Top 10 Things Guys say when caught Cheating

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Girls, someone aptly said, “Men will be men”. They are the one who will pamper you, cajole you and almost pester you to get into a relationship with them. And just when you start falling in love and appreciating your man, you catch him cheating on you. What I do not understand is if you were cheating all the while, what was the need for the relationship? Or even the other way round. If you were so bent on being in a relationship, then why did you have to cheat? Men say girls are complicated. I would say they themselves are complicated. Girls are too, to a certain extent. But they do not complicate relationships. Girls do take time to say yes to a guy, but seldom we see a girl cheating.

Guys, on the other hand, are basically confused about everything. They will take months to impress their ladies, and once the girl is actually impressed, guys find the “spark” gone. Really? Can something be that lame? Wait girls. The height of lameness is yet to arrive. The best(!) part is when they get caught cheating red handed. They jumble with words. Well even women do, but at the end of it they either come up with something smart and straight forward or use their biggest weapon, tears! But men, I tell you, they will find weirdest of excuses and when those are placed in front of you, even you will get confused whether to plant a tight slap on the guy or laugh or cry. Amazing creatures they are! Let’s see how stupid can the physically stronger sex get.

10. “I don’t even know who she is”

Okay, so you go around with this girl and get caught in some “wrong” position, and all you could come up with is that you don’t know the girl with whom you are cheating on your girlfriend or wife? What were you doing inside the theater or in her room then? Trying to know her? See, after you get caught, it is most unlikely that your girl will sort out things with you. So better tell the truth. Or at least think of a decent excuse, a more believable one!

9. “I was just trying to help her…..”

What are you, Father Teresa? Okay, it is good to help others. But in their bedroom?! But girls, make sure when you argue after this line is thrown at you by your ‘cheating’ boyfriend. Any thing you say can be used against you and you will end up getting a lecture from your guy on how pathetic you are that you think helping others is a crime. So frame your questions after putting in some thought. Ask him what category of ‘help’ was that? Eventually you will break up and get separated, but make sure you give your guy a hard time trying to explain his own excuse. Slap him if you want to.

8. “I was just asking for her suggestion to buy you a gift”

Don’t fall in the trap, girls. You might get all angry and fumed up, when just the mere idea of a gift will melt you down, and will go all “Awwww….” to your guy. But no! think with your rational mind. If your guy really wanted some gift suggestion, why would he call up another girl? Doesn’t he know you well enough to know what will be the perfect buy for you? Or even if he doesn’t, he can just give a call and ask for gift suggestion from his so called friend. Why need to go for a movie or to some parks? Think girls, think.

7. “You don’t give me time”

This is a smart move. It is human tendency to put the blame on others when a person knows he is wrong. Guys are no different. They will try to push the blame on you, saying that you do not give time to the relationship, or how busy you are with your work or studies etc etc. Do not buy it. Work, studies or whatever it is, comes first any day. If you are working to have a safe and secure future, or if you are getting educated, there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. OR even if you are giving more time to your friends and family, it is fine. You should. But does that mean your guy will go around with other girls? No way! If he says this when he is caught, just say that you are glad you did not give him much time. Else all that time would have gone waste and you would have regretted that all your life. Say this. It is a hard blow to a man’s ego.

6. “I don’t owe you any explanation”

When the ‘criminal’ mind cannot think of any better excuses, it comes up with the harsh truth. But guys, you do owe an explanation to the girl who is heart broken because of you. Just the day before, you claimed that her heart was yours and all those mushy mushy talks. And within a day you don’t owe her an explanation? This line is generally said when the guy was not so much into the relationship thing and is smart enough to know that this is the end of what you people shared. So girl, just walk out after throwing up your anger. Don’t even try to sort things out, because the guy is clearly no longer interested in making things work. You know you wasted your time on that idiot!

5. “She was trying to seduce me…”

Blah! If she was trying to seduce you guy, then why was your guy on top of her? Or why did he just simply not walk away from there? Or is your guy such a freak that he cannot control himself and gets excited by the mere presence of a girl? Girls, if your guy uses this as an excuse, do not forget to backfire at them. Ask him why would he get seduced at all if he was so much in love with you? Leave him then and there to keep getting seduced by anybody.

4. “…but she is my best friend’s girlfriend.”

So what are you doing with her huh? Giving proxy in your best friend’s absence? Girls, this is absolute nonsense. Guys have a bro-code, like we girls have our BFF (Best Friends Forever) code. And it is the rarest of rare situation when a guy will break that code. It is like an unsaid rule that a guy just CANNOT date his bestie’s girl. Do not believe when your guy says that. It is just some random girl that he has picked up and now trying to hide his mistake. You know it is time to break up.

3. “Give me one last chance, please”


Okay, so this might make you think twice, or even more. When a guy says words like ‘please’ and ‘sorry’, it is likely that they really mean it. A guy asking for a last chance or another chance is a rare situation, but when he does that, it clearly means he wants you. He wants the relationship to work out. He definitely has made a mistake. But what can be better than your husband or boyfriend agreeing and accepting his fault and wanting to change it. I personally think this particular man should be given a chance. But here too there is a trick. Do not give in immediately. You know your man well so you will know that he is genuinely sorry by looking into his eyes. But let him repent and suffer a little for what he did. Don’t talk for a few days and ignore him. Ultimately, forgive him, if you want to.

2. “I was learning some new moves to please you”

You feel confused as what to say next. You feel like laughing at the stupidity of your own choice. Seriously guys? This is the second best thing you can say or use as an excuse, the first one being point 1. Guys, are you so dumb that you think your girl will buy it? If she can catch you cheating on her, then she is smart enough not to believe these stupid excuses. Please think of a better excuse next time. Because this will only lead to your downfall and you might end up getting slapped, if not because of cheating on her, then at least for this excuse.

1. “She is like my sister”


This is a ROFL excuse for sure. By now the girl knows that her boyfriend deserves a high five in his face. Sister? Really? Can someone get so mean? Who gets on the couch or bed with someone ‘like sister’? Guys, this is a dangerous stunt. You are most likely to be abused with the worst category of expletives. Yet, it is unfortunate that guys mostly use this excuse to run away from the situation after getting caught. This, I find, is the weirdest and yuckiest yet most famous excuse given by boys. Grow up guys!

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