Top 10 Things to do to Live a Good Life

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The definition of a good life varies from people to people and depends on life situations as well. In short, one cannot really define what a good life is. A good life might just be seeking happiness, the ambition of getting rich, to have and lead a luxurious and pleasurable life, to be able to overcome all the problems and hard situations in your life, and every person has the wish to be able to lead a good life by overcoming and finding solutions to all the stated above. A life where a person has all the happiness that he deserves, the luxury he wants to own and the ability to be free of all kinds of problems and distractions in his life, probably that’s what called a good life. The definitions and the necessities could be many and varied, yet there are some basic things which a person is required to do in order to make sure that his life gives him the minimised levels of stress and encourages him to make more out of his future years. Here is a list of top 10 things you could do and change yourself into that direction to lead a better and a healthier life, physically and emotionally.

10. Kindness


Kindness is one trait required within a person in order to live a peaceful and harmonious life. The more good you do to others; the better you get back in return. When you show even a tangible amount of kindness to those far and near, you not only gain their trust and hope but also their love and respect which would probably prove beneficial to you in your future life. There is no harm in being kind to people, because people will always remember you and help you for not what you said but for what you did.

9. Try Not to be a Winning Fool

Try using your powers right

People’s wishes and demands could be anything. A person might consider himself to be the winner when he earns a fortune, while the winning factor for another person might just be power and his achievements. So if you think you are a winner, think about it again. Any kind of victory and win require wisdom, effort and intelligence. Try using your resources, power and wealth in the right direction, you will realise that the profits and benefits you reap out of it will be long term and will remain with you for a long time. So don’t prove yourself as a fool by not thinking and doing thinks sensibly, try achieving victories on rational lines.

8. Try Being Harmless

Being harmless

Avoid being evil to people, for whatever reason it might be. Because once you do harm a person, there are chances that you might end up graving a dig of losses for yourself as well. Mostly, people turn evil against other either on account of revenge, personal settlement or some kind of payback done on a very harmful level. Being evil and doing harmful activities upon others not only disrupts the peace within yourself but also tends to affect one psychologically and emotionally. So the best is to refrain from causing harm to others if at all you would want to regret and would want to avoid problems later in your life.

7. Try to Perfect Yourself in what you are Good At

Master yourself

Yes, no one can be perfect, yet there is no limit to trying to be one at least. Know what you are good at and try to master yourself in it. Trying and being loyal to what you are good at is what will take you places later in life. It is important to have a thorough knowledge of your subject and stay loyal and compassionate to it so that you know that no one can beat that good life of yours.

6. Take Responsibility for your Actions

Take responsibility

It is pretty easy to shift the blame for your errors and mistakes on someone else’s’ shoulders. But equally tough to own up to those blames and take responsibility for them. When you know it’s a situation where you have gone wrong, owning up to the mistake will not lessen you down and tarnish your respect as a person, rather taking responsibility for your actions increases a sense of self-respect and self-prestige and it also gives you room to find out your fault and correct the same if any similar situations arise in future. So remember never to shift the blame on others, that way you are not only wasting everyone’s time by giving a false justification but also killing that one chance which could probably improve you as a person and make your life better.

5. Know what you Seek

Know what you seek

Pleasure and luxuries is that one want of everyone’s life, especially believing it to be the two things which actually make life better and worth living. Completely true a statement, yet it is important to chase the right kind of pleasure and luxury in your life. Always try to lead a simple life with calming and soothing pleasures. Not seeking for a pleasure which you know would go out of hands and does not have a line of limit to it. All good pleasures and restricted in nature, the others apart from that would probably affect you deep down under once they are gone. So make sure to limit yourself to the kind of luxury you are seeking for.

4. Be happy to Control what you have got

Control things under you

Worry more about what you have than eyeing and controlling something which is not really under you or your control. Take charge for things you feel could change or get altered with your actions. When you know something is beyond your reach and capacity, you know that no matter whatever you do and say, your actions will hardly make any difference to the like. Thus, worry more about what you have got set for you and not run behind things which are not made for you, because then you would lose the satisfaction and fulfilment from life.

3. Don’t be greedy

Dont get greedy

One of the most important keys to a happy and successful life, don’t ever be greedy, at least try not to. Once you start getting more of life, it is natural to want for more, and more. But it is in your hands whether or not you would want to destroy that peace in your life by ending up being greedy and wanting something out of its limits. That’s the time you could start calling for misery and grief in your life. Try wanting things to a limited demand, and try avoiding excess of anything in your life. Work and try to strike that peaceful balance in your life where you have just what you need and you deserve. If you try to be greedy, then sooner or later you would be calling trouble upon you.

2. Try Discovering new Things

Discover new things

Try knowing more of what is going around you, ask questions and try finding answers to them. The more we are aware of our surroundings, the more we tend to explore things and nature around us.  There is a different kind of pleasure and happiness which lies behind exploring and discovering new things. The fact that one is aware of so much around this beautiful world of ours is not only commendable but a moment to treasure and be happy about lifelong.

1. Treasure Family and Friends

Treasure friends and family

Maintain strong bonds with your family and friends. Keeping healthy relations with people does not only help you avoid problems around, but also makes sure to give you that emotional support and assistance required whenever you are in a fix. Family and friends are the biggest support in a person’s life, thus treasuring and respecting them is something which they deserve, and that is when you get all the respect, love and happiness back in return in your life.

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