Top 10 Things Everyone must know Before leaving School

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Last day at school Whooaa….!!  Leaving the school and entering the real world sounds exciting right, a totally new life with new friends, new found freedom no homework, no teachers who constantly bug us to study hard and harder. The thought of  after school life surely puts a smile on our face, as the high school farewell approaches we all are eager to take on this real new world. As soon as we are done with the school we just jump into college life headfirst. But wait a second!! Just sit down and ponder for once, “Are we ready for the life after school?”For inquiring minds like us this surely gives some food for thought, because not all things are taught in school but we ourselves must know some basic things which will help us adapt to this tough after life after school which is not as rosy as it appears. We are no longer considered as kids and of course we are not kids at the age of 17-18, so here we go and check out the list of top ten things that everyone must know before leaving school:

10. Managing Money

While in school we are least bothered about the finances, fees or the money invested upon us by our parents, but as soon as we step out there is a whole new world awaiting us, so we need to learn how to manage our money optimally between parties, petrol, tours, recharges and last but not the least how to spend on a date with a loved one. These things are never taught in schools but we have to know it so as to survive the post-school life.

9. Basic writing and good communication skills

This is one thing which we just can’t leave behind because whether we have the required technical know how or not we need to have good communication and basic writing skills to be able to express ourselves which is very important in this fast paced century. Being a high school pass-out there is nothing wrong on people’s part expecting this from us, and if at we lack it we will surely let ourselves down and by mastering it we will scale new heights in our career with only sky as the limit.

8. Socializing

Well the word is not new to any of us thanks to Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg who revolutionized the concept of socializing, it doesn’t just mean contacting our old friends, sharing our pics, and posting status updates. Socializing encompasses a broader meaning where in we meet new people enhance our public relations and increase our social circle, so socializing with the people around us is one important thing that we all should learn before leaving school unless we want to be all alone while in college with none by our side to share our happy moments.

7. Sharing our things

If there is one word in English that we don’t like then it is SHARING. When we don’t share our toys with our own siblings then why should we care to share our things with someone else? The answer is simple yet logical, our parents can afford two toys for their kids but we may not be able to afford all the things that we want after school let it be books, equipments, project costs, notes or even rooms we have to share everything. As this can’t happen overnight, we should know and start sharing our things even before we leave school.

6. Working in groups

For all those bookworms and geeks who sit alone solitarily in a closed room, trying to mug up all that is there in the book to stand 1st in the rat race this one is for you. Before leaving school we all should know what it is like to work in a group and it would be rather better if we can lead that group from the front. Group work is an indispensable part of today’s college and corporate life and when we can’t do that there are no surprises we get kicked out of the place we are presently in.

5. Having Fun

Agreed that school offers minimal or no fun at all in some cases, but we must learn to have fun in all the situations when we get a chance. School, whether we think or not is the easiest place to be in and after that we will surely have a hard and a little stressful life. So if we can’t have fun all the time we just have to sit with a dull and gloomy face staring at our friends who would be enjoying and having lots of fun.

4. Coping with failures

School is a place where we have some 100 odd batch mates and when we stand 1st we get a feeling of having conquered the whole world, but the real litmus test awaits us post-school when we stand in a pool of some of the brightest of brains, so we must learn to cope with failures before leaving school because we might not be the best all the time. This one may be hard to accept mentally but we have to, because we may do something very good but then someone else will do it much better. The best thing is to be happy and proud of our accomplishments while not worrying about others.

3. Being accountable and responsible

Part of leaving school is associated with being an adult, which comes with the extra burden of being responsible and accountable for the choices we make. Even if we end losing or making mistakes we must be ever ready to accept our failures, learn from our mistakes and apologize if necessary. The class hours will surely touch a nadir after school if we are in college, no more heavy assignments, and also none to ask us if we are failing and need any extra help and it seems interesting. But we all must be responsible enough to manage our time between friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, parties, having fun and part time work if we any.

2. Knowing who all had crush on us

What?? This would surely raise some eyebrows but knowing all those who had crush on us will surely help. Now the million dollar question, How? Quite simple force everyone to share their deepest secrets, crushes all along the school days, and some sweet memories on the last day or may be on the farewell day and none will back off because it is the last day. This would bring to light the lesser known or never known crushes and who knows? The person we had hots for during school days may even have a small crush on us and this would make a cute love story.

1. Tying Shoelace

Well don’t rub your eyes you all read it right “Tying Shoe Lace” this is the first, most basic and the most important thing we should know before leaving school. Our mom or maid might have tied it for us during school days but that would not continue lifelong right. Tying our own Shoelace is an essential skill that must be mastered before leaving the School because, we must have somehow managed with the Velcro strap shoes or someone else tying our Shoelace during school days. But once we step out laced shoes become an important part of college and university life in sports and gym classes. So not knowing how to tie a Shoelace is not cool at all  rather it is the dumbest thing. So learn it unless you want to be a laughing stock among your friends.

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