Top 10 Ways to Lose the Baby Weight

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The title is misleading? Well, No, I am not advocating weight loss for babies. In fact, for babies, I feel the chubbier the better. Neither is this a magic mantra to transform from the chubby little pre-teen to the skinny teenager with curves at all the right place. This is a guide for the new moms to get rid of the post pregnancy flab or the baby weight as it is more often called. Would you love me for it? Well if you do try these tips- I am sure you would:

10. Be-ware and Be-Aware


Not just for new moms, but also in general, if you are aware of the calories and types of fats you are consuming, you end the day on a healthier note than when you are not aware of the nutrient content of the food you have been consuming. Don’t think so? Take the 24 hour challenge. Watch what you eat for 24 hours, calculating the calories consumed and the good and bad fats you have indulged on. Compare it to what you had the day before. 9 out of 10 times you will discover you ate healthier. And for new moms it is all the more better to watch their diet as often relatives are insistent on calorie laden delicacies. I however do not recommend crash dieting, only a nutritious balanced diet.

9. Drink it down


Drink it up would have made more grammatical sense but literally your mouth is above your digestive tract-hence drink it down. It is the most preached fact about weight-loss for all alike. Drink a lot of water. By water I do NOT mean liquids. Caffeinated drinks are often major causes of dehydration which is a dangerous condition while lactating. Soda thinks are often flavoured more with sugar than essence. Drink water, not calories and see the weight go. Also drinking water will keep your skin more toned than saggy.

8. Nurse your flesh


Not literally quite so, or may be a lot more literally. Your baby is your flesh and blood and nursing him on your milk would only help the fat go. The science behind it is still debated but it is one of the most observed facts that breastfeeding mothers get rid of the baby bump a lot quicker than mothers who do not breastfeed. This is also directly related to hormone balance and production in your body. Why else do you think even superstar actresses choose to breastfeed their babies whenever possible.

7. Rest is history


By saying rest is history I am certainly not referring to the noun form of rest. I do not require you to forget the most beautiful times of your lives. Also I do not advocate rushing to the gym and doing weight training or cardio as soon as you’re out of the hospital room but with time your body does not require as much rest as it did in your pregnancy days. So ditch the rest, try to walk around slowly and run a few easier household chores by yourself. It is the starting to getting back to routine. You would obviously love to give your baby a walk post his feeding session. Babies often burp quicker when walked too.

6. Supermom’s super-foods


With a baby is born a mother. No mom is just a mom, she is always a supermom. She requires as much care as her baby and nutrition enough to provide for both the baby and herself.  Superfoods are not foods that fly, neither are they packaged in superman illustrated boxes. They are foods which are saviors. Rich in essential nutrients and low in calorie and fat content. Superfoods include apples, pulses, black beans, cottage cheese etc. Be sure to consult your doctor though because not all digestive systems are tolerant towards all kinds of superfoods.

5. The ‘Mass’age therapy

the mass-age therapy

I intend a pun on mass, the reason behind the flab. It might just go away in the comfort of de-stressing yourself with a long massage or spa. Massaging your skin helps tone the flab and return its elasticity to make skin look younger, less wrinkled and more elastic. It may free you of the stress too. Try and get a massage including collagen based gel or oil. Collagen is an active ingredient in most skin tightening cosmetics. Make sure you bathe or wipe before breastfeeding your baby though because it is also inedible. You might also choose regular oils like olive oil or maybe certain essential oils too. Make sure to consult a physician before experimenting with a new essential oil in case of adverse effect on baby’s or your health.

4. Snooze the alarm


I am not contradicting the rest is history point. With a baby often come sleepless nights. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep to help your body tissues repair and adjust to your hormones and changes. Sleep is one of the most important factors in weight loss. Often people who sleep too less or too much are found to be obese as compared to those who sleep just about right. The reason is often debated as consuming more calories when sleepy. Make sure your body gets enough sleep and you are not disturbed repeatedly by alarms. A stress free sleep is a key to weight loss as well as better skin.

3. Boost the hotness level


I am not advocating skimpy clothes and I am well aware of reactions of hot and supposedly fat going together. By hotness I imply consuming foods that are known to give out heat or are hot by nature. They boost your metabolism and help lose the post baby weight. Also they help keep cold and cough at bay for your baby in case you are a nursing mother. Certain foods that boost metabolism include sesame seeds, cinnamon, red chilli, ginger and garlic. Make sure the doses are measured and kept low since an overdosage might effect digestion and cause loose motions for the baby if breastfed.

2. Act like you’re the King


I do not expect you to visit places ordering prosecution, though your hormones might be instigating you for it. The key point to losing weight for new moms is being confident of it. Be proud of your pre and post baby bump. It is a symbol of being a life giver.  I am not asking you to be at peace with it for forever but love it for as long as it is there. It has housed your baby for almost nine months. Only when you are confident you will be inspired enough to put in more efforts into your weight loss and will also have higher chances of yielding extraordinary results.

1. The Patient


I am well aware of how that hospital bed might have seemed. Not been there seen that kind of situation-but yeah hospitals are often places one despises to visit and patients seem synonymous with hospitals but you may be surprised to know I am talking about being patient. The verb not the noun. Post baby weight loss will take time for your skin needs time to adjust its elasticity and return to shape. Being impatient will only result with sagging skin- which trust me-you’d hate. Be patient and remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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