Top 10 Biggest Turn-offs in Men

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Dear boy,

I absolutely LOVE you

From the cutie whom I fell for in 3rd standard

To the first “I love you” lover who followed me home from school

From the stalker who sent me 122 e-mails

To the “guitar boyfriend” who dedicated that song

From the lame “yo baby, wana be frand?” face-booker

To the “way out-of-my league” school hottie

From the yummy first kisser

To the “24×7 chaser” who gave me the luxury to show my “nakhra”

And particularly to the special one who introduced me to love

and added a lot of meaning to a lot of things.



After all the excitement you, boy, have added to my life, I know I shouldn’t quibble. However, if you think you are out-of-line and want to make an effort of not being a turn-off, read on for a little of my, girl’s, insight.

10. Basic Sense of Appearance


One perk of being a boy is that you exemplify low-maintenance. Wake up, slip on a hoodie and walk out the door; No shave? Even better! In spite of this, certain things will make me turn around, throw my arms in the air and run screaming behind the hills in fast forward mode.

Tight skin-fit tee’s (especially if you’re skinny)
Short t-shirts/short sleeves (it shows a feminine side)
A hairstyle that doesn’t suit your body/face type (No matter what type you are, DON’T try to sport the “tere naam” look)
Bad Odor (girls have special powers of seeing those squiggly squaggly cartoon lines coming out of you when you smell bad)

9. Male-Chauvinism

Learning to give equal status to women is one of those things you learn as you grow up. I love you being protective for me, but oh how sexy I will find it if you demand my help in your “do-it-yourself” book shelf. How much more I’ll love you if you appoint me as your assistant mechanic and we repair your bike together.
Some girls and blogs say that it’s a turn-off when guys are a mommy’s boy. I completely disagree. Loving your mother is from where that first emotion of love and respect for a woman arises. When you talk to me about your mother, confessing all the reasons why you think she is amazing, I find it extremely cute.
So, respect women. Understand them. In spite of knowing that they are delicate, realize that they are strong and equal to you.

8. Cry-Baby

I admire your rare vulnerability and the revelations of your problems from the past. I get my much awaited opportunity to console you and the evening ends cozily, making me feel content at the fact that I know you better. BUT, keep it genuine. You don’t have to lament EVERY SINGLE TIME. Especially if our relationship has just started, don’t bring the topic out of nowhere and make it awkward for me as I spend the evening emptying out the tissue box.

“Man Tears” are a powerful weapon, use them cautiously.

7. The Ex

I believe that couples who painlessly converse and joke about their ex’s are amazing. However, I need to know that I am your special girl, so 2 things come under restricted grounds.

  • I don’t want to know the intricate details of your intimate life with your ex.
  • NEVER confuse me with her.

“Ohh listen, this is your favorite song”
…..long pause…..
…….no reply…….
“Ohhhhh…..sorry, I got confused. This was actually HER favorite song, haha.”

WELCOME! You just walked into a minefield.

6. Money Matters


I am not dating you for your money, so don’t think that you have to pay every time. Albeit, being the gentleman you are, I would love an unexpected gesture. Send me a surprise gift, deliver a personalized cake, take me out for an amazing date and pay up. The one thing that you should NEVER do is whine about it later. Don’t expect me to maintain a straight face when you tell me “Damn, I had to spend 2k on our date last week.”
Don’t constantly whine about how tight budgeted you are because after one point, it gets very annoying.

5. Non-Sensitive to my “Time of the Month”


When I get pissed at you for something, irrespective of whether you think I’m right or wrong, never ever EVER tell me stuff like “why are you getting so irritated? You’re on your period or what?” Unless you purposely want to get on my most tempestuous nerve, DON’T use the period weapon. You are not the one with stomach cramps and that constant feeling of uneasiness. I AM! So bear with me even if I’m a little monstrous; this is one time I really need you to treat me like royalty and turn my PMS into a gleeful rainbow time. Appreciate my beauty. Make me feel loved. Buy me cup-cakes (and heels)(boots as well). Thank you very much :)

4. Show me your Love


For the couples who are compatible, this comes effortlessly. They climb their ladder in sync, step-by-step. However if not, make sure you are on the same chapter, page, line and word as me in terms of intimacy. DO NOT rush me into stuff I’m not ready for. If you’re unsure, use the simplest tool at your disposal-THE TOOL OF SPEECH. Go ahead and ask me whether I’m comfortable taking the next step. You might even need to decipher whether my “no” actually means a yes (smiling and blushing) or a no (stern straightforward face). Most likely, it will be you who has to make the first move. If I’m not ready, be VERY sensitive to the fact that I need my own sweet time and never say stuff like
“common, what’s the big deal in kissing here?”
“why are you so un-romantic?”
“oh my god, why do you always have to be so scared?”

