Top 10 Reasons you should Exercise Daily

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Today, we live in a world where we prefer using a lift over stairs; we pay for public transport then walking for a mile. And why should not we, with time nowadays synonymous to money, and why should we waste it. This is further aided by our increasing desire and appreciation for face value rather body fitness. All this has now resulted in rather decline of our daily calorie burning activities, and our desire to stay healthy. We have now stopped paying attention to what our body needs for short term materialistic goals. This has resulted in many heinous never-heard-before diseases, and various lifestyle problems.

Amid st all this, some people do find some time to care and nurture our prized possession i.e. our own body. They achieve this feat by just a simple humanly-possible activity called “Exercise” and what they gain from it, is rather laudable. Exercising daily is the habit we are talking about. Reasons to exercise daily are hard to describe in words. It is rather a magical journey one can only experience aftermath. Some of the reasons are:

10.Burning some ‘Extras’ of us:

Overweight teenager

The first and the foremost reason why one starts to Exercise is burning that little (rather not so little) extra body fat of which we all are pretty ashamed of. And exercise is that magical wand that helps in doing so. No matter what type of exercise you choose to do, you’ll burn down calories. Even an hour of brisk walking burns almost 300 calories. Exercise helps us to be fit and fine.After all the hard work you will definitely fit into the favorite jean or Ts you are longing to fit into. This would be the happiest moment of the day after forging into the perfect attire.



Sleeping less? Want some suggestions to increase the sleep time, look no further because exercise is the thing you need. More often than not one of the important reasons for lack of sleep is the lack of physical activity. This peril world has left behind sleeplessness and broken dreams which we are bound to encounter once in a while. People who struggle from sleep ailments or often feel tired may find some relief in daily exercise, and since physical activity deepens sleep and helps you relax enough to fall asleep in the first place. So for the ones, who are searching for some extra needed sleep Exercise regularly.

8.An exercise a day keeps the doctor away:


It is seen that those who work-out regularly or do any physical activities are less prone to diseases. It is clinically proven that regular exercise cuts the risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic health conditions. These days little tots are in danger of acquiring diseases like low blood pressure and diabetes. So for you if staying healthier and being disease free is the priority then exercise is your thing.

7.The appearance is what matters:


Appearances are deceptive. But this proverb doesn’t hold true in this world where beauty matters more and brains are left in the dustbin. For those who find more solace in appearance and face value, Exercise has something for you too. Not only can exercise help you feel better, but it will help you look bold and beautiful as well. Along with eating a healthy diet and utilizing effective stress management, you can be at your best by being toned and defined. Exercising regularly can bring back your lost facial glow and make you look fresh and lively.

6.Stress management:


Today, with every decision we take we make or mar our own life goals, stress is bound to creep deep inside our system.Stress is the one thing that has no ends. But it can be diminished to some extent by a simple subtle exercise. It results in declining mental health which works in compliance with declining physical health. Recent research has shown exercise to be a stress buster. There are many reasons to explain why. One includes the fact that exercise increases the hormone epinephrine, another name for adrenaline. This hormone is responsible for an increase in blood flow, which carries more oxygen to the brain, thus making you more alert. Being alert makes our decisions more impromptu and sharp, which aides us in stress management.

5.Speedy recovery from injury or surgery:

injury recovery

Had an accident? Still recovering from surgery? Worry not Exercise is here to rescue. It is a proven fact that by exercising daily and living a healthy lifestyle, your body can better repair itself from damage done by injury or surgery. It is generally advisable to work out and perform some mild exercises post any surgical treatment. So exercise daily and have a faster recovery and jump off to your work place very soon.

4.Live a Longer Life:

long life

It may not be the fountain of youth, but exercise is scientifically proven to help you live longer. With increasing stress and day to day lifestyle there is a decrease in overall years an individual lives. But if you spend a little time of your day into some exercise or physical workout you end up living more years than an average individual. So exercise everyday and cherish your extra years in aplomb.

3.Exercise paves the way towards a happier life:

Enjoying the sun

Who does not wants to lead a happy life? The answer would not be in affirmation. We all work day and night just to lead a happy and peaceful life. So one of the cause of happy life might be a mere exercise. With increasing longevity it is seen that exercising regularly makes you more satisfied and even happier. Working out stimulates brain chemicals that induce relaxation and happiness. Exercising makes you stress free, energetic which aids to ones happiness and satisfaction. To be happy you should happily exercise.

2.Feel more energized:


Ever wondered why after some physically challenging activity, rather than feeling tired we feel more energized. This is due to the fact that the blood vessels that go to your muscles dilate, causing an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the working muscles. This, along with a temporary increase in your metabolic rate, causes you to feel more energized. This day to day hectic schedule leaves us with no choice but to feel lethargic and bump onto our cozy bed and the zeal to live life at its best dies out. We can say that our body muscles are used to the optimum level and our body gets charged up after an exercise. Hence working out in the morning will energize you for the whole day.

1.Taking a break:

Relaxing on the Beach

Ever thought of taking a break from the ‘eventful’, energy-oozing daily schedule and doing something for just the sake of fun? How about running a mile early morning, how about a jog at your favorite park at the evening? How about aerobics? They can be fun too. Exercise can be a fun form of recreation. These forms of exercises can help you shed some of your stress and give some time to relax, that too with some incentives of own. From yoga, to the morning jog, all can bring some fun and joy which will last till the day ends and may keep you bring a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

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