Top 10 Things to Do when you are Angry

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Do you have a very short temper? And do you find yourself in the middle of arguments and fights frequently, if the answer is yes then it is a clear indication that something needs to change. Anger is a very bad emotion right? Wrong, because anger is one of the most important emotion that you have and being angry is perfectly normal and a little bit of anger is even considered healthy for you. But when it comes to chronic and explosive anger or aggression it can take a toll on your health as well as your relationships.  So counting from 1 to 10 when you are angry is a thing of passé, here you will find a list of top 10 things that you should do when you are angry so read on to know:

10. Let it happen

OK so if you are angry for some reason don’t just sit with the anger inside you, god might not have given you a wide varying spectrum of emotions without a valid reason right, you have it in you and you are annoyed so let it happen let the anger come out of you. Don’t suppress your negative feelings with positive ones because trying to cover up anger and keeping it deep inside you is totally unhealthy and which can lead to ulcer and heart diseases in the long run. You have all the rights to feel your anger so don’t give a damn about what others will think just let it happen, if the person is really worthy you can apologize later.

9. Think of happy moments

Now this might be for everyone, if at all you don’t want a ugly scene and want to be in the good books of your friends and family do this, as soon as you feel anger and resentment inside you think of some happy moments like the first time you learned a bicycle and started riding it all alone, your first kiss, the happy moments spent with your childhood buddies, and all the naughty things you must have done with your best friends.  None will have a dearth of these happy moments so going down the memory lane recollecting these happy moments will surely put a smile on your lips and you will forget your anger.

8. Laugh it off

Really? Now you please don’t laugh reading this point because this is the last thing you want to do when you are angry but believe me it really helps, would you believe me if I say that even after all these technological advancements science has failed to come up with even one good reason to caution us against laughing. So the next time your are angry with someone or something you just laugh out loud, it will give your body muscles the much needed exercise because during the course of laughing as many as 15 different types of muscles of the face and also respiratory system participates in it.

7. Go for a walk

You are in the middle of a heated argument and sense anger building up in you but you don’t want to hurt the other person, now this one is a tough situation to be in but there is nothing wrong in staging a walk out, tell them I’ am going for a walk and move away from the situation and walk to some happy place like a childhood backyard, rocky mountains or at least some quite place where you could get some peace of mind, the change in environment will calm you down and the long walk will burn all the negative thoughts and energy present in you.

6. Listen to music

Music is something that many feel is a remedy to almost all the diseases, something which can even put life in a dead soul, the soothing effect it has on one’s mind and body is unmatchable.  So keeping an IPOD or a music player with you all the time only to be plugged in when you are really very angry will relax you and will bring you back into the normal mood particularly classical music and slow tracks with proven abilities .  But you have to make sure what all songs will work for you and which will go into the playlist.

5. Share it with someone close to you

Shared grief is half the sorrow this also holds true for anger because when you are very much angry on someone sharing your concerns with a close buddy or an elder might help. Each of you will have a “Go To” man in your life be it parents, siblings or a best childhood friend with whom you share all your secrets. Express yourself clearly to them and let them know what your actual problem is and what you want, a piece of advice, sympathy or some emotional support. They may solve your problem each and every time but you will surely feel better after taking to them.

4. Write, write and keep writing

Start writing a dairy but not the one you usually write before you sleep this one will be special, when you are angry with a person go grab a pen and this dairy and start scribbling and write whatever comes to your mind any stuff it can be anything regarding anyone just make sure you go on and on writing. When you are done and the fire inside you gone then relax you will feel better, doing so you will not hurt others and the good thing is that this will take your written skills to the next higher level.

3. Introspect why

Give it a deep thought, what is it that is bothering or making you angry, is it others or you yourself by your silly reasons are angry on others, because there can be times you are angry on someone say your friend because he/she showed up late on a date or didn’t call you up, you might feel they did it on purpose when on the other hand they have a valid reason to explain which you don’t want to listen. So sit down alone put yourself in their shoes and think twice what you would have done if you were in their place, if turns out to be your mistake go hurry up and apologize unless you want to miss your loved ones.

2. Look at the funny side of your anger

Ok so you have done everything to relax and calm yourself. So now why not try and bug the one who had caused you this extreme anger and resentment, look at the person and the turns of events that caused you anger and try to look at the funny side of them and laugh at them…yeah really laugh at them loud…!! And make them feel and look stupid. Don’t show your negative emotions or anger and keep smiling for whatever they say to you till they accept defeat and walk away or join you in the laughter with others.

1. Sit and meditate

Meditation is age old rituals with scientifically proven benefits that can help a person get over his anger and frequent outbursts easily. Meditation is the process in which both the mind and body are in a relaxed and calm state. It can be of different types like yoga, breathing exercises or silent prayers. So the 1st thing you should do whenever you are angry is go find a dark room sit in a corner and meditate, it will put you in a positive mind frame giving a boost to your energy levels and you will be happy in the long run.

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