Top 10 Solutions for Hair Fall

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Hair fall has become so serious an issue that it acts as a converging point erasing off barriers of caste, creed, gender, nation and gender for it affects all no matter one is a prince or a pauper, old or young, male or female. On this note, the peace organizations should not promote it as a harbinger of universal peace and harmony thinking it would help in to diminish the disparities among the nations of the world.  Jokes apart, hair fall can also indicate the person is suffering from some disease, so one needs to clarify it with a doctor or a hair specialist. On a general basis, hair fall is the result of proliferating environmental issues like pollution and unclean water. Hair fall on a normal account is natural as the tree sheds its leaves and new leaves grow on it.  However we cannot turn deaf ears to the silent whimpers of the hair follicles, there is no one solution for hair fall, there are many. Most of them are not befitting to the present social scene when one does not have time to sit back and pamper oneself and has to resort to available hair products. There is no hurry, one should, at times, find out time for cosseting one’s body – undoubtedly it’s the brain that helps one climb ladders of success and fame, but what about the body that bears it?

10. Oil


As youngsters, we hate oiling hair, but guys it apparently works against hair fall. Lukewarm 2-3 spoons of the hair oil like coconut/mustard/olive/almond oil, massage onto your scalp and also the tip of your hair, women can roll the hair up and put a clip and forget it but don’t be so forgetful that one forgets to wash the “oiled” hair or else the person will have to surf the internet for Anti-Dandruff tips. People find it disgusting to apply oil is that the hair would look bad and all the dirt would stick to the hair, in that case, apply oil after one reaches home. This would also cleanse the body and hair as well makes the person relaxed after a day’s toil. When one has time for a detailed bath, oil the hair, leave it for 2-3 hours and wash with a mild shampoo. It is better to avoid perfumed oils as they contain harmful chemicals.

 9. Towel 


After bath, most of us use towel for drying our hair. Don’t rub the towel hard onto the scalp, as it weakens the hair pits and the hairs get ready to say goodbyes to the scalps.  Make sure that your scalp is dry or else you may catch cold. Do not use dryers for they make the hair weak and accentuated hair fall in the due course of time. Unwrap and let your hair dry on its own. If you are a busy bee, it will be a tough time for you to maintain your hair.

8. Comb


Well, the way one combs the hair matters. Always untangle the tip of your hair first, then comb from scalp to the tip. It is advisable to brush the hair carefully and softly as it also helps in blood circulation on our scalp. Keep your comb clean and NEVER ever comb WET hair. If such a situation comes, untangle the hair manually and then use a comb with wider bristle.

7. Hibiscus


It sounds like our grandma’s advice, but at times old is actually gold. . If you can manage to find hibiscus, you are saved. Wash hibiscus flower and leaves, squeeze them with your hand and collect the green thick and viscose syrup in a tumbler. Filter the syrup if you hate clogging the bathrooms. And that’s your instant shampoo and the elixir for the hair. This might not be convenient for many of us, but the cost of hair transplantation and the lot should ring a bell whether to spend money for the worst or spend time for the best.

6.  No Pickles, Yes Healthy Diet


Avoid Pickles, when you enter this regime of fighting hair fall. It would be better to avoid oily and spicy food. We need Proteins and Calcium for our bones and hair. So switching over to a healthier diet consisting of leafy vegetables and calcium rich eatables can simply do wonders. Include milk products, fish, lettuce and almonds in your diet for betterment from this danger zone of hair fall.

5.  Cold Water Vs Hot Water


Use Cold water at least to wash hair. Science tells bathing in cold water is many times better than hot water for the body. Some studies point out that water should be poured gently and the habit of bathing under shower could harm the skin as the water is falling from a height with force. And that’s a worst discovery for most us who prefer warm water over cold water, but at times truth actually sounds and tastes bitter.

4.  Exercise and Yoga


The idea of exercise and yoga may look odd in this context; however it is not in real. The main purpose of exercise and yoga is to make one stay healthier and stimulate the blood circulation in the body easily. In yoga, there is a practice of rubbing both hands’ finger nails against each other in a gentle manner to regulate hair growth; one can try that as it does not have any side effects!!

3. Pampering Hair


On weekends and holidays, one can apply hair packs. Make sure the hair pack is natural, preferably homemade. The most effective and obtainable hair pack ingredients are eggs. Take 1 egg white, 1 spoon oil and ½ spoon white vinegar (optional) and mix them well. Apply onto hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes, wash the hair, in case of bad smell (egg!!!) use a mild shampoo. Using this every week will repair the hair damage. It would be great if one reduces the use of hair colours and expensive shampoos and serums that would make the hair grow thinner and thinner. At a regular interval of 25-45 days, trim the hair tips to get rid of split ends and foster hair growth.

2. Apples & Cloves


It is actually an expensive remedy, but we need to chill down as it many times better than shelling money at hair care centers. Take an apple, wash it, and wipe it with a cloth. When it’s dry prick onto it 12-14 cloves as seen in the image. Wrap it with a newspaper/clean cloth and leave it overnight. Wake up in the morning, empty your bowels, brush your teeth. You are now ready to eat the apple, unwrap it, remove the cloves and eat the apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and makes the hairs stay! Well it taxes much as one should be following all the listed 10-6 tips along with this apple diet. Even if hibiscus part is an impossible, the rest should be considered as they all should be followed simultaneously to prevent hair fall.

1. Sleep Well


Sleep at night, and for 6-8 hours, our body requires it. Regular sleep not only prevents hair fall but many other health issues and helps in regulating the body functions. Keep away tensions as tensions play a major role in hair loss. Whenever tension and sleepless nights crawls in your life, remember whatever has to happen will happen no matter how hard we try to avoid things, at the least one can contend that one is suffering the throes and pangs of life with some hair left on the head!!

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