Top 10 Reasons why People get Lonely at times

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Loneliness is a state of mind where a person despite being surrounded by a group of people feels all alone. That means it is not necessary that a person sitting idle is said to be lonely but a person who has lost hope or is full of negativity is described as a lonely person. ‘Not feeling good and don’t know why’ is the most commonly heard and spoken statement and the answer to this is nothing else than the loneliness of heart. Sometimes people don’t even notice what hurt them but in their sub conscious mind that reason pricks them and as a result they feel lonely. Some of the common reasons which make people lonely at times are described as follows.

10. Too much engrossed in following dreams


Sometimes people get so engaged in following their dreams that they start feeling lonely. So engrossed in pursuing their dreams, that they create an envelope of emptiness around them and this very emptiