Top 10 Super Adorable Couple Moments

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Nothing is mysterious, no human relationship, except love. There’s something about the happy experience of being with the person you love- in the park, under the sheets, driving around the town aimlessly or that comfortable coffee at your favourite café—where you know that there are moments that are germinating into memories. These are the moments that make your toes curl or your lashes bat, send shivers down your spine or butterflies in your stomach. Just a blush or that uncontrollable silly smile and you know what I’m talking about. There are these moments we have with that special someone that kind of sends a feeling of pride through you, makes you go all “Damn! Are we adorable or what!”

10. You have one new text message


That notification flashing across your phone screen! You haven’t even opened the message yet (be it on whatsapp, viber, snapchat or good ol’ SMS), you have no clue what it holds, heck! You haven’t even unlocked your phone, but you feel elated almost instantly. That glow on your phone screen is no match to the glow on your face! You ditch whatever it is you were engaged in, unlock that technological marvel and give yourself those few moments of solitude just to remind yourself that he/she was thinking about you. Then you look around hoping nobody’s caught you grinning stupidly. Oh! What you’d give to feel that time and again!

9. They stole OUR story!


There are these really strange moments when you’re watching a movie, listening to the radio or reading a book when it somehow feels like the author wrote about YOUR story or cast that actor to play YOUR part. Now, that does feel pretty special, doesn’t it? Suddenly, you’re Keith and Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful. Carl and Ellie’s 8 minute love story from UP traces yours perfectly. Heck! You could even be Shah Rukh and Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It might feel silly but you know it’s special when you’re willing to feel stupid because it made you happy.

8. Jinx!


Isn’t there something cheesy yet romantic about saying the same the together and then share a giggle. It could be that occasional “I love you” or even something as mundane as “I got lunch”. What really strikes a chord is the fact that you happened to be in sync and that makes you giggle and fall harder in love or just make you want to give yourselves a pat in the back. Especially when it’s something naughty you’re exchanging (read: “Now we know *winks*”)

7. I got something for you


Who doesn’t like gifts? When it’s from that person you’ve lost your heart to makes it melt your heart. You may be the occasional gift giver or you might be the kind of couple that exchanges gifts on a monthly basis, what really matters it that they convey something. It could be something that they remember you having mentioned, something they came up with themselves, a friend’s suggestion. But the thing is that they wanted to make it count! It made that day, that moment special and it will be with you as a memorablia about that person no matter what the future holds. It tells you just that someone wanted to do something to see you smile. “I could hug you now!”

6. How do I look?


From simple day to day musings to the bigger decisions in life, the very knowledge that someone needs your approval is joy to the heart. The moment he/she asks you “Does this tie/dress look good on me?” “Do you think I should invest in a bike?” “Should I cook pasta for dinner today?” you feel a little bit of that skipping of a beat and you’re more than glad to lend your opinion. We do so much to feel important, but when it comes to this person you don’t even have to try. They keep doing these little things to show that you matter. It’s that small comfort zone that you can resort to now and then.

5. It’s almost as if I was by myself!


Comfortable silences. This is one of the less appreciated moments but it’s what really holds two people together. Finding someone to talk to is one thing, but finding someone you don’t need to constantly keep up conversation with gives you the kind of comfort and warmth that’s hard to find otherwise. It’s only when you break free from your thoughts that you realise that the two of you have been together sharing silence, just giving each other the space to think. Well, after effects of this is certainly something to die for- a smile, a peck on the cheek or *ahem* you know…

4. Holding hands


This is that moment which needs no elaboration as to how special it is just every time you share it. That moment their hand glides down your arm, folds over your hand, fingers lacing with yours, palms kissing, makes you feel so much in that brief period you find it hard to believe and you’ve never had enough of it. And the funny thing is it evokes a different good feeling from you in different settings, when you’re walking around holding hands, while sharing a meal or just stealing a moment to hold hands under the classroom desk; making your friends just a wee bit jealous. A wondrous, subtle thing.

3. The first sense


The sense of touch is indeed one of the most coveted feelings. When they softly run their fingers through your hair in the middle of a conversation, pinch you playfully for they think you are adorable, greet you with a fleeting peck on your cheek(when their lips just lightly brush against your skin), a playful nudge, a light slap on your thigh. These are moments that take you by surprise and amplify what you feel exponentially. “Oh! Come here you!”

2. Can I kiss you?


“I’ve been told that people in the army do more by 7:00 am than I do in an entire day. But if I wake at 6:59 am and turn to you to trace the outline of your lips with mine I will have done enough and killed no one in the process.” You don’t want to sound corny but this IS by far the best feeling on God’s green earth. When their lips meet yours, moistness gets a whole new meaning, you’ve never felt such warmth, never felt your heart race thus, never a feeling of such comfort. And at the end of all this you wish you had amnesia so you could relive each kiss with a fresh newness that leaves you smashed in the arms of rapture.

1. I love you


Those three words are said too much but never enough. Nothing matches the first time you confess your love to each other, but there’s a mysterious charm to every single time you’re reminded that you’re loved. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment but the feeling lingers.

This list is non-exhaustive and of course you’re grinning to yourself thinking about those cute little moments that you shared that you don’t see here. It makes you proud, it gives you a sense of joy, it makes you shy, it makes you want more. Truly, love is a wonderful song.

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