Top 10 Traits of People Having Green Eyes

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Eye color, i.e the color of the iris is genetically determined, and is the combination of both the parents’ eye color. Since years, a lot of observations have been made regarding a person’s personality, nature and characteristics depending upon his or her eye color. The eyes may be black, brown, green, blue, gray or hazel, or even a mixture of these colors, with varying degrees of saturation. All of these colors are believed to reveal the kind of person one is, about how one contends with various life scenarios, and how one endures the adjustments in life. When we talk of eye colors, the green color in eyes is the rarest of all. Only 2% of the total population on earth possesses green colored eyes. These people hence attract a lot of onlookers. If you don’t believe me, try remembering the color of Aishwarya Rai’s or Angelina Jolie’s eyes. These hypnotizing eyes are hard to go unnoticed and convey a lot about their owners. The top 10 traits of people having green colored eyes are:

10. Good listeners and speakers:

10. Good listeners and speakers:

The persons with green eye color are likely to be good listeners. Since they’re curious, attentive and perceptive, listening to things and friends is something they love to do. If any of their friends would seem depressed, they would be the first ones to go and say “Tell me what happened”. When it comes to speaking, they’re no less, infact more. Three things characterize their speeches – command over language, confidence in self and spontaneity in reactions. This is why they may easily impress and influence the people around them. Their style of speaking adds up to the extraordinary leadership skills that they possess.

9. Having feline characteristics:

9. having feline characteristics

Green-eyed people are thought to be catty and are associated with feline characteristics. Typical feline characteristics include agility, sleekness, spontaneity, sneakiness, and coldness. Often these people wish to stay aloof and independent, like the cat. By looks too, they are flexible and sleek. They have a tendency to walk elegantly like a cat as well. If I need to say more, I would definitely mention that such qualities make these people a lot sexier than others. Though people have formed stereotypes of green eyed people being untrustworthy, I would prefer to say those mysterious green eyes are feisty and hypnotising.

8. Curious by nature:

8. Curious by nature:

The green-eyed kids are surely some curious lads. And while they grow up, their curiosity seems to grow  as well. They want to know about anything and everything. Whether it is a new software, a new video game, a new art piece at home or even a new dish in dinner, everything seems to amaze them. Being attentive and inquisitive by nature, green eyed people are very likely to ask a lot of questions. They are the ones who will be well equipped with information about all latest issues in the world, and also about the people around them. So if at college, you want to know who’s having an affair with whom, I guess you know now whom you need to approach!

7. Passionate about relationships:

7. Passionate about relationships:

People with green colored eyes are said to be very passionate about love and relationships. They value mutual trust and loyalty when it comes to romantic relationships. Also they are in for some long-term friendships in general. The passion and whole-heartedness with which these people carry out their relations certainly makes them desirable. All their partners are really lucky as there are very little or no chances of these people cheating on their partners. Also these people make up good sons and daughters in the initial stages of their lives, and good moms and dads during the later phases.

 6. Inherently creative:

 6. Inherently creative:

The rare people with those rare pairs of green eyes are most likely to be born with talent and creativity. They will perhaps be the most innovative ones among a bunch of friends or colleagues. Persons having green iris are no doubt intelligent, but the best part about their intelligence is the way they apply it to everyday life. You will always see them having a very novel approach towards things around. Expression of thoughts, ideas and emotions is where they have the ability to surpass all others. This is also one reason why green eyed people take up classic arts and are quite successful in their fields.

5. Born intelligent:

5. Born intelligent:

The people having green eyes are often found to possess great analytical skills. They are born intelligent, their arguments have rationality and their thoughts have a crystal clear outlook. You can never befool them with little tricks, for they possess a brain that continuously works and derives conclusions which may not be an easy task for other average minded people. These people are very witty with their remarks and you’ll never find their words ambiguous. Their farsightedness and ability to perceive things rightly gives them an upper hand while at work. These people can surely make great detectives.

4. Jealous:


The negative trait which is quite apparent among green-eyed people is jealousy. They would always be the ones who would not believe in compromising with their interests. They may also have a short temper, so it is highly advisable not to mess with them or tease/offend them. These people love the limelight for themselves and hate it when someone else snatches it away. It is even difficult for them to camouflage this negative feeling, and the people around them will almost always notice when they get jealous.  Since our green-eyed friends have their worlds revolving around themselves, they may easily get offended by people who are seeking their own gains.

3. Self-absorbed beings:

3. Self-absorbed beings:

Call it good or bad, the world of green eyed people remains concentrated around them, i.e these people are quite self-centered. At times they may turn deceitful and selfish. They make manipulative and calculative moves that benefit them the most. Though they care for friends and family, but this does not rule out their tendency of finding profits for themselves in everything they do. At the end of the day, they will think it was all about them after all.

2. Possessors of leadership qualities:

2. Possessors of leadership qualities:

Leadership is again an inborn quality possessed by green-eyed people. These natural leaders will always be seen influencing others around them in a big way. Whether school, college or office, the green-eyed people will be the group leaders. One reason for this is that they always find a way to overcome obstacles using their sharp minds, which strengthens the faith of others in them. Another reason is that, their personal charisma is so strong that it gets hard to notice the rest of the group when they are around. While they are often the bosses in professional life, their personal life does not go untouched with this quality of theirs. They are often the more dominant partners, but that definitely does not stop them from being caring and loving.

1. Lively and vibrant:

1. lively and vibrant

Green-eyed people are often found to be very vibrant and cheerful. They are welcoming of life and wish to enjoy every moment that life has to offer them. This zest for life is often reflected in their choices, interests and tastes. Our green-eyed fellows like all colors, accept all challenges and they are simply adventure sports lovers. A perfect combination of enthusiasm and energy, these people love others and others love them back. They are the ones who will find the most interesting things out of a bag of all old things you hand over to them. Their presence is sure to make the environment buzz with energy.

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  1. jordan hair

    May 12, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    they make it sound like having green eyes are bad i have green eyes liars!!!!

  2. Samantha

    September 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I was looking up to see what the % was BC I was told it was rare to have green eyes. I love my green eyes but is the % really true?

  3. Whitmertech

    September 21, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    2% of people have green eyes and this list is dead on accurate about me.. I have green eyes with central heterochromia of amber. Everything is accurate, but im not creative.

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