Top 10 Ways to Approach a Stranger

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STRANGER. What comes to your mind when you hear this? A man with a goon-like appearance? Or someone very attractive whose attention you are vying for? Did you notice the vast difference of the two very thoughts which a single word strikes our mind with? “Stranger” is actually a very wide term with different implications. Not all strangers are harmful, Nor all strangers are attractive, irrespective of their gender. Now for the attractive lot, we all have gone through that feeling when we have secretly wanted to approach that unknown guy at a friend’s party. Or that girl in the  bus, seated two rows ahead of you with head phones plugged in her ear and carelessly looking outside the window. The guy at the college canteen who probably doesn’t even know about you. Okay, I do not say its always a romantic attraction towards a stranger. At times we genuinely need to approach a stranger for something. Say, we forgot our watch, the phone’s battery is dead and we badly need to know the time. Or we see a person with a smartphone getting constant updates about the very critical cricket match. You develop that overwhelming urge to go ahead and ask the score. But most of us develop a cold feet at the very though of approaching a stranger. Here are 10 ways that are surely gonna break the ice when you want to approach someone. Be it for an important cause. Or just for the sake of your disobedient heart.

10. Make a Plan

This is the first step. And the most important one when you want to approach a stranger. You cannot just go and start talking, and then not knowing what to say after a while. You will end up making fun of yourself. Make a plan. No matter how brief it is. It might be for the guy at the bus stand or the girl standing right ahead of you at the auto rickshaw line. Make up a brief plan quickly, improvising a few lines. But at first, decide what you are going to talk about.

9. Act Right Way

Now just because the first step has asked you to think and plan, don’t just waste your entire time in planning. You don’t know how long that favorite stranger of yours is going to stand where he or she is at present. So don’t over-think it. The problem of thinking too much is that you will start thinking of the after effects of approaching. And that will frighten you. There’s not so much time buddy.

8. Let go off your Ego

The heading is self explanatory. Ego is a big no no when you are going to approach somebody you haven’t talked to before. First impression is the last impression, pals. You wont want to come across as a egoistic person with possession of an irritating attitude. Be normal. As you are. If you really want to approach that unknown guy or girl you have been eying for sometime now, let that person know. And your ego will only spoil things.

7. Don’t be a Showoff

This is again strictly against the rule. Don’t show off. Remember empty vessel makes more sound. When the person in front is a stranger, you do not know ANYTHING about him or her. Which aspect you choose to show off might completely fail you if the person has a better version of it. Say, you show off your newly purchased branded stuff. And then the stranger in question takes out his better brand. So you made a boo-boo. Never be a show off if you plan to approach a stranger, cause you have no idea what surprises lies within him. Or her. Keep it as simple as possible. Be yourself.

6. Synchronise

This is vital when you are approaching somebody you have never known in your entire life. Well, God has gifted a bit of sixth sense to all of us. It increases tenfold especially when the heart gets involved. When you want to approach some stranger, it is obviously because you have noticed something in that person that developed an instant liking in you. So when you are planning to talk to him or her, first notice the very basic things. How he stands or talks over phone. You can make out the nature of that person. For example, if he talks silently, you can draw a conclusion that he is basically a calm and quite person. So you too can be calm (at least pretend) when you approach him. You have to put in that effort. Remember, no pains no gains.

5. “What is the Time?”

This is a very common and old technique to approach a person and strike up conversation. But old is gold bud. This line has always remained faithful to the speaker and worked wonders in return. At a party, or in the bus, or in the college library, or at the xerox shop you walk up to that attractive fellow and ask the time. He or she replies with a straight heart, little knowing that you have already started imagining your life with him or her. Now get back to the present. What follows next, completely depends on your spontaneity. You can follow up a conversation of how you lost track of the time since you lost your wrist watch or had changed the sim card of your phone and how the date and time never got updated. But most importantly, do not forget to open your wrist watch and hide it in your pocket before trying this line.

4. Attend Social Events Alone

Okay, this works when you are not eying any particular stranger. It works when you want a stranger. Just a stranger to talk and make a conversation with. Go to parties alone. Or even in films. This will work better for girls. Because guys’ hearts ache to see girls alone at a social gathering. And if you are a guy, alone at a party, then hunt for girls who are alone as well. Gather courage, approach the girl, and you will strike gold.

3. Don’t look too Eager

While I said not to be egoistic, you should not be too eager. Or at least don’t show it. Have control on your pulse and behave normally. Neither men nor women like people who sound or appear to be too eager for a talk. Too much eagerness might end up portraying you as a stalker. Who wants that? Be a gentleman or a lady at that. And let the other one develop a liking towards you as well.

2. Drop Something Intentionally

An age old technique again for girls. If the person is standing in front of you, or behind you or even beside you, drop anything that you find in your hands, a hanker-chief or a file. Just anything. The guy will surely bend down to pick that up for you. In return you thank him, give him a smile charming enough to attract him. He might get interested and your job is done.

1. Art of Listening

This quality in people has almost become extinct. Everybody wants to talk. Nobody has the patience to keep quiet and listen to what the other person has to say. When you want to approach a stranger and make a connection, make sure you let the person do all the talking. That way you will not only get to know the person well, but also make a good impression on him on her. The motive for which this entire article has been written.

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