Top 10 Things you Must do Before going on a Vacation

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Have you recently planned for a vacation? Are you done with bookings? Or may be finished with packing? Too excited to leave the house as soon as possible and ride away? but wait! Aren’t you forgetting something in hurry? There are trivial yet important things which are needed to be kept in mind before you step out of your house. After all, you have to return to the same abode, and expect to find it in order and the same way as you left it.  Below are few points that you should do in and around the house, before going on a vacation so that you can leave your home without any worries and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

10. Personal essentials

personal essentials

Apart from keeping your home safe, these are some of the basic things that cannot be overlooked, before you start on your journey. It may include a number of things, generally at personal level.For instance make sure that you carry your medicines, if you are on prescribed drugs. Check for your health insurance or car insurance if your are going by your own car. Put your jewelry and other valuables in a safe place. Take along the phone numbers of your friends , neighbors and relatives and even your doctor’s number in case of any kind of emergency. Stop your daily newspaper or magazine services. Check for your Visa and passport beforehand if you are planning to go abroad.

9. Inform your neighbors

inform your neighbours

One of the first things you should do is to inform your neighbors about your trip. They need not know the details but they should know where you are heading to and when are you going to return. You can give them your relative’s contacts, who resides nearby, if  by chance some trouble comes up and they are unable to reach you. Since they are the people who can keep an eye on your house, it is real important, that your neighbors know the fact that the house is going to be empty for a few days time and can indirectly  keep a watch of anything unusual till you return. You may also leave the duplicate keys of the main doors with them, if you share good and trustful relations with your neighbors. If possible, ask them to visit your visit and give a brief check, if everything seems fine.

8. Vacate the refrigerator

Vacate your refrigerator

No matter how long you stay on a vacation, be it week or few days, you should definitely check on the refrigerator items before you go. Pull out all the stuff that might end up expired or spoiled till you return. Perishable foods like milk, vegetables and other such items might get spoiled and stink in your fridge, hence  it is better to get them consumed or disposed before you leave. Canned food can still sustain for a long time. You can eat your food outside before leaving, or order something from outside, then you won’t have to worry about managing with the leftover food.

7. Dispose the garbage

dispose the garbage

Of course you don’t want your house to give out a stinky odor when you return. Don’t forget to dump all the garbage before you leave. Give a quick cleaning to the house, so that when you get back, you find your house to be welcoming, except for a few cobwebs which can be vanished as a easily as they come. Removing the trash also gets you rid of bugs, which otherwise might hover over or around the waste you left unattended here and there.

6. Put the lights on a timer

put the lights on timer

If you have that facility in your home, you can put the lights on timer. That  may not include all the lights but a few like those of the drawing room or lobby, typically visible from the front and back end of house. This can create an illusion to the outsiders that the house is not vacant and reduce the vulnerability of your house being intruded.

5. Take care of the pets and plants


If you are going for a long vacation and  it is impossible to carry your pet around, you can leave it to the vet care centers or may be give them to your neighbors or relatives as they can care better. Its better to inform the person what to feed and how to look after your pet, in  case they never had one of their own. Also it is advisable not to leave your pets away for too long. They might not like the idea of being at a stranger’s house and become irritated or aggressive, in a surrounding, to which they are not accustomed.

If you have a nice garden and you fear it might dry up while you are gone, you can use plant feeder to keep your plants alive. You may even ask your neighbors to water your plant pots once in a while if you think they won’t mind. Move the plants  Putting row cover or garden fabric over your little garden can protect them from possible storms when you are away.

4. Unplug electronics

unplug electronics

People usually forget to switch off the lights in a hurry to leave, causing unnecessary wastage of power and electricity. It is important that you switch off all the electronics, rather unplug them. Before leaving checkout the lights of your bathroom, attic or the corridors.  Make sure the toaster, geysers, ovens are all turned off and unplugged. Keeping a check on these tiny things will even prevent the unwanted surge in your electricity bill.

3. Cease the water supply

cease the water supply

Your house might end up in a mess in your absence, if there is a leakage in the water supply line. Even a little bit of leak can seep into the walls and ruin your paint. The water can destroy your cupboards, cabinets and can cause fungi to grow in damp areas, spreading a nasty stink in the whole house. You might also end up wasting gallons of water, behind your back. To prevent this, it is better to close the valve of the main supply line and cut off the water to your house, until you are gone.

2. Close the blinds

close the blinds

Drop down those binds to get protect your house from the intrusive eyes. You won’t want anyone to be peeping into your house and planning an intrusion when you are gone. Blinds can even prevent your house from getting too warm. They don’t allow direct sunlight to enter your house. When you return, you might not want to enter something like a ‘green house’, that is too warm and humid, to be in.

1. Lock up your house

lock up your house

An obvious and the most important thing, you do before you leave the house is to lock it. Check for all the room doors, the windows, the ventilators, the fence, the bathroom doors and don’t forget the terrace. Don’t leave a chance for anyone to break into your house while you are away. Openings for the conditioners and coolers should be closed shut as that might make an easy way for someone to get in. Once you are done with the locking enjoy your vacation knowing that when you are away your home is safe and secure in every way.

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