Top 10 Ways to Double up the Adventure on a Trip

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Snoozing the alarm three times before getting up, taking a half shower, engaging in the monotonous work schedule, spending a lazy afternoon, turning a deaf ear to gossips you know which have little or no truth in them, heading to the subway to get home, watching the same television programs, having the same kind of dinner and dozing off – this is generally the everyday life of a common man. Most of us spend our lives which are more or less built around the same lines. Trips, tours and vacations are the much required ways of reviving the spark in life, or rather in bringing life back to life. All of us need breaks at some time or the other and a trip with friends is just the best solution. For youngsters and adventure seekers, a properly planned adventure package tour works best, but, adventure can be added to any trip to spice it up by implementing a few simple tips.

The term “adventure” signifies anything that is unusual and exciting, most often dealing with uncertainty. Adventure can be any physical activity causing an adrenaline rush, or a cultural interaction or some sort of engagement with nature and its biotic & abiotic components. Fun and excitement can be brewed in any trip by simply following the given “top 10 ways to double up the adventure in a trip”:

10. Stay in cottages/tents/local family homes instead of hotels:

stay in cottages or tents

Now adventure means trying something new, something you have never done before. Instead of the regular hotels you always stay at, try renting some beach side cottages or take your tents along, which you can nail at any favorable location (especially if you are trekking) and you can then have a bonfire setting too. Another big trend these days is staying at a local family house which will cost you much lesser than hotels. It is a great way to boost your interaction with local people of the place you visit, you get the taste of the local food they cook and get to know more about the culture of the people.

9. Treat it like your photography assignment:

treat it like a photography assignment

I think professional photographers are very hard working. They explore all those remote and pretty locations, adjust their lenses so skillfully and capture moments which the normal people fail to identify as significant. One simple method to bring in more fun and adventure to your trip is to treat it like a photography assignment. This will surely help you to explore more and will bring in more enthusiasm. Climbing up a hill to take a perfect shot or playing a prank to capture an embarrassing moment, it will all make your trip a lot more fun. You will always cherish the memories of your trip in future while scrolling through those beautiful pictures. So just pack your DSLR along with your baggage and you are good to go.

8. Visit an adventure park or water park on the go:

visit adventure parks on the go

The adventure park culture is mushrooming in both India and abroad. There are plenty of adventure parks and water parks along the national highways which lead to most tourist places. Visiting one would definitely enhance the adventure element in your trip. The roller coasters and the free falls, along with rain dance and water rides are sure to rush our hormones. Apart from these adventure parks, there are theme based restaurants, botanical gardens, large aquariums and haunted houses, often lying on the way during a road trip which can make your trip more adventurous.

7. Surprises and pranks:

surprises and pranks

Whether you are going with family or with friends, having a good time with them is your aim. A trip offers a perfect opportunity to surprise the one who is close to your heart. While the whole trip can be a surprise for them or you can have a night surprise party during the trip. But my favorite part of the trip is the prank. You can play pranks on your friends and trust me all of you will remember it for long, even years down the line. On my last trip, while we were exploring a supposedly haunted place at night, my friend blew off my mind by jumping over me with a white sheet around and a ridiculous ghost mask on. Pranks are always fun, and all of you must play at least one during a trip.

6. Explore the nightlife:

explore the nightlife

For me, the night time is the best time for exploring new places since it is so much more thrilling. A car, a bunch of friends, the highway and the night time-the combination is sure to raise your heartbeat and give you memories of a life time. Though most tourist places are safe at night too, but one should always be cautious enough. There is a night life outside pubs and bars, i.e. at the beaches, mall roads, busy city points and lit up ancient structures. I remember a school trip where we friends explored a fort-turned-resort at night with flashlights in our hands and it was such an adventure. Cultural nights are also organized at many places which you could be part of.

5. Avail for special adventure packages:

adventure packages

Before you plan and finalize your trip, I highly recommend you to browse the internet and I am sure you will get plenty of tourist packages to fulfill your needs. If you want to have real adventure, just select your package in the Adventure Travel category which most of the sites have. Group trekking activities, rafting packages, camps, jungle expeditions, wild safaris are fun and you and your friends can well be a part of this fun. Also, at your hotel, you can make use of the extra facilities they offer, like the swimming pool, restro-bar, ayurvedic centre, Jacuzzi, disc and spa. Though it may get expensive, but you are in for some good experience.

4. Explore the local culture:

explore the culture

Every place is characterized by its culture. Wherever we go, we find people with a different set of customs and cultural beliefs, be it the hills, or the coastal plains, or historic places or the metropolitans. A local market is where you can see it all. Buy some exotic cultural stuff and specialties of that place. Dress yourself in the local attire, dance to the beats of the local music, listen to the best musicians of the region, take a horse ride over the place, and eat some local foods to tingle you taste buds.

3. Discover on foot:

discover on foot..

You should literally ‘roam’ around the whole place before you pack your bags for home. The little things can only be discovered on foot. By little things I mean the households, the structures, the economic practices of people, their lifestyles, the not-so-popular sightseeing points, the schools, the gardens, the farms, the temples, the churches and so much more. Talk to the people on the go. Listen to the folk tales and life stories of people. It could be really thrilling to know those old stories of forts and the paranormal stories related to some local locations, believe me.

2. Plan your trip in the carnival or festive season:

carnival and festivals

Different places witness colorful regional carnivals at different times of the year. Equally interesting are fairs and festivals which are a display of local culture and provide ample fun and shopping opportunities. The Goa carnival is the most famous in India and there are only a few things in the entire country better than that. The Christmas week and the New Year eve are excellent times to organize a trip because there is a natural excitement associated with it. Carnivals also bring along colors, foods, music, arts, artists, performers, lights and it’s the perfect time to get away from home.

1. Indulge in adventure sports:

adventure sports

Now here is the best way to double up the adventure on your trip – engage yourself in some thrilling adventure sports which are locally available at the place you visit. The list of adventure sports is fairly large including bungee-jumping, paragliding, hot air ballooning, helicopter riding, kayaking, surfing, river rafting, mountaineering, scuba diving, fee flying, mountain biking, sky diving and so much more. The culture of adventure sports is on a high and you can easily find at least one of them at the place you visit or you can plan a trip to a place which offers your favorite adventure sport facility. These are extreme sports involving high risk but these are also great ways to conquer your fears.

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