Top 10 Types of Guys that you will Find in High School

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High school is a fun and a very important phase of one’s life that is simply impossible to forget. Not just that we learn a lot of things academically but also on a social front we see new things and gain oodles of knowledge. But the high school can be a bit more complicated than you expected it to be. The people you will meet over here will not really be the kind you have seen all your junior years. They can be genuinely nice and pleasant to talk to or they can be utterly rude and arrogant. Talking about the high school guys you will find many different types. Some you will fall in love with, some will get on your nerves and some you should definitely stay away from. But not to worry, keep up with your excitement of going to high school because here we have got a boy guide for you! The top 10 guys you are going to be familiar with in your high school.

10. The Shy guy

the shy guy

You will keep wondering your whole high school period that why does he stay so quiet in front of you but its not about you, it’s just the way he is. He literally stumbles while talking to a girl and the maximum he has ever talked to one is while asking for chemistry notes! The shy guy has obviously never dated a girl and stays away from the popular bees of the school. He doesn’t even mix up much with the guys and prefers maintaining a low profile in school. But don’t judge him before you know him, he might be actually nice and worth doing friendship with.

9. The Playboy

the playboy

The more the merrier. That’s the agenda the boys under this category swear by. And yes we are talking about the number of girls. No number of girlfriends will ever be enough for them. They can charm you with their persona, say a few sweet words, and spell a magic. And when you get so damn sure that you really are in love with him he breaks your heart maybe with your own best friend. This is an extremely dangerous species and when your friends try to aware you from such a guy then believe them instead of trusting him blindly. After all there’s never a fire without a smoke.

8. The Athlete

the athlete

You will find a bunch of these always roaming around in their sweaty basketball jerseys or practicing some other sport in the gym area or playground. They are rarely to be seen in a classroom and consistently maintain a low academic record. Many of these can be arrogant and always inside their “am so cool” bubble and find it too hard to be polite with anyone. But some of them can also be good. A thing they all have in common is that they love their game more than anything in the world and it’s very difficult for anybody to come in between that. If you happen to have a thing for cheer-leading you will have be around them for much time.

7. The Geek

the geek

Every class has at least one of these. Hidden behind a bulky pair of nerd glasses and piles of books, the geek is the first one to submit every assignment and always scores perfect on the exams. Also he is the one who will extend each and every lecture by asking questions after the teacher finishes teaching. This particular habit will annoy you more than anything else but make sure you keep good connections with him because he will be the one who can actually help you with studies and submissions. Though a bit difficult to befriend but he will never be arrogant or rude.

6. The Spoilt Brat

the spoilt brat

This is the guy who has been extremely spoilt by his rich and powerful parents and he thinks everyone in this world is beneath him. He will come to school in his latest model car, carry expensive cell phones and act like he owns the world. You will find him always messing up with others because he thinks he can get away with anything just by using some cash and power. You should avoid him if you don’t like unnecessary troubles in high school.

5. The Party guy

the party guy

This guy is totally fun to hang out with and has got too many connections inside and outside the school. He knows all the hippies and is always busy in setting up parties. If it wouldn’t be for him you won’t have tons of parties throughout your high school years. Befriend him as along with fun filled time he can also help getting you free passes and VIP entries to the hottest clubs in town since he is a pretty useful guy.

4. The fighter guy

fighter guy

There are always a few such guys in high school that will be more than ready to pick up a fight with anyone and anywhere. These move in troops, bully other kids and are never afraid of beating up their own classmates. No matter how much pissed off you are because of them, but try to avoid them under any circumstances. And if you ever feel threatened because of such a fighter guy then do report it to the school authorities as soon as you can.

3. The Loner

the loner

You might not even notice a whole year that this guy is also a part of your class. He skips school too much, doesn’t have many friends and prefers staying alone. Sometime he is a loner by choice and sometimes due to the wrath of his classmates who simply discard him from being a part of their groups. The loner guy might be having some serious troubles in his personal life which also results him in being an introvert so you should never be rude to him for no reason. And there’s nothing to stay away from, it’s worth giving him a chance, it might pop into a beautiful friendship.

2. Mr Popular

mr popular

He is the hottie of the school. Girls drool over him and he always stays surrounded by a bunch of them. He has already dated at least half of the cheer-leading squad and it would be no surprise if you fall for him too. Yes meet Mr Popular. He is the guy who has such flawlessness and an attractive demeanor that it’s too hard not to like him. His magnetic personality makes him extremely likable but while you are falling for him, keep your eyes open as he is a pro at the game of dating.

1. Genuinely a nice guy

genuinely nice guy

Well yes, these do exist and not on some other planet like Jupiter but in every high school. He is the guy who doesn’t get into tactics to raise in the popularity charts or to get more girls like him. He respects girls, is polite to everyone around and also stays in the good books of teachers. A genuinely nice guy may not have a huge group of friends but he will always have few best friends who’ll stay by his side during everything. Befriend him and you will fall in love with high school, fall in love with him and you will start loving your life!

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