

If you feel hungry then you don’t have to buy the junkies, you can make a healthy & delicious sandwich at home, instead of eating out make a sandwich at home, chicken, fish, vegetables, anything you like. If you stay out too much, they carry a lunch box with you, instead of buying something from outside eat your lunch box.

3. Eat dry fruits:

Eating dry fruits is a very good substitute, dry fruits are magical in the cold weather, they provide heat to your body and keeps it warm. Dry fruits also make your brain sharp; they have a lot of minerals. Dry fruits keep you satisfied and your hunger also stays alive, you don’t have to bear the scolding of your parents or wife when you are unable to eat much at the dining table. Mostly when people have snacks before lunch or dinner they are unable to eat anything in the meal time.

2. Eat Fruits:

Eating fruits is the best alternative to the unhealthy junk food, if you feel hungry eat any fruit. The fruits are never ever harmful and the choice in unlimited. You can pick any fruit you like and eat it. There are no side effects of the fruits so you don’t have to worry about that, they have no calories etc, they nourish your body with vitamins and minerals which are very important. There are few fruits such as banana which helps you in maintaining your body, some makes the body cycle clean, few keeps your body parts healthy.

1. Do not Eat snack:

The best way of eating healthy snack is not eating snack. Just eat the proper meal 3 times a day, a little self control and you can survive without snacks. Eating a snack means that you are eating in access quantity, more than what is required. A normal body requires need food only three times a day, the biggest reason of increase in weight is over eating. So just stick to the natural plan, eat only 3 times a day which is your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat rich meal so that you don’t feel hungry between the meals. You should know that eating too much is a symptom of abnormality.

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