Top 10 Superheroes of all Times

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As kids we all enjoyed watching cartoon a lot. Back then we weren’t privy to the world of sitcoms and TV series, but instead a simple cartoon would entertain us for hours at end. And speaking of entertainment, who can forget the plethora of comic books that we had; where we would easily get lost in the world of heroes and villains. As kids, we didn’t require much to be entertained, life was simple; and so were our answers to some of life’s complex questions like what we would want to be when we grew up? It was simple; we all aspired to be superheroes. They were powerful, strong, could beat villains, they were admired and looked up to by all and most importantly, they always won. Though now we have grown up, (to some extent) a small part of us still hopes to become a superhero one day. This list is dedicated to that little kid within all of us who refuses to grow up.

10) Captain Planet:

captain planet

This superhero’s mission, as his name suggests was to save the planet. He was a true environmentalist who protected the planet from all evil, with his biggest weakness being pollution. He wasn’t alone in his quest to save the planet; he had a group of kids called the Planeteers who helped him in his tasks. What makes captain planet so special is that he was fighting on behalf of the environment. Something which is much needed in today’s world. Not only that; his group of fellow helpers were culturally diverse being from North America, South America, East Europe and Asia. In one stroke captain planet taught us not only to save and respect the environment, but also tolerance and love.

9) Wonder woman:

wonder woman

She was a feminist superhero who all girls aspired to be, at one point or another. Not only was she strong and beautiful but at the same time she could whip the baddies with her lasso. She would fight crime and fight for equality of woman. Her character was so strong and independent that she could easily hold her own in the largely male dominated Justice League. She was one superhero who would take on the world with her fierce attitude, strength and who can forget the amazing costume with the red boots. She was both fashionable and tough at the same time, no wonder small girls look up to her.

8) Thor:


He is not only a superhero but also a Demigod; sent to earth by his father to learn some humility. On earth he lived as a doctor Donald Blake, his alter ego. But eventually becomes the almighty and powerful Thor; the thunder god. His special weapon is his hammer the Mjolnir. He protects earth from all evil, including his evil adopted brother Loki. This mighty Demigod is also a part of the all powerful superhero club Avengers. Not only does he have strength and valor, but also sympathy and humility on top of being a Demigod; which rightfully earns him a spot on this list.

7) Cat woman:


What makes cat woman an interesting character is that she is one of the few superheroes we get to see, that has a tinge of grey in her character. She is often deemed as either a super villain or a superhero. She first makes her appearance in the batman comics as a highly trained and skilled international jewel thief and burglar. But she is no ordinary criminal and instead follows a moral code. She is often seen helping Batman on numerous occasions and even the Justice League at one point. She has strength, skill, principles and above all she has a grey shade to her character being at times both good and bad, making her one of the most relatable superheroes.

6) Wolverine:


He is a mutant with keen and sharp animal like senses. His body also posses strong self healing powers allowing him to live longer than average humans. This trait is said to be the one that protected him from the weapon X experiment that turned him into a mutant with metal alloy adamantium bonded to his skeleton; or in layman’s terms, wolverine’s claws. He is extremely strong and has a raw animal like quality to him. He is also part of the X-Men. What makes wolverine unique is that he often defies authority and rebels, taking actions which according to him seem right. He has antihero qualities to him, giving him an edge over the others and a dangerous quality which makes him all the more alluring as a superhero.

5) Captain America:


This superhero is often also called as the first avenger. His alter ego Steve Rogers was a frail human being who was enhanced to human perfection and strength with an experimental serum thus creating Captain America. His superhero outfit bears the motif of the American flag. He also has a powerful shield as one of his weapons which can be used for both protecting and injuring. Captain America stands for strength and morals, and has a charismatic charm to him. He is a superhero loved by all.

4) Superman:


This is one superhero that needs no introduction. His name itself conjures up an image of the superhero in our minds complete with his blue outfit, bulging muscles, the sizable S and who can forget the red cape. Superman is technically an alien send to earth from his planet krypton. He is everything that you would imagine your superhero to have. Strength, honor, skills and yes a memorable costume. He discovers his superhuman abilities at a small age and as an adult decides to use it to save the earth and protect it. This otherwise seemingly indestructible superhero has one weakness; that being kryptonite. But other than that this superhero is nearly flawless with a strong moral compass.

3) Spider-man:


Spider-man is the story of a shy, lanky, bullied geeky and introverted Peter Parker, who gains superhero powers and abilities after being bit by a radioactive spider; thus transforming him into a strong, powerful, and courageous and much admired Spider-man. What makes Spider-man so admired by all is that he teaches young kids to believe in themselves. He stands for fighting against crime and injustice. Peter Parker is a character which all kids can relate to, someone who feels burdened and lost, and for him to become Spider-man is like a beacon of hope for all who can relate to him. Most of all, what Spider-man teaches us is that “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

2) Iron man:


Iron man, just like his playboy, genius, billionaire and philanthropic alter ego Tony Stark is a very charming and charismatic superhero. Tony Stark when captured by terrorist and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction instead creates an iron suite of Armour, thus giving rise to Iron man. With the large array of weaponry that his company stark industry manufactures, he is able to incorporate high levels of weapons in his Armour. With sign of a problem or threat to the nation, the playboy Tony Stark becomes Iron man overnight, protecting the world from annihilation.

1) Batman:


What earns batman the much deserved number one spot on the list is that he is one superhero who fights crime and all evil and protects Gotham City without any special superpowers. What aids batman in his quest is his strength and determination with which he physically trains himself and who can forget the array of fancy gadgets and toys like the bat pod and his famous utility belt. Batman is a character both light and dark with a strong sense of justice in him. He has a hurt, broken, mysterious yet a dangerous aura around him that has managed to captivate both, youngsters and adults alike. The charm of this caped crusader lies in the fact that Batman can be anyone, even you or me, all we require is determination and hard work.

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