I won’t as much as flinch before dumping you.

3. Matters of the Peepee


Being in the 21st century, I estimate that 98% of youth doesn’t indulge in this. For those falling in the 2%, even if it’s itching as crazy as hell, EVEN if you feel ants crawling up your pants, DON’T scratch it in public; and if you do it through your pocket, I will notice. So if you absolutely can’t resist, just go to the loo.
NOW, while you are at it, you might as well pee and save the roads from this scourge. You are literally showing your genitals to the world, and it’s disgusting. So just in case you come across an emergency, remember this article and hold it.
While we are talking about matters of the peepee, I have one last suggestion. Don’t wear anything so tight so as to reveal the shape. It is the most repelling sight on earth.

2. Know your Limits


There are certain things which are allowed, but only till their critical point.

SMOKING: Okay FINE! Don’t blame me. I find it sexy at times when you smoke that ciggie. There! I said it! But don’t get me wrong. When the once-in-a-while socializing cigarette turns into an obsessive everyday “man, I need a smoke, I’m tensed”, I kind of wanna raise my eyebrow at you.
Especially when you’re smoking a pack per day and all I can smell when I’m near you is cigarette breath, I won’t hesitate to spray air-freshener on you.

BEING GOTHIC: DO NOT think that you have all the problems in life. How do you think it’s going to make feel hanging out with a dark guy who thinks he has the most complicated unfair life? It might draw attention and sympathy, but not for long. Make my life happy-happy jolly-jolly. The truth is, in 10 minutes, I can list out a 100 people, who have faced much MUCH worse than you. Life is tough; just face it with a smile. There is nothing better than a guy who knows how to have fun (and has a good taste in music, I must add).

DRINKING: If I’m drunk, 30% of it is a pretense coz I am trying to appear like a cute tipsy girl, so don’t try to take undue advantage (unless I tell you to do so) because when I look back at the events later, I might not feel very good about you.
Next, you have all rights reserved to drink, but make sure you don’t go all out; know when to stop. Guys aren’t nearly as cute as girls when they get bombed. Be fun, be drowsy, be lovey-dovey, but PLEASE don’t turn into that typical hiccupping drunkard and lose sense of what you are saying.

BAD-MOUTHING- Yeah, you are going to end up in situations where you have to swear or get into fights and it’s totally understandable. BUT it offers a pretty bad impression if that’s all I see you doing.

1. A Flawless Image


The best way to impress me is to BE YOU. Girls love being flattered, being chased and wooed (even if they are going to reject you), being told that they are beautiful, but all as long as you aren’t a desperate stalker. Talk to her like a friend and be in your comfort zone. Maybe you guys will hit it off, maybe you won’t, but two things will be ensured.
• You won’t seem like a loser
• She will notice you.
Know when to move on. Your life can never depend on one girl, so just chill and keep it simple. The most important thing you can do is respect yourself. Build a good image of yourself. Be intellectual. Be funny. Be social. Be genuine. Be a good person. Respect the other girls. Be fun; for which you need to have fun. Be someone who you are proud of. In other words, make a maximum number of girls jealous of me for having you. Teehee.
The most significant turn-on for me is when my friends or family tell me how amazing they think you are. It instantly makes my inner goddess do a 360 degree leap, as imaginary hearts encircle my head, and I can’t help but smile to myself.

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  1. Men

    November 27, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    women are so complicated

  2. Christy Alex

    November 27, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do 😛 .. LOL … nycc read :)

  3. Isura Salwathura

    November 28, 2013 at 3:07 am

    Awesome compilation and flawless writing!! Cheers!!!

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