Top 10 Symbols of Luxury

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The costlier lanes of our thick veined cities are littered with lamp-shade hats and the grins of those who have been bestowed by the crystal almighty of corporate inequality, premium leather and blood red wine. From wearing that cashmere shawl to painting the house gold; from buying the latest to finding the oldest, the golden globe loves the taste of fine red thread. Now, if you have snapped on your high heels and painted a Paris evening about you, here is what would score high on Uncle Scrooge’s charts-

10. Branded clothes

branded clothes

What covers your body is not the soft texture of the fabric, or the silk or the satin, but instead the enormity of the brand or of that French designer thrilled at the sheer velocity of his difficult name. In the world we live today, the brands these men make are bigger than the men themselves. The bright coloured patch can dictate your presence; it shows the cling of gold and smells like freshly minted green. Be it a suit or jacket, be it Gucci or Armani, if you’re in it, you’re better than Wayne in his bat-suit.

9. Phones


Is the new iphone better than the Android?  It doesn’t matter as long as you own one of them. With the boom in IT industry, it is now easier to pack wealth and luxury into a few inches of computing. While owning the latest in technology does not necessarily mean you intend to parade luxury, the fact still remains that it is symbol- ‘Not the one I need right now, but the one I deserve’ as the kids would say. More than in the elite class of rich folks, it is in the teen category that these 5 figure phones feature most.

8. Watches


“Vesper Lynd to James Bond(trying to poke fun):  Since MI6 looks for maladjusted young men, who give little thought to sacrificing others in order to protect queen and country. You know, former SAS types with easy smiles and expensive watches.

[Glances at his wrist]

Vesper Lynd: Rolex?

James Bond: Omega

Vesper Lynd: Beautiful

Depending on how far you would go to buy your time keeper, these items could either feature at the top or the very bottom of your luxury list. Regardless, a good watch has forever been the symbol of class and richness- From James Bond in his tuxedo to that man who shows late just so he can gawk at the time on his new watch. Their values form a world language. It is perhaps the most suave way to express your wealth without expressing it. Unless of course you’re that guy who comes late to gawk at the time.

7. Wine


Brewed with excellence and care in the vineyards of a cold, moonlit and open countryside, opening a bottle of revered wine puts you apart at least by a couple of royal flavours. The kind of attention you demand with your bottle is directly proportional to how old it is, where it was made, and how classy the vowels that go with it are.

“Would you like a bottle of this vintage peel I inherited from the old country?”

6. Modern art

modern art

You could frame your 8 year daughters paintings, call the teeth marks an expression of the artist’s inner demons, talk about how the brush strokes are part of a deeper sanctuary and still get away sounding artsy and suave. Modern art has been an icon of wealth for a long time now. Frame a couple of those angles across your walls, have them lit from below and there you go- the ultimate modern art- the truth of utility, wealth and the need for demonstration all rolled into one.

5. Antiques and rugs


Be it an old writing desk from Chernobyl or a type writer that doesn’t work, if its old enough, its hip enough and rich enough. Collecting items that are near extinction and putting them up for show is one luxury reel you just cannot avoid!  Add to this a story of its being and you are set.

“Oh this, ah this is from the plains of Belgium. The workmen there made this as a tribute to their dead pixie prince. I found it from this dealer who knew this dealer who knew this wolf. I bought it from the wolf for eleven rabbits, a girl in red and a grandma!”

The same applies for rugs. “Oh and I later killed the wolf price. Turned him into a carpet”

4. Fast cars


No matter how much you talk about pianos or art, nothing beats the old school way of taking your top down and driving down the alley with a loud roar for all heads to turn. From a spear headed Lamborghini to a classy Mercedes, fast cars are irrefutable evidences to how rich you are and how you would rather not take the bus. “I’m not really a bus type. It’s just much easier when you have a car and it has no top”

3. A cabin in the woods

cabin in the woods

Ever wanted to kill your boss for not being under you? Ever wanted to invite your friends to a party celebrating his death? A cabin can be highly beneficial for both occasions- for when you want to kidnap him and cut him into little pieces, or when you want to boast an invite to your new friends to that cabin you have in the woods. There is nothing more desirable than a quiet, lonely cabin that you can use to venture a relaxing adventure by the warm fireplace.

Ah, the weekend retreat. I come here all the time. Its such a relief to be away from the city and be one with true nature. Oh hey, you wanna order a pizza?”

2. A butler


As Kazuo Ishiguro writes in his book, The Remains of the Day, the true English butler is a thing of class- of luxury and in vast shortage. From Richie Rich to Bruce Wayne, a butler is better than all the wine glasses you can stack. Even if he isn’t really English, have him wear a tie and open your door and call you ‘master’ to enslave your visitors.  A butler is one of the premium symbols of wealth one can around the house and is an icon in most upper class houses with large chandeliers and ladies in gowns . A butler with an English accent- , that’s to kill for (Perhaps in that cabin of yours by the woods)

1. A Yacht


What’s better than buying a fast car? A large boat that stays solid while you sit back and sip wine. Paint it white, give it a classy name, stock it with costly furniture and there it is! Another weekend retreat upon which you can float about the silver, shimmering tides. Yachts are perhaps, at the very top of premium richness and class. A Yacht was originally defined as a light-weight, fast vehicle used by the Dutch navy to chase pirates and other trespassers of law around shallow waters. After Prince Charles chose the vessel to carry him from Britian to London for his restoration, and since then the vessel has gained much adoration the reputation of carrying important people to and fro their luxury cruises.

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