Top 10 Reasons why Smartphones have become a Necessity

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Phone which includes functions similar to those found on personal computers (PC) are known as “Smartphones”. Smartphones provide a one-stop solution for information management, mobile calls, email sending, and Internet access. These are compact in size and often only slightly bigger than standard mobile telephones aka cellphones. They aren’t cheap if you decide to pay them cash but if you think about how much a smartphone can give you, you begin to realize that their cost is well justified. They can give you so much more, whether you are a business person, an entrepreneur, a student or just a common man. Another great aspect of smartphone is that once you are done with them you can still sell them for money thanks to online trading platforms.
Smartphones were initially used mostly by businessmen, as they were very high in price. Thanks to advancements in technology, modern smartphones are smaller and cheaper than earlier devices. So now a days even common users can afford smartphones. Users also have a much wider range of smartphones to choose from than before. Now many manufacturers like Apple, HTC, blackberry, Xolo, Micromax and Samsung offer a wide variety of smartphone options as well. This increase in smartphone availability has led to a vital smartphone necessity among many users.
Smartphones have many utilities that makes the device vary useful in many ways for the user. The smartphone’s software manages phone calls, install software, runs applications, and provides configuration options for the user. Most smartphones include a USB connection, which allows users to sync data with their computers and update their smartphone software that makes smartphones work more efficiently. I mean imagine you can carry your portable almost PC device wherever you go, you can do your do the same activities that you do in a PC on the go very easily. So, why not a smartphone than a cellphone?
I have came across many vital points that make Smartphone a necessity. But, following are best of them:



As our mobile habits change, have our phones become some sort of social status symbol? We make everything about being better or cooler than each other. We make subconscious status judgements of each other based upon the things we own or like. We use our mobile devices for everything, why not for this? Now a days smartphones also stand to reason that given the time they spend outside of our pockets, they’re as much of a symbol as a designer jewellery, a branded hand bag , an in-style hair cut, or pair of popular jeans.
As we make the same status and class judgements about our phones; The world has been neatly bisected into hierarchical social categories of those with cool smartphones and those without. We are now socially appraised by the merit of our cellphones, made to feel better or worse about ourselves by our peers based on a device. But, by all this smartphones accomplish one thing for sure i.e. bringing us together.


Operating System

The most important software in any smartphone is its operating system (OS). An operating system manages the hardware and software resources of smartphones. Some OS platforms cover the entire range of the software stack. As technology is evolving, the more advanced are being introduced in OS market. There are some ace OS of smartphones available in market like ANDROID, iPHONE OS (iOS), BLACKBERRY, BADA, WINDOWS, SYMBIAN. Among them ANDROID and iOS combine for 91.1% of the worldwide smartphone OS market. These to facilitates many advanced application to run in smartphones, by which almost all kind of work can be done. That’s why OS is one of the reasons that makes smartphone a necessary device.



Today sending Emails is important in every sectors. In the very first days of technology Email needed a computer system, a wired internet connection and a bunch tiring procedure to be operated. but, thanks to smartphone email can be sent from any place to desired address in few seconds. Today there’s no need to hurry back to your home or cancel your daily schedule just to send an important Email. You have a smartphone and the work is done, like in a moment. So, it surely saves time.


Web Surfing

Internet browsing is one of the key features of a smartphone. Whether you need to keep up with breaking news in your industry, or you want to see how your investments or doing, the smartphone lets you surf the Web in the palm of your hand. You can compare features or research better prices while out shopping, book travel arrangements, or look up whether to go for severe controlled diet or a balanced diet with workout. In short by this you can surf in web to your heart’s content.



All cell phones can send and receive text messages, but what sets a smartphone apart is its handling of your personal message, social account message. Even some smartphones access to the popular instant messaging services, like AOL’s AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Hangout, Line and hike etc that to in any language you want.
Another feature of smartphone is virtual keypads. With these phones no painful typing with keypad buttons, just touch the letters on the screen and your typing is done. You also can change your keypad preference like “QWERTY Keypad” or “Candy-Bar Keypad”. The Whole idea is to make your texting experience happy and easy.


Capturing precious moments

A smartphone comes with a camera that works as both camera and video camera. In the past, you had to buy three products that are now comprised in a smartphone: a digital camera, a camcorder and cell phone. Taking pictures and recording videos has never been simpler. So, you can capture every moment that matter in your phone with a single touch. Even more than that, you can upload your content in a matter of seconds and your friends can see what you are doing live, thanks to video streaming capabilities.


Media Playing

The true all-in-one multimedia magic device is the smartphone. And all that entertainment can be carried with you wherever you go. Say goodbye to boredom while waiting in lines, sitting a train sit for a couple of hours or simply staying at home doing nothing, all of these moments can be filled with excitement and joy with the help of a smartphone. And thanks to enormous storage capability you can store almost unlimited songs and videos in your phone. It’s like carrying the world of entertainment in your pocket.


The smartphone is the ultimate organizing tool. With the help of applications, you can become more time efficient and more organized. You have plenty of choices when it comes to alarms, memos, calendars and may other types of organizers and business apps. No more making excuses for forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and important days. It’s like having your own personal assistant who works for you 24×7 for free of cost.


Say bye bye to “Getting Lost” with smartphone in your hand. The GPS functionality is one of the features what makes the smartphone a very useful tool. By adding Google Maps to the mix, you have the ultimate navigational kit which no other device can provide. The navigational apps are so powerful that it clears all the stress associated with finding your way in a city or in a less populated place for that matter. Some applications helps you find bookstores, restaurants and shopping destination in a complete new city. Whether you’re driving in your car or hoofing it, your smartphone can help you get from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. Maps with turn-by-turn directions are one of the most valuable and time saving application.

1. Applications:


“Applications” or “Apps” are developed to make our lives easier in many ways. Every application’s soul purpose is to solve a particular problem and to meet the demand of the customer. There are almost 300,000 app out there that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Some of them are free while others are paid. almost all cell phones include some sort of apps. whether it’s a game, a directional device, a theme or an photo editor.
Add all these apps and there you have it, the ultimate device of all time “THE SMARTPHONE!!!!”

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