Top 10 Reasons why Yoga is Better than going to the Gym

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Yoga is one of the many gems of the ancient wisdom of Indian sun continent passed down from many years of research and methodological experiments done by the ancient. It’s considered one of India’s greatest contribution and gift to the world. The plus points of practicing yoga are many and known. But caught in the jargon of our busy lives people make their own loopholes in their workout regime and decide to join gyms and do lifts because “they don’t have time.” But Yoga isn’t merely physical exercise or a means of achieving physical fitness. It goes beyond that as it helps you connect to your own body and venture into realms that you can’t imagine. It’s about rhythm and coordination of Mind and Body- an excellent way to relieve all the stress built up in our busy lives. But as it is with everything we can not take one thing in isolation and completely ignore the other features of maintaining health- a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle need to accompany whatever mode of exercise you decide to take up. But here’s a comparative list of Top 10 reasons why Yoga is better than going to gym and how “I don’t have time” is an excuse to be refrained from if we want to better our lives.

10. Breath

Breathing is an essential part of our system and a lot of other systems in our body depend on it. Mostly we are completely unaware of our breathing (cause well no one ever teaches you how to breath, right?) or of the difference that breathing make in our lives. Gym classes and cardio exercises have no consideration for breathing beyond the structure of the exercise while Yoga helps you really discover your breathing pattern and thus develop your breathing in a way that is most apt for your body. Yoga practitioners have claimed to have cured posture related pains and recovery in various other ailments just by controlling the breathing.

9. Connect with your body

Yoga helps in developing an understanding of your own body. It helps in making a mindscape of various functions of different parts of our body and makes one more aware of the holistic and inclusive health that’s needed to sustain a system. In Gyms the atmosphere is of following without thinking, we find people listening to music or chatting away as they do lifts or cardio or run miles. Yoga on the other hand becomes a very personal exercise where you are constantly aware of your body movements and as mentioned breathing as well this helps in developing what is called kinesthetic awareness.

8. You can do it anywhere

One of the best parts about Yoga is you don’t need a specific set up or any machinery. All you need is your body and a place and you are set to go. It can be on a hilltop or on a beach, you can lay down your mat and practice Yoga anywhere and anytime you want once you are introduced to the postures and exercises involved. On the other hand Gyms are very restrictive in Time and space contexts. So, at the end of the day Yoga does save time which is very precious to our busy lives.

7. Balance

Yoga teaches a certain balance in life and within your body as well. It’s well known that Yoga provides a sort of stability to the body and Mind but at the same time if you contrast this to the working of a Gym you will realize that Yoga is much more person-friendly. It gives you space and as you develop your physical fitness you are also not leaving the growth of your inner space your inner core behind.

6. It’s better for your memory!

Neha Gothe is the professor of kinesiology at Wayne University at Detroit. She at multiple times has said that the true potentials of Yoga have not been explored and researched properly however it was seen that people who practiced yoga were better able to focus on the tasks at hand following a Yoga session than people who were doing the aerobics or Gym for the same duration of time. It’s said that the isomeric contraction and relaxation of the body muscles results in people developing more focus during and after their Yoga sessions.

5. Stress buster

A major portion of Yogic sessions also involve some or other form of meditation exercises. The entire cycles of rhythmic contraction and relaxation of body muscles results in a very calming and soothing effect on the body and when coupled with the benefits of meditation can act as stress busters in life. And since you can do Yoga anywhere and anytime you want it saves a lot of time over the hassle of going to the Gym. Thus, saving you from all the unnecessary stress and worries. The philosophy behind Yoga leads to slowing down and accepting and letting go- things which go a long way in life.

4. Flexibility and mobility

Yoga is a very fun way to increase your body flexibility and mobility. Gym work outs are mostly lift centered and often do not focus on increasing body flexibility even though flexibility is very essential and a key factor to a good posture and general body well being. Yoga, without putting any huge stresses on the body is able to push limits little by little and increase flexibility gradually and in a very organized manner.

3. Peace and Happiness

Yoga as mentioned before is not only centered around the physical wellbeing but rather around holistic growth of the body. The meditation and rhythm exercises are very vital in the functioning of the nervous system. Some studies suggest that we even produce the feel good hormones, the same ones which are produced when we laugh or are happy. Moreover pursuing Yoga as a group activity makes for very interesting sessions. Some introductory Yoga classes even have discussions over the various aspects of achieving mental and bodily peace.

2. Its non-competitive

Joining a Gym is a competitive venture from the start. Either we are competing against ourselves. Working out for a specific goal- losing weight, gaining shape or toning the muscles. We are constantly comparing our physical growth to those around us or to ourselves at a previous point in time thus making the entire exercise a lost cause in terms of achieving a stable lifestyle or maintaining a peaceful aura. Yoga on the other side is entirely non-competitive in nature. People aren’t obsessed with losing weight or competing with others for the same but are rather involved in the activity which makes it fun and light.

1. Variety

Yoga is a very versatile practice  in terms of postures and exercises. There’s always something new that you can do since it’s not just about the physical workout. On the other hand Gym routines usually tend to become very monotonous which leads to complete abandoning of the activity by some since it becomes quite boring. That’s one thing you will never be with Yoga- bored. There’s always more to explore, more to learn and more to do. Yoga also pushes you to look into more important things like your diet and your lifestyle, it also makes the daily routines much more refined.

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