Top 10 Things NOT to do When you are Drunk

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When I was a kid drinking alcohol was a taboo for me; well that’s another thing that I used to take the same alcohol through medicines and cough syrups. Now a days drinking is supposed to be a nice thing, a richer one. When I was in college, we used to drink twice a week (that was our ‘occasionally’ :-)) and that was magical. Magical because after drinking at night when I used to wake up in the next morning, all I could see was everything so messy and scattered; and when I used to watch those videos one of us had taken that night, It was damn embarrassing to watch myself talking useless stuff and doing stupid acts, and a few times crying. Crying for something that I don’t even remember the other day. It’s difficult to know what to do and what not to do after drinking. What we find entertaining, few people sitting with us who don’t drink may find it boring. Here is a checklist of the things NOT to do when you are drunk. See, if any (or probably all :-)) of these things you have ever done. Be careful from next time buddy!!

10. Smoke Smoke Smoke

Smoke Smoke Smoke

If you don’t smoke while you drink, then it is well and good for you. Smoking can cause more serious health problems than drinking. Especially, while drinking when we smoke; few people smoke a cigarette after a peg of many smoke continuously throughout the time, the body takes it by another way. Initially we may feel like smoking is adding some extra pleasure to our drinks but be aware, it is the thing that later on causes nausea. I will recommend you to not to have cigarettes but If wish to smoke, just have one or two cigarettes and that too upon finishing the drinks. Moreover, it will also save your efforts to clean the ashes and dust caused by cigarettes, the other day. :)

9. Emotional Fool

Emotional Fool

Few fall in this category while drinking. You see in any party, where everyone drinks the center of attraction are two types of people: First one who entertains everyone by cracking silly jokes, doing stupid acts and there are other who become emotional fools. They start narrating their emotional feelings, and everyone enjoys them. Laughs at them and they don’t even understand that they are publicizing their emotions at the wrong place. And when they came to know what they did and where they did the deed they just regret everything that happened and we decides not to drink again (which fails with time :-)). It’s a good thing not to repeat mistakes; a better one would be not to commit those at the first place. So, Be aware!

8. Skip Dinner

skip food

Why do we drink so much that we can’t even think of having food. Usually what happens when we drink, we drink too much and with lots of complimentary snacks and a few cigarettes we get nauseous feeling and our  body resist us to have food. Although body demands it too. We lack energy and we fall asleep. The best job is to know your limits (few people refer it as ‘quota’); drink only that much amount your body can digest. There’s nothing good in bragging about your limits. It will never make you great. Drink within your limits, have food and then have calm and dreamy sleep.

7. Aggression


Alcohol affects brain chemistry by altering levels of neurotransmitters causing decreases in brain electrical activity. Which makes you slower in doing everything right from thinking to walking. When you have a discussion while drinking, there’s a dark possibility that you would misunderstand someone and this discussion may lead to argument and which might become aggressive after a while. What happens to the brain, you cannot control it (how can you? You need to drink, right?) but you can avoid topics those stimulates your neurotransmitters more than the usual rate. You know what I mean, don’t you? Just control the aggression, we drink for pleasure, not for fights.

6. Making reckless decisions

reckless decisions

I remember, a year ago when we went to Lonavala near Pune at midnight and were having drinks there at Tiger’s point; one of my friends got highly high. He asked everyone if anyone’s coming with him to Alibaug. Everyone got shocked, Alibaug? That too in the middle of the night and with these heavy minds full of alcohol? We resisted him, but he was in no condition to hear anyone. Instead taking him forcefully to home, we followed his decision and went Alibaug. Reached there in the morning, it was June, beach was closed, none among us had enough money. Upon reaching there, we slept inside the car for an hour and left back to home. the decision of going Alibaug was complete nonsense. Everyone of us regretted it afterwards. While drinking, it might feel so adventurous and challenging; but believe me friends its of no use. If you really wish to have some adventure, decide that first and then have drinks. 😉

5. Don’t get used or use others


There are many people who buy drinks for someone for their own benefit. They make you drink, and ask you something that you will reject while being in consciousness. You get used and you don’t even understand. Recently we have seen lots of rape cases, initiating from having a drink with a friend and getting her into the bed afterwards. How can someone be so mean to do all these. Be aware friends, there’s an ugly bad world out there. Do not use anyone and don’t get used by anyone. Don’t lose your consciousness as well as morality while drinking!

4. Sharing secrets


Don’t share anything with someone unless that someone is your trustworthy friend. Only your special friend can understand you when you are drunk, others only give you false sympathy  and enjoy later. People are bound to have fun from others. Nobody cares! So, please don’t do unless there is a necessity. (Which will never be there. What can be the necessity to share secrets?). First time drinkers, friends please keep mum, don’t exaggerate the situation by over judging it. Things are simple, don’t complicate those by adding your 2 peg experience into them.

3. Driving

Drink n Drive

I don’t think there’s any need to explain this point. Drink and drive! You might have seen on Television shows and read about it everywhere right from the internet to newspapers. We can’t even imagine the pain of the mother who have lost her son just because of his careless attitude. Think about your loved ones, what will happen to them if you, or anyone would be killed by you. The best thing is to take an auto – rickshaw or at least have a friend who don’t drink, who can take care of careless fellows like you. Everyone of us understand all these things but the reason that we don’t act the way we think is our experience. Right? We are so much experienced that we are fully confident about our driving, don’t we? Any I bet you this experience gonna kill someone or that someone might be you. Be serious now! Think ones before you start your bike upon drinking.

2. Calling everyone

Calling everyone

People have a ridiculous habit of calling others while drinking with friends. Is there any need? Is there any need to call someone only after drinking and telling them how much you do miss them? Can’t you do this when you are in your senses. Remember, the person sitting with you is the most important person for you in that moment, respect him! People call their girlfriend after drinking, I am still puzzled why did they do so? After drinking conversations with girlfriend usually results in arguments. Why do we do that then?

1. One More peg

1 more

A very beautiful and covetous thing is here. Waiter, One more! Do these words feel familiar to you?  *lol* Yes, these are familiar to everyone who drinks. Initially it is okay but when you become so high. When you understand it’s enough for you now; you should stop at that point. No, instead we take one more and make it difficult for us to walk, to think and to talk. Limit your ‘quota’ friends!

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