Top 10 Things a Guy Should Not do on his First Date

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Dating a girl is the first step to win her heart. To know a person better you need to meet him and this is where it becomes important to be conscious about your behaviour. As it is said first impression can become your last impression. So, a guy should always keep in mind that girls are mostly peculiar about manners and etiquettes and therefore you need to be attentive in this direction. At times, certain small things might affect your relation because your manners are the reflection of your personality. Sometimes, these things go unnoticed as you do not pay attention because of carelessness or simply unawareness. So, here are some things you need to keep in mind while taking your girl out for the first date.

10. Do not go empty handed


The first impact of your personality is depicted by the way you meet the girl. Girls like surprises as they have the habit of finding happiness out of little things. So, while meeting a girl for the first time, a guy should not go empty handed. Though it’s not compulsory but a girl expects gifts or at least chocolates when she meets a guy on her first date with him. Going empty handed might disappoint her and even a small carelessness like this may become a knot in your just begun relation.

9. Do not forget to compliment her


Which girl doesn’t like to be admired? If you want to impress the girl you should not forget to compliment her. This appreciating should not only be restricted to her appearance but also appreciate her smile, voice etc. If you are taking a girl out for the date for the first time you should not leave a single chance to impress her. The way you behave becomes most important in that case as in that small meeting she would be judging your virtues on the way you behave. And therefore if you forget to compliment her you may at once lose her favor.

8. Show off!!! A bad option

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Some guys think that their wealth and position would solely attract a girl and so they from the very beginning itself start to show off. Though some girls get leaned to wealth but this is not the case with every girl. It is true that position does matter but it is not the sole criteria to choose a guy and moreover showing off on money is not a good option at least at your first date. A guy should examine the girl’s nature and her choice before further proceeding to impress her by his money and other worldly assets. Where on one hand this may be a fruitful attempt but on the other hand this kind of behavior might prove just the opposite of your expectations.

7. Do not behave with others in an insulting way

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Behavior with others also contributes at a large sum while creating an image of a person. A guy will definitely behave well with the girl he is with but how he behaves with others needs notice. This is the reason that a guy should not insult others no matter from which class the person belongs to. This goes especially when you take a girl out for the date in a restaurant. Generally people misbehave with the waiters or servers thereby insulting them. This sort of behavior could count as a defect in your personality which could ruin your building relation.

6. Do not show yourself either nervous or excited


This is no denying the fact that a guy would be quite excited for his first date, resulting in doing things that are not ought to be done. If it is your first date you can undoubtedly get nervous but it all depends upon the art of performance. A guy should never look nervous with a girl. Also sometimes in over excitement guys talk more or ask too many questions that could make the girl uncomfortable. Certain activities that go involuntary in the case of nervous breakdown are shivering hands, excess sweating, and movement in body while sitting. Hence, these things must be taken care of.

5. Do not dress up badly


Although a girl judges a guy through his heart but dressing up does contribute to this to a large extent. When going on date gets fixed, the first thing that comes in mind is ‘what to wear?’ It is worth giving a thought over what should be worn on the date. Dressing sense matters a lot, when you meet a person for the first time. Where wearing suit on your first date would seem extra formal, on the other side Capri and shorts also won’t work. Therefore a guy should show up presentable with right kind of clothes depending upon the place you go.

4. Don’t dare turn up late

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Getting late and making the other person late is an inbuilt characteristic of girls but if it is followed by a guy and that too on his first date, then results could be disastrous. This blunder of turning up late should not be done by guys. Even if the reason of being late is genuine, it is hardly taken with agreement. So, a guy should always avoid getting late on his date and when it is your first date then there should be no space for any kind of risk.

3. Do not be engrossed in your mobile phone

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Mobile phone is a very useful device invented but it could prove disastrous at times especially when it comes between relationships. It might sound awkward and worth questioning that how can a machine come in between two persons? But very easy to answer that now days people get so much involved in their work which is made easy by mobile phones that they hardly give any time to their relations. Similarly if a guy is busy with his cellphone even on his date then the end of that relation is not so far. So, except attending very important calls, phones should not be made in use at that time.

2. Don’t try to be physical


Getting physical on your first date could leave harsh impacts on the person and your image could be endangered to ruin in that case. Even your gestures indicating a desire to be physical could end up in hard results. So, it is better to know the girl on your first date rather than acting according to your wishes. Being physical on your first date could be seen as a blot or defect to your personality.

1. Do not talk about her ex-boyfriend

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Talking about girl’s ex on the very first date should be avoided. First a guy should wait if she initiates the topic by herself and then only he should further discuss about her past. And this should not be done on the first date and later on also only if the girl is comfortable with it. Whereas initiating the discussions about her past affairs might spoil her mood and as a result the whole date would be spoiled. Thus, a guy should neither sound nor look indecent when he takes his girl for the first date. Extra cautions must be taken in the first time.

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