Top 10 Things to Bake on a Rainy Day

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Rains are just one of those times when the whole atmosphere becomes boring and gloomy. The sky is dull and so are ones spirits with nothing much to do. You can’t commute and you’ve seen all your favourite movies and read all the books you have. Online shopping has gotten boring and you can’t move out of the house with your camera. So how do you entertain yourself during this cranky season? Well, here’s the solution- busy yourself in the kitchen! Rains are one of the best seasons to bake. Open your window and the petrichor combined with the aroma of rich delicacies slowly coming to life in your oven is simply wonderful. The entire process can consume as much time as you like to keep yourself busy and provide you with rewards that tickle your taste buds and make everyone around you be thankful for the rains! Let all watch in envy as you dole out one beautiful baked good after the other. So put on your apron, find the gloves, bring out the measuring cups, check off your ingredient list and preheat the oven because here are some of the top dishes to bake on a rainy day!

10. Bite-Sized Apple Pies

Mini BIte Sized Apple Pies

Have you ever wanted to make the perfect apple pie but never managed to do it? Well, here’s something on the same lines that is something to write home about. These are time consuming but simple enough to make. The ingredients you need are easily available, like flour, sugar, butter, and of course, fresh, red apples! You can have a lot of fun baking these beauties. Chop and caramelize the apples to the taste that suits you the most, prepare an amazing, sweet yet crunchy base which melts in the mouth and individually spoon all the apple mixture into your dough. Bake and cool. Sprinkle with plenty of caster sugar and serve hot. It can easily replace your rain day pakoras and bhajiyas!

9. Nutella Roll -Ups


Nutella can easily win the war for the best chocolate spread ever made. The hazelnut combined with such pure, dark chocolate is a pleasure for all senses. Why not try something new with Nutella rather than just using it as bread spread? Nutella roll ups are easy to make and the best part is the texture. First you bite into a hard exterior and suddenly, there’s an explosion that tastes close to ambrosia, in your mouth! Simply roll out some cake flour, you can use ready-made cake mix or make your own. Make it as sweet as you like it and add rich dollops of Nutella to it. Then just roll, give it a cinnamon dip, bake, serve and have a nutella-gasm.

8. Mug Cakes


Mug cakes are a something that are trending right now and absolutely live up to the hype. Who wouldn’t want tasty, gooey and rich cake in a matter of three minutes? That’s right, three minutes is about all it takes to make mug cakes. If you have a bunch of hungry people waiting outside your kitchen, there’s no faster and more delicious way to satiate them than these mug cakes. It is also really hassle free as you cook and serve in the same utensils. Just pick out a mug of the size you desire, mix in usual cake ingredients like flour, chocolate, baking powder and sugar. Mix it up nicely and bake in the microwave for three minutes! You could also try a healthier option with oats, banana and apple sauce.

7. Baileys Vanilla Bean Squares

baileys vanilla bean squares

Bailey’s Irish Cream is just one of those cosy little beverages you want to sip on a rainy day while cuddled in a warm sweater in front of the TV with a good movie. But these Squares are a spin-off on the classic drink- and vanilla only does more good things to its taste. It is as simple as baking brownies. Flour, sugar, vanilla extract and fresh vanilla beans form the core of your batter. If vanilla doesn’t sound appealing to you, you could use lime (though make sure it doesn’t curdle your milk), chocolate, raspberry or any other flavouring. Mix in desired quantities of Bailey’s Irish Cream or Irish Coffee and bake for about thirty minutes. Let it cool, cut into squares and enjoy the feeling of eating something straight out of God’s kitchen.

6. Marshmallow, Peanut butter and Oreo Cupcakes

marshmallow peanut butter oreo cupcakes

These are three of the best ingredients and will mostly be lying in your store cupboard waiting for some attention. These beauties will put s’mores to shame! Make a brownie batter of whichever type you like. You could also use a store-bought cake mix if you feel rather lazy but after that, get ready to get down and dirty. Fill in a fourth of your cupcake mould with brownie mix. The pick up an Oreo and split it. Take a marshmallow, dip it in peanut butter and stick it on the Oreo cream. Cover the Oreo back up and slip it in the mould. Cover it up with brownie mix. Fill as my moulds as you wish and bake! You’ll love them so much, next time you’ll be baking them regardless of the weather.

5. Piñata Cakes


These are like those koi-bags we used to have at children’s birthday parties but the difference is you can eat the stuff inside the cake as well as the outside of the cake. It is fun to cut this and eat it when friends are over and watch them dig through the little surprises and sweets insides. They bring up nostalgic memories and you’ll be remembering your childhood while baking them. Simply take two moulds that are shaped like semicircles or a couple of oven proof bowls will also do the job. Spread cake batter in both of them and make until done. Scoop out enough from the centre of both the cakes and fill one side with gems, toffees and other goodies. Cover one side with the other then and frost it with icing of your choice. Cut, serve and have fun!

4. Banana Bread

banana bread

Banana bread is just one of those things you remember eating with milk but not eating too much because it will get you fat. But then sneaking some more into your mouth anyway because it’s just so tasty. No one outgrows banana bread. This time, instead of buying it from your local baker, try baking it yourself. It isn’t too hard to make and you could use healthier options like Ezekiel or Oats to make it less gluttonous. Banana, milk and some eliachi is the just the thing one craves on a rainy day. Cut yourself a big slice of it when ready and enjoy it with a cup of milk and a good book. You deserve it.

3. Cheesecakes


These things require very little baking but are cakes never the less. You only have to bake the crust which will be used as a base to support the cake. The rest is luscious cream, sweet and sour berries, sweetness of cinnamon and the rich flavour of vanilla. Usually, cheesecakes are things we treat ourselves to only when we go outside without realising that we can enjoy this lovely creation in the comfort of our own home and eat as much as we like without anyone else giving us a second glance or judging us.

2. Rainbow Cupcakes


Repeat after me- “Rainbow cupcakes are easy to make. There are not simply things I pay too much money for in fancy cupcakeries.” Rainbow cupcakes are truly easy to make. They may look like something out of your dreams but they aren’t half as difficult to prepare as you might think it to be. You need a simple vanilla batter which everyone can prepare very easily. Then just divide it into seven bowls of equal measure and mix in the food colouring. In the cupcake moulds, simply spoon in one colour batter after the other. The only thing you have to make sure is that the consistency is thick enough so that two colours don’t mix with one another. Bake and see your edible artistry come alive!

1. Red Velvet Cupcakes

red velvet cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes are classics that are never going to go out of fashion. Period. The creator got everything about it just right. The inviting colour, the addictive flavour and the cream cheese frosting that compliments it in a perfect manner. Though these beauties might take time to prepare, they are a labour of love and you will adore the results. Also, you will be baking them at a quarter of the price you purchase them for from bakeries. If that isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is.

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