Top 10 Ways to Avoid Sleeping while Traveling

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We all undertake trips and journeys at some point of our lives. Like the ups and downs of life, the journey may end up being excellent and memorable or bad and unforgettable! But nevertheless, it is an experience to share with others. It is considered a rather peaceful to be able to ignore an uncomfortable journey by falling asleep and snoring away the troubles but at the same time the traveler also misses out some other good things that mights have caught his eye had he been in his senses. So, in order to avoid such a loss it is always useful to keep your hands full of your very own creative ways to keep yourself fully awake and eyes wide open while traveling. Here are the 10 Ways To Avoid Sleeping While Traveling so that next time you are in the middle of the journey, you don’t miss out the best parts dreaming away.

10. Coffee Breaks

coffee break

It is a widely known and hugely popular fact that coffee helps to keep you from feeling drowsy. While traveling it is always advisable to stop by a coffee shop and buy yourself a coffee. This will not only keep you awake but also prevent you from feeling inattentive and lost during the journey. Better still would be some self prepared coffee from home which you could carry in a flask. Whenever that sleepy moment strikes you on a road trip, you could just pour yourself a cup of hot coffee or cool cold coffee and drink it to the next few hours of complete attention.

9. Chat Away the Journey

chat away the journey

Nothing works like a chat with pals. You may spend time talking about past memories, or sharing good and bad experiences. Any debatable topic might just also do the trick. I case you would want to lighten up the mood, cracking up a few jokes will lead to guffaws of laughter filling up the boring journey! In case its a night-time travel and you are not scared to the spine hearing about weird things, ghost stories and spooky tales will manage to keep you awake.  (They might even keep you awake even if you would feel like sleeping, so beware!) It does not mean you have to be necessarily traveling with friends. Better still, you may chat with a few co-passengers. Who knows, even they may be equally curious and interested to talk to you and know you better.

8. Short Halt in the Trip


A long continuous journey only adds to the lethargy and leaves you with muscle cramps so try to avoid long hours travel. It is advisable to give yourself a break and take short time-outs while traveling. You could relax for sometime during the halt or could even take a brief power nap. This way, you would feel rejuvenated to resume the journey with even more enthusiasm and energy. Otherwise, you could use the break time to stretch your muscles and do light exercises to feel comfortable packing yourself for the next phase of the journey once again.

7. The Beauty of the Landscape


Where ever you may go, the landscape is always new and alluring. There is always something new that catches your eye. Either it could be a mysterious green area, or a spectacular row of buildings or even the unbeatable horizon flaming with the sunrise or sunset view, it is always waiting out there to fill you up with ecstasy and make the trip worthwhile for you. So, avoid falling into the trap of dreams when dream-like picturesque landscape is waiting out there right before your eyes through the windows.

6. Music is the Best Friend


Always keep yourself equipped with your favorite tunes from the recent movies or the rock band songs that rock you to the core. This could be the music banging in your ears via your mobile, or i pod… whatever suits you. But the motive is to keep your eyes open while you enjoy the song and tap to the tunes of the crooning singer.

5. Munch to your Delight


Sometimes you don’t realize that its not the stumbling blocks of the journey but your very own growling stomach that is driving you crazy. Keeping a packet of delicious snacks like pies and cakes or light salty chips might come in handy. Also, it is funny but it actually works to keep yourself motivated for a next packet of treat if you remain awake for a part of the journey. If you do, then surely give yourself a pat on the back and the pack of coveted snacks.

4. Stay Cool, Avoid Cozy


It would seem a nice idea to feel cozy in your seat during a journey but lo and behold! – the next moment you know, you have already drifted into the sea of dreamy sleep. it is better to keep yourself cool and awake by  keeping the windows open and letting the fresh air caress your face. If not this, then you must keep the air conditioner on to avoid falling asleep.

3. The World of Fantacy


They say, books are a man’s best friend…well, they are! It is a nice idea for the intellectual fans to keep themselves updated with the latest bestseller for their next journey. Reading a novel or any other book helps pass time in a way nothing else could. if you are too tired or lazy to actually read for yourself, the tech-savvy world has audio-books to offer you. The world of fantasy can not only keep you happy with the running storyline but would also show you dreams while staying awake! That means the books could be UN-put-down-able and even before you know it, the journey might end leaving you with the sore feeling to undertake another one to finish the book!

2. Game of Cards


Card games are the best source of entertainment for people of all ages! You might not even have to have proper space or equipments to play these games- you just need a pack of cards! There are innumerable card games, some end quickly to give way for a new one, while others stretch on to eat up lots of your time. So, the bottom line is – you can always choose how you would want to kill time! Next time you plan a trip, remember to add a pack of cards to your luggage for the best of journey.

1. Enjoy the Journey, It will End Soon!


Staying awake comes almost naturally to anyone who has the realization that this journey would end soon ad would never come again. You could undertake future trips but neither the date nor the time would return. It is as if, telling yourself that this is your first and the last trip to the school classroom where you used to conveniently fall asleep – chances are, you would be the most attentive person in that place on that day. Same way, the journey would end even before you know so missing out the good as well as the bad moments would subtract the experience you could have had as a memory. SO, keep realizing this and stay wide awake next time you hit the roads, or said across to other lands or even fly via plane to other continents.

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