Top 10 Scariest Reptiles on Earth

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As a child seeing lizard on the walls was the scariest thing ever to happen, it would instill such quantum of fear deep inside us that we would refrain from entering the washrooms or kitchen until someone considered bold enough than us by our standards would come and scare it off. Now, if a small lizard could have such a terrifying effect on us, consider what will happen when we closely encounter some of the scariest snakes, crocodiles, lizards or turtles. This would surely send a chill down our spine. We are not talking about the poisonous, deadliest or venomous reptiles that come out of nowhere and could kill a full grown human in a single strike, rather we are concerned about the “Scariest” of the lot which when encountered would make our heart skip a beat. Here comes the list of the 10 scariest reptiles:

10. Frilled Lizard (Lizard):

10. Frilled Lizard (Lizard)

Frilled lizards live in the tropical and warm temperate forests of Northern Australia. They usually live on the trees and occasionally get down in search of food i.e small spiders ants and small lizards. The Frilled lizards are about 3 feet and weigh up to 1.1 pounds. They are also called as frill-necked lizard because of the pleated skin flap that lies folded around its neck, and when this lizard feels frightened it opens its frill and gapes its mouth, it does so to frighten its attacker.  This makes it looks scarier than usual with many bright orange and red scales on its body.

9. Gila Monster (Lizard):

The Gila Monster is one of the two species of venomous lizards found in Southwestern United States in Mexico, Arizona, and also in the southeastern corner of California. It is named after the Gila river in which it is commonly found. The Gila monster is the largest lizard in the U.S.A which is heavy measuring up to 60cm (2.0 ft). The dorsal part of the Gila is black colored with pink or orange spots making it look scarier. Even though the Gila is venomous it is potentially of little threat to humans because of its slow nature, but due to its fearsome and scarier appearance it is usually killed by humans.

8.  American Alligator (Alligator):

The first and the only alligator making it to the list, American Alligators have an average length of 8fts-10fts for females and 10fts-12fts for males. They have an armored body with some bony plates on it known as scutes or osteoderms. These can be easily recognized by their long snout which has nostrils facing upward to facilitate breathing when the rest of the body is underwater. A reptile double the size of a human plus all these features is enough to scare anyone who boasts to be bold enough.

7.  Komodo Dragon (Lizard):

Komodo dragon are the largest living lizards, a fully grown lizard reaches up to a maximum of 2.5ft – 3ft and weighs around 150kgs -170kgs. Found in the Indonesian islands the Komodo dragons are limited to the parts of Komodo, Flores, Padar and Rinca. Due to their huge size they usually prey upon a large and a wide variety of food that mostly include deer, birds, mammals and other small lizards. Their huge body size, fangs and the name dragon speaks for itself in the list of scariest reptiles.

6. Mata Mata Turtle (Turtle):

This is one of the most bizarre looking turtle in the world. Its body looks very much similar to a pile of debris and its shell is like a piece of bark.  It has a thick and elongated neck and a wide, extremely flattened, broadly triangular head and also a wide mouth with very large lateral flaps that enables them to blend in the water easily and catch the fishes with effective ease. They live in muddy areas under the bottom of rivers, swamps and marshes, and are mainly found in South America.

5. Reticulated Python (Snake):

Reticulated python is the largest snake in Asia and the longest in the world, but these are not the heaviest of the reptiles that we would ask for. This species of python is native to Southeast Asia and its length ranges from 6fts-22fts which is considerably long compared to a human. Its name reticulated which means “net-like” comes from the fact that its body has a complex color pattern and many irregular shapes on it. Although non-venomous and considered less potent to humans this Reticulated Python makes to the scariest reptiles list thanks to its scary length that could make anyone run for their life.

4. Atheris Hispida (Snake):

Atheris Hispida is mostly found in the rainy regions with very dense vegetation. Atheris Hispida is carnivores in nature and feeds on rodents and small mammals and less commonly on birds. It has long hollow fangs and its shuddery appearance earns it a place in this list. It is known for its compressed body with its dorsal region completely covered with scales that are keeled with a typical color of yellowish-green. It has large eyes and its snout is elongated and round.  Human attacks have been very uncommon but if attacked the venom can prove fatal in the absence of first aid.

3. Alligator Snapping Turtle (Turtle):

It is the largest freshwater turtle that are found in the Southeastern regions of the U.S.A in the river systems that run into the Gulf of Mexico. Its appearance is very scary which is characterized by 3 ridge like keels that go from the front to the very back of its carapace, they are very unique among the turtles with eyes on the either side of the head. It’s scary look earned it the dubious distinction of “the dinosaur of the turtle world”.

2. Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodile):

Now a crocodile making to the list of the scariest reptiles is no surprise and when it is the giant Saltwater Crocodile we just have to make way for it without a second thought, the list will not be complete if it is left out. The Australian Saltwater Crocodile is the largest living reptile found on earth, a mature male can measure up to 24fts long. They are known for their strongest bites and “death-roll” which they use to suffocate its prey and eventually kill it. Its huge body and the strong jaws that can even kill sharks and small elephants makes them look creepiest compared to other crocodiles.

1. Green-Anaconda (Snake):

The last thing that we would want even in our wildest dream is coming face to face with a Green-Anaconda. A person in his true senses would choose to jump from a 10 storey building as there are minute but good chances of surviving with broken bones by jumping rather than getting into the folds of this deadly snake that will crush us to death then swallow the body with almost zero chances of surviving. Found in the marshes, swamps and streams of the Amazon rain forest in South America this is the world’s largest and heaviest snake (not the longest), the longest scientifically recorded Green-anaconda ranges from 15fts-20fts and weighs 200kgs-275kgs with no clear information or sometimes lack of evidence by catchers who claim to do so. A Green-Anaconda can very easily swallow a fully grown human ultimately causing instant death.  Now when a mere thought of this is so creepy, consider what would happen when someone comes face to face with the world’s scariest reptile.

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