Top 10 Regrettable Things People Do when they are In Love

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Love is a word of  combination of  Belief,Trust,Happiness and also has a negativity in it. The negativity can be of varied forms like Lust, Emotional breakdown etc. People who are in love may think that they are the most lucky persons but everything in this world has got its own Pros and Cons i.e. some sail through the storms and some just drown in it. Someone as rightly said “you can cross ocean without wetting your legs but it’s Impossible to cross life without wetting your eyes”.

10. Emotional Breakdown occurs

Emotional Breakdown Occurs

A girl or a boy who has went through the turmoil of being dumped or cheated upon are tend to suffer emotional breakdown. People start losing hope upon themselves and it becomes very painful for them to trust the other person also. In some cases those people who can’t handle the pain or emotional breakdown tend to harm themselves. Today’s youth destroy their own life by becoming addict to alcohol, drugs and in worst cases they end their own life.

9. How could you do this???

How could you do this??

When a person who is in love showers love in many ways like hugging, kissing and particularly today’s generation love so blindly that they end up sleeping with each other. In society a girl who is married has the right to involve in physical intimacy and the one who is not legally wife to him involves physically with her partner has to face the thrash by the society at later stage if she is found pregnant. All except to be their wife should be virgin before consummating marriage but this rule does not apply to guys. Why this bias?? If the guy has one night stand with a girl no one will point at him but if a girl does all the fingers point at her saying How could you do this???

8. Expectations Increases as Dependency Increases

 Excepatation increases as Dependancy Increases

As the relationship grows the other person depends on the other for every decision to be taken in future. Earlier when a decision was to be decided they used to think and decide but now when the other person enters it changes. Sometimes more than coming to conclusion person tends to think if I decide like this is it okay will he or she agree or not. So as time passes by the person will not able to judge his or her ultimate decision. And when the other person does not respond like earlier then the person who is expecting may feel the heat. And due to emotional insecurities the  person may start depending so much that the other person feels irritating and behave cold towards them. Being self judgmental becomes completely declined.

7. Privacy Restricted

Privacy Restricted

In many  love stories Possessiveness is the main crux of the story. The same Possessiveness was once called sweet it slowly becomes slow poison. As the saying goes Too much is too bad. All love to involve socially with friends, office mate  and with technology changing all are actively involved in facebook,Twitter,Wassup etc but there comes a heavy price to pay for being in a relationship. The person wants to know right from your facebook  password to all other details including to whom you ping and what else you do. And if he or she does not like then you have to stop communicating with that particular person. In this way no Privacy. And in many cases it goes to extent if your love does not like you wearing 3/4th outfit etc then you should not dare to wear it. So ultimately Restrictions wins.

6. Taken us granted

Taken us granted

How many times you will call me??you don’t understand I was busy. Why you don’t get it in to your head?? This is typical conversation all listen in their daily life. The above quote I meant to say that the other person takes you granted and sometime it leads to other stuff. Like if your going out or doing something you have to inform him or her. This ends up being a robot to him or her and the remote control is with your partner. Your taken granted round the clock whatever you do you need to report it.

5. Mirror Reflection

Mirror Reflection

Once in lifetime many experience this situation i.e. Why are you wearing blue outfit??You hate blue colour right. Then comes the reply Yeah but my Boyfriend loves Blue colour. Everyone loves to get dressed up how their respective partners like but Some become so obsessed that they tend to do what their partner likes. Sometime it reaches to greater heights that there is a mirror reflection of him or her in you.

4. Priorities Change on academic performance

Priorities Change on academic performance.

All youngsters who are in school, colleges and are in relationship focus more on their partners academic performance. They start doing their assignment, writing journals, preparing notes and helping out them. But even your assignment work is need to be done but priority changes. Sometime they avoid studies and start chatting with their partners. I can say you can sit and speak with your partner for long hours but sitting with a book  in your hand for 10minutes  also feels like ten years. So directly or indirectly your academic performance is affected.

3. Socializing Stops

Socializing Stops.

                         At one time friends were our world without them spending day was difficult. Hanging out with friends sharing pizza, eating road side chats,pani puri was a heavenly pleasure but now who has time for it?? we end up spending time with our love at café lounge or enjoying a dinner. In becoming close with one person we tend to become strangers to many friends who were once our own.

2. Family


Many don’t agree that they avoid family also when they get into relationship but its true. Daughters are like Princess to their dad and to Family but if we observe closely a girl who once hesitated to enter kitchen but enters one day specially to prepare a dish which her boyfriend loves. As they say A way to man’s heart goes from his stomach but there is a family beside all person. Wondered how it would be when a daughter prepares something for her dad or family that moment is priceless. Even some people have time to be on call with their love but no time to your parents forgetting the fact that without them you would never exist in this world.

1. Negligence builds upon ourselves

Negligence builds upon ourselves.

The first and foremost thing is LOVE yourself first but how many people do it in today’s world. They get involved with the other person so much that they avoid themselves and forget who they are and what they were earlier. All should remember that  the other person should accept you how your are but not how they want. All have their own life their own priorities in life but it should not be effected. Have fun, enjoy your life which god has given you. Life is too short to play with it neglecting yourself. Being in Love only should not be your life but instead loving your life also should be your agenda. As I say Time waits for none in these world so make your time most of it because later you will be left only with regretting option.

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  1. Sathya Guru

    January 7, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Nice article with great truth that leads to cracks as days roll on. You explained some shabby parts that many people has done and doing. My best wishes for you to do many articles like this.

  2. Mohit

    January 8, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    I second each of your argument . Truth and experience is clearly palpable in the writing of the author . No matter how much open minded and forward thinker we might sound during a social conversation but there is some degree Of possessiveness from either or both of the partners in a relationship. Which to a mild extent is good but there is also always a risk of turning of this habit in obsessiveness. Another point is that if you are in a relationship there is a high possibility that you will end up making some promise to your partner and much higher possibility that you will end breaking that promise . Also it is impossible to be completely truthful to your partner . Sometime you lie just to avoid friction in your relationship. Being in love is like being in a war with yourself . Again a nice blog .

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