Top 10 Ways to Break-up with a Friend

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Friendship is among the most beautiful as well as inevitable relation we experience in our entire life. Friendship is something most difficult to explain, you don’t learn this at school neither will you find it written in any of books still you will find piles of literature on it and it is said that if you have not learned the meaning of friendship then you have not learned anything from life. Since our childhood we have been reading threads of admiration for this crucial and beautiful relation. Now you must be wondering if this relationship is really so splendid then why I get so irritated with my so and so friend? There is a basic rule of relationship, breathing space! It is must in every relation. Few over sentimental, excessive caring or demanding folks fail to understand this basic need of every relation, Space! And their friends, family and acquaintance are left to face the emotional drama.

Not all of us get to experience bed of roses. God blessed some of us with gift of real friends who justify the several quotes on admiration of this beautiful relation. But few unlucky folks experience this as a curse. Often you come across situations when you walk away rolling your eyes and thanking God that you were unnoticed from specific friend’s company. This may be due to several said/unsaid reasons. Let it be their nosy attitude, their over possessiveness, over demanding, big mouthed or too much of caring, these annoying gestures may differ from person to person. As a result to this you find yourself landed in a baffling situation of deciding the way to attain your peace of mind and respecting your friend’s feeling.

There are several set of laws and protocols for getting rid of wasteful marriages, stressful business partners and you can even disown ill mannered grown up child but breaking up with a friend is quite dramatic. In some cases it is even worse than breaking up with girlfriend/boyfriend as apart from blood relation these have be deepest and closest source of your pleasure.

To take out you from this immense enigmatic situation here are 10 top rated options of breaking up with a friend:

10. Possibilities of Natural Disintegration

Although this is the most uncommon possibility, that is why it is on number 10 yet the best suited solution. Sometimes relationships prove to be like medicines, they expire. You find lack of common interest. When hanging out together you may find yourself in an awkward situation with nothing to talk about. This awkward silence leads to the best yet crucial solution “natural Disintegration”. You and your friend mutually part off without hurting feelings. And if you are smart then try to name your break-up natural by pretending to be busy in your lifestyle; like you may join a club activity.

9. Ignore

This is quite unacceptable solution but chosen by a lot of people. When the issues are one sided people start to ignore calls, they stop replying to the texts or e-mails, they isolate themselves. But remember that while doing this you are hurting your friend’s sentiments. I would suggest choosing this only when you are extremely pissed off due to some really serious issues and you are too disappointed to carry forward any discussions.

8. Fake Excuses

Are you looking forward to get rid of some not so dear yet so very annoying friends? This is the best way to accomplish this necessary task. Whenever asked for a hangout deny by proposing some silly excuse, frequently avoid calls and texts and give some lame excuse later on. Accomplishment of your mission depends on the smartness of your friend to grasp indirect signals.

7. Remove them from your Account on Social Network

This is the most general and obvious way of expressing yourself. After a serious argument this gesture shows that you are really looking forward to call it off. It may sound childish to many but this bold step may serves as catalyst to you. This shows your deep lack of interest in carrying forward any further session of debates or clarification on the issue and with this gesture you are proving it.

6. Escapism

You used to devote most of your free time to your special friend and suddenly something happened after which you feel like ending all relations right now, without any explanation or discussion. You are too disappointed with the betrayal or back bitching. You feel that it is over, than rather than wasting time and energy on sorting out the issues or debating, call it off. Search something involving to keep yourself engaged, you may join a cult. This will help you in escaping the situation. Do not delay it.

5. Be Annoying

If you adhere to the “tit for tat” strategy then you must be winking at this very suggestion. This is naughty yet very clear way of putting forward your feelings. If you are too depressed with something your friend reiterated to your or others’ than this step may bring you satisfaction. There may be things you have been avoiding till now to keep your friend’s interest, it is time to do them all, Now! You can start by spending time with the people they hate.

4. Write a Letter

This is a conventional approach. You get to sit down calmly and express all your feelings in one go without interruptions. If you are too offended with betrayal and you even don’t want to see the face of that person again then this is best option for you. Compose an e-mail, text message or letter, whatever suits you and let them know the reason. This way you will be able to entirely pour out your feelings.

3. Be Polite & to the Point

3. Be calm and polite yet to the point

This is a must to keep in mind while breaking up with someone, especially if you care about your own as well as others’ peace of mind. Be specific with the events which pissed you off. Keep the discussion simple, short and precise in simple words ‘to the point’. Don’t lose patience. Give your friend time to deal with the situation and patiently clear the doubts. Do not start with bombarding allegations.

2. Try “Friend-shift”

2. Try “Friend-shift”

Every relationship needs a breathing space; let it be love, parenting or friendship. If you are caught in an extremely demanding, over caring or typical nosy friendship then it is time to call off your friendship. Look around, you may find someone more understanding in your current friend list. Start hanging out with them and try to develop fine deal of understanding and intimacy. Friend shift will also give an indirect signal of your disinterest.

1. Communicate

1. Communicate

Probably this is the best way to break up with someone. Gather some courage and do it face to face. Chose the right time and place, summon all the specific issues you are not comfortable with and if possible rehearse your speech. Keep the discussion healthy and precise. Listen to your friend and don’t turn it out to a debate. After all breaking up with a dear one in person is not so easy as it sounds. But by doing this positively you will be able giving positive energy to yourself. And don’t forget to leave the scene as soon as you are done because it is really terrible to get dumped, so let them be, do not fuel up their agitation by trying to console.

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