Top 10 Reasons why Theatre is More Appealing than Movies

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Stage and Screen have long been astounding the audiences. Depicting something similar but manifesting it in their unique ways is what makes the two streams totally different. There persists a constant debate among the fans and the critics as to which is better over the other. Though movies are gaining popularity with their technological advancements and graphical effects, theater clings to its traditional essence and is yet able to mesmerize the audience in a splendor way. What is it that keeps this art form alive and still appeals to the people in large number? The list below associates 10 good reasons with it.

10. HIGHLY Unpredictable!


With movies, one can predict the story-line from the trailers, the title and the posters. Many movies turn out to be revolving over the same story-line and even resort to various unnecessary ways to get an uplift at the box office. This includes crass humor, an item song, some romantic scenes, terrible fight with the goons where the hero takes up all of them single-handed and Boom!! The movie lands with a bang at the box office! Theaters on the other hand don’t make much hype beforehand. This makes them highly unpredictable and the audience inquisitive. There are always surprises waiting for the spectators. you can never predict the plot in the play beforehand.

9. Masters of Art

master of art

With the camera rolling, in front of the actors, zooming in and out wherever and whenever required, they don’t require to put in their obvious acting skills to the best. The focus could be solely made to the face expressions or just the body movements from a distance, lifting off a certain restriction of giving a flamboyant performance. Theater actors, on the other hand, have to relentlessly display their expressions and body language to make a scene come alive on stage. They obviously cannot rely on any camera tricks for the same. They have this impressive ability to express themselves onstage keeping intact the whole audience, who is given no option but to watch them keenly and thoroughly. The theater actors need to establish a connection with the audience adjusting with respect to the mood of the audience. This art is not required by the movie actors who shoot for a scene one at a time, with no rush to give their best in one go. Neither they have to impress the audience there and then. This brings a stark difference between the artists of two arenas.

8. Consistency


Movies are actually clubbed scenes, shot in different moments at breathtakingly beautiful places, which make them fascinating to the audience. Theater on the other hand, is restricted to a stage and needs to display their act constantly, one after the other. There are no breaks, no make-up artists  jumping in between shots, no rest, no lights-camera-action thing. Once the play starts it maintains its consistency, which is a big challenge for the artists. They make up to this challenge with their exuberant performances and exaggerated expressions to captivate the viewers and affix them to their seats.

7. Imperfections Accepted


You need not have a size zero figure or a body full of six, may be eight-abs to get into a Theater. The Silver Screen requires you to be in perfect shape and appealingly fit to grab the attention of people. Showing off girls in skinny clothes and short skirts and guys taking out shirts and displaying their masculinity, are mere ways to grab attention, mastered by the screen. On the other hand theater warmly welcomes old, young, over-weight, under-weight or whosoever has got the talent of acting burning within him.

6.  Adheres to the Originality

adheres to originality (2)

There are times when books are taken to the screen and put to life in the form of movie. While in the making, many details, in context to the books are either missed or omitted. Whereas the theater respects the author’s work and strictly adheres to the minutest details. The play holds the individual’s work as a sacrosanct, not altering it and presenting it with originality.

5.  Connection with the Audience

connection with the audience

Theater is known to create an atmosphere controlled by the talented actors. These experts come to know the mood of the audience, and accordingly increase and decrease their volumes and exaggerations to get the attention of the crowd. They can feel the aroma of the silence in the theater and get to know that the people are keenly paying attention to them to them. This is not in case of the movies as screen doesn’t give that live opportunity to its actors. Rather they remain on a safer side this way.

4. NO Crap to grab

no crap to grab

Movies sometimes just have to offer junk as to make the film more appealing to the audience, catering to unnecessary special effects and other gimmicks. This part is impossible in a play because the audience sits right in front, acknowledging your each and every act and move. What is fed to the spectator is the raw feed of emotions and expressions. Theater always has to offer originality and cannot lure public by any means. There only the act speaks and not the aesthetics.

3. Theater delivers Excellence

morgan freeman

It is seen that theater always delivered fine actors to the cinema. Those artists who have shifted from the curtains to the screen have been successfully able to establish themselves in the movie world. This notion comes not from real life examples of some famous people like Morgan Freeman, Daniel Craig, Glenn Close, and Julie Andrews, to name a few. They have successfully established themselves as fine performers on both stage and screen.

2.  Cheap and Effective

cheap and effective

Theaters may be considered as surpassed and old-fashioned by some while others think movies are just do show-buzz to attract the crowd. Everyone have their own opinion, but there is one point where theater surely takes over movies. Today if you seek to make a film, your pockets should be overflowing with money, contrary to that stage asks for nothing much, but talent in abundance. Theater connects intensely to audience, with each performance unique and impossible to replicate unlike films. What greatly differentiates stage from the screen is the manner in which it influences its artists and the audience.

1. Its Alive!!

its alive!!

What could be more than everything coming to life in front of you? The mere two-dimensional screen ready to fascinate you as it comes alive with the curtains drawing in slowly. Imagine the actors spell bounding you making the atmosphere come to life where you can feel the whole scenario and the story line taking shape in front of you.

Theater and Films, both are a source of entertainment and knowledge for their audiences. They expertise in their own way, confining the people to their seats for those 2 to 3 hours, leaving them mesmerized with the magic they create which drives people back yet again. Theater being lively, establishes a connection between the performer and the audience. The relentless performances of the actors is what draws the crowd to a theater. Unlike movies they are not spread across the cinema halls throughout the town, neither do they publicize or create much hype yet many are drawn towards theater out of curiosity and to witness the atmosphere created in a theater that makes one wonder in amazement.

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