Top 10 Reasons Why Reading is Sexy

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Reading has not exactly got a good reputation as being sexy or an aphrodisiac, with a lot of people thinking it is kooky, “old-fashioned” and a heap of rubbish. That is the popular opinion but of course, those of us who read or are just discovering the pleasures of reading and delving into books would love to disagree. And why not? After all, we are the ones who know how attractive reading can actually be, whether it is a man or a woman or you identify yourself as both or none. So, let us explore the top ten reasons why reading can be considered as sexy –

10. Intelligence is attractive


Everyone will agree, I am sure, that no matter how much popular culture – reality shows, films, soap operas – tries to tell us that the most important aspect to look for in a prospective boyfriend or a girlfriend is his or her physical features, it is actually intelligence that most people look for while searching for a future partner because we all want someone who can keep up with us, know our inside jokes and also challenge us. We want someone who knows what we are talking about, and who can understand us and what we like and why we like the things we do. It is incredibly attractive and sexy when we find all of these qualities in a partner and that is why reading can be very sexy.

9. Knowing a person


We all have different criterion for a person we would like to date in a steady way, don’t we? Of course, we do. Most humans have some or the other kind of categories they want a future partner to have, or at the very least, we want them to have certain traits which would increase our chances of actually being with them in the long run. The best way to really know a person is obviously by his taste in books and knowing what he likes to read. His reading list could hint at a host of things we didn’t know about him and which we might like, so that definitely is another reason why reading is sexy.

8. Passionate


Reading is also an excellent way in which we can infer the amount of passion a person has for life, in general, but also other more specific things which we can find out from his reading list (again). An individual’s book collection might turn up the most unexpected things about a person – things we never even expected. For example, it may be that the guy or the girl loves reading books about different languages or may be he or she is really interested in art. Whatever the interest or even interests, we can be sure to judge broadly the passion a person has and for what, and that is incredibly sexy as well.

7. Inspiring


In today’s day and age, most of us are sorely in need of inspiration and more and more people find that there is nothing really worth living for. In such a case, a person who reads can often help in little ways, whether it is by suggesting a book they know we might like, or maybe even reading some especially inspiring and relevant parts of a book or quite simply, they could inspire us in the same way we get inspired when we see a person doing something praise-worthy, for example running a marathon, the difference in this case being that they are finishing or have finished an especially huge book which inspires us to achieve as well – which is sexy.

6. Improvement


I bet almost all of us have experienced this one time or the other – how a person makes us actually want to improve when they are doing something that is making them improve themselves as well. I mean, haven’t we all thought about it? I am sure we have. “Hey, he/she is doing this! I can too!” or “They are overcoming this! I can too!”. Now, you know what I am talking about. And most of the time, seeing someone read, improve themselves and actually have fun doing it is often enough to make us want to improve too, and that is one of the many reasons why reading is so sexy.

5. Confidence


It has often been noticed (by not just me, but a lot of other people as well) about the fact that the people who read and have lists of books to read, who know what they like, and what they don’t like but most importantly, who are happy and love that are the ones who are the most confident. They don’t have long periods of self doubt and they rarely put themselves down and worry constantly over their perceived flaws and that elusive quality – confidence – is a trait which is amazing and totally sexy at the same time, which makes reading – the way a person becomes this confident and content in themselves and their tastes and likes and dislikes sexy as well.

4. Freedom


Ask all book lovers what their favorite thing about reading a book is, it will most probably be about how a person can forget himself or herself and get totally engrossed in the book and a new, different world. Most books allow you to be whoever you want, anywhere you want! That sort of freedom is exhilarating and intoxicating. No wonder so many people are almost addicted to reading books. But, most importantly, it is the freedom to lose ourselves and take up and explore different personas which is one of the reasons why reading can be termed so sexy.

3. Knowledge


This is not really a big secret. Books, as everyone knows, is one of the ways that we can improve our knowledge of the world and its various aspects as well as about many things which are “out of the world” as well. To put it simply, reading books (or even e books, or audio books) increases our storehouse of knowledge and lets us know about a lot of things of which we would have been totally, or to a large extent, ignorant about. And it is common knowledge that ignorance is so not sexy, whereas knowledge, its polar opposite, is totally sexy which in turn, makes reading totally sexy.

2. Empathy


Empathy is often described as the capacity to be able to experience the feelings and emotions of other sentient beings, whether fictional or non fictional, which is the basic building block or other virtues, such as sympathy and compassion. So, we can all agree that empathy is indeed very important. Now, reading books and consequently, the narratives of others often induces in us a feeling of understanding and compassion which results in empathy. And, I am sure we can all agree that being mean is a complete turn off, and being an understanding human being is sexy which is why we can conclude that reading is also pretty sexy.

1. Charming


And, of course, how can we forget about the number one reason why reading is said to be so sexy – charm. Reading books allows us to have a certain bit of charm and poise and grace with which we can carry ourselves. It often helps readers in being pleasant and attractive, which is very sexy, since unpleasantness is hardly attractive. A likeable and pleasant personality is a pleasure to be with, and is one of the main reasons why reading is said to be sexy.

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  1. Truth & Justice

    June 7, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Thank you so much for this post, I totally agree with the issues you raised. How can one be ‘confident’ enough to be ‘attractive’ and ‘charming’ without being a reader?? Yes, reading makes one free and confident with charming personalities! Keep reading!

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