Top 10 Super Villains of all times

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The comics’ world is an entire different world. Children love to read comics and few adults do, too (especially when it comes to superheroes). Let’s not forget that we also love movie adaptations of comics. When people read these books and watch the new superhero movies they do so for the idolizing heroes, the thrill of action and varying story lines. What we do not realize is that all of the story lines are made interesting not because of the superheroes we worship, but the evil plans and schemes of the villains. They are the ones that keep us engaged throughout a story. They are the ones who make the good seem good. Some are filled with pure evil but some even become allies at times of need. Let’s do some background check on the ten most loved villains of the comics’ world.

10. Darkseid


Darkseid gained his position on the top 10 list as an adversary of Superman. He is constant threat to the DC comics’ universe. He is also dubbed as the “God of Evil”. His life mission is to defeat Superman and rule the human race. He comes from a planet named Apokolips (a lot similar to the word apocalypse, funny he wants the same for Earth through his Anti-life Equation).
According to his origins all that Darkseid had was not rightfully his. He controlled everything by power and bloodshed. It is also said that it was only once that he fell in love and married Suli, whom his mother got assassinated due to her good heart. Darkseid of course took revenge on his mother, and thus pure evil was born. He turned away from the concept of love forever.

9. Lex Luthor


He is as human as possible. He is not from an alien planet or with some supernatural powers. He has got one thing, and that is his extra-ordinary intelligence. He has an undying hatred for “interfering aliens” and thus is an arch-enemy of the Superman. His hatred for him is so much that he becomes a sociopath in order to finish him. He is considered the most iconic villain of DC comics.
According to his origins, it is said that a teenage Lex, when moved to Smallville, befriended Superboy (teenage Superman). Superboy built a hi-tech lab for him in which he loved creating new life-forms and also found a solution to the kryptonite toxin. But when a fire broke out in his lab Superboy had to use his super breath which destroyed all his experiments and made him bald for lifetime. Lex thought that Superboy did that out of jealousy. Such events continued leading into Lex creating havoc throughout the city wherein Superman had to interfere, to which Lex thought he was being humiliated and thus swore revenge. Thus was born the iconic super villain of DC universe.

8. Red Skull


Johann Schmidt, also known as the Red Skull, was actually a Nazi general who later became the arch-enemy of Captain America. He is everything we could hope a villain to be, ruthless, evil and cunning. He is nothing but fear taking a physical form.
As any other villain, this one too has his own sad story. Given that he was born in a poor neighborhood in Germany, he also was an orphan. His mother deceased while giving birth to him, and his father committed suicide. He ran away from the orphanage after spending a sufficient part of his life being bullied and therefore convinced that everyone was his enemy. He came to the streets and begged to survive until he got a job as a sweeper where he committed his first murder, of a girl he liked, and in a fit of rage. He slowly made his way up to Nazi camp where he met Hitler who made him his splitting image. From thereon was born the evil named Red Skull.

7. Galactus


He is the oldest villain alive in the Marvel’s universe. Typically known as the “Devourer of Worlds”, he consumes planets and other universal entities in order to survive. He needs the energy from the core of these planets. In order to search for the next planet he has to devour, he appoints beings from across the universe as his Heralds to whom he gives the Power Cosmic. The Silver Surfer was one of his Heralds, though he turned against him later.
According to the stories Galactus was the sole survivor from the universe that existed before big bang. He lived at a planet named Taa. He was somehow saved and brought back to the new universe. He realized that in order to survive he needed to feed on planets and their energies. At first he only consumed uninhabited planets, but as time passed he became more powerful and thought of himself as the highest being, and started consuming whatever planets he liked, uninhabited or not.

6. Bane


Bane was born an innocent child in the prison named Pena Dura (“Hard Rock”). There he trained himself in the harshest of environment and became the “man who broke the Bat”. He has a built that anyone would be afraid of and intelligence that can defeat anybody.
He was a child who was suffering because of his father’s crime. His father escaped from Pena Dura and dumped all the blame on the unborn child. All hell broke loose for Bane as soon as he was born. He got this name after the first murder he did to defend himself. He was isolated from then on where he trained himself and educated himself. Later he heard stories about a monster in Gotham City named “Batman” by his fellow inmates and decided to take over other “Prisons” (his concept of cities) and break Batman. He was used as a lab-rat in an experiment by his warden where he was injected with a drug named Venom which gave him super strength but was almost killed in this process. He had to inject Venom in his body from time to time (to survive) which made him stronger.

5. Loki


According to the legends, Loki is a God of mischief and lies. Odin Allfather is his adoptive father and the ruler of Asgard. His real father was the frost giant Laufey, who was killed by Odin in a war against the frost giants. His hatred of his brother, Thor makes him a super villain. In order to defeat Thor he creates havoc in every realm. His intervention and plan to rule Earth led into the formation of The Avengers.
Odin adopted Loki after killing Laufey, when he was just a baby. But he adored his elder son Thor the most, which made Loki jealous. The feeling of envy increased as they grew up to an extent that made Loki want to kill his brother and take Asgard for himself, thus making him the evil sibling.

4. Ra’s Al Ghul

ras al gul

As one of the Batman’s greatest enemies he is the one who actually trained him and wanted him to be his heir. He wanted him to become the leader of the League of Assassins. He is said to be living on this planet for centuries and leading the league, whose sole job is to eliminate crime and corruption.
His crusade against Batman begins when Batman denies succeeding him and helping him in destroying the gradually-corrupting city- Gotham, Batman’s birthplace.
Ra’s is said to be born 700 years ago in a nomadic tribe in Arabia. His name roughly translates into “the Demon’s Head”.

3. Doctor Doom


Victor Von Doom is a man of great evil and mere mention of his name can give you goose bumps. He is a scientist gone mad and drunk on power. He is known as the “Master of Science and Sorcery” and is the nemesis of the Fantastic Four.
He was said to be born to a gypsy mother, named Cynthia, who was also a sorcerer. She was later killed during one of her sorceries. After years of struggle, he found his mother’s books and spells and learned the art of magic. He went to college to study science where he met Reed Richards who later became his greatest enemy, Mr. Fantastic. He was left scarred-face when one of his inventions (to bring his mother back) exploded and later got his iconic masked look after he joined an old group of monks (after being expelled from the college).

2. Magneto


Admit it; Magneto has always given you chills. His grand plans and sophisticated schemes have always created a barrier for the X-Men. He is a very powerful mutant who has a power of manipulating the magnetic fields. He is X-men’s greatest enemy and sometimes their greatest ally.
He was Max Eisenhardt before he became Magneto and was born in Germany. His family was killed during the Nazi uprising where he was the sole survivor due to his powers. He escaped and struggled, fell in love and married and then had a family. He later changed his name to “Magnus” and then “Erik Magnus Lehnsherr”. It was later when he met Professor Charles Xavier who became his greatest friend. They loved to discuss the future of mankind and mutants. It was later that they both realized that they had different opinions and parted ways. Years after that he became the terrifying mutant “Magneto”.

1. The Joker


The mere name Joker sends waves of awe and terror in your body. This is the reason why he ranked No. 1 on this list. His smile, his scars, his moves and his signature calling card leave you wondering what he is up to next. He is not only the favorite villain in comics’ world but also in the movie world. He commits crime because he loves it. He has caused the greatest troubles for his nemesis Batman than any other villain ever has.
Unlike any other villain, his origins and his motives behind crimes are never known. There have been many versions of his origin and none of them is considered to be true.

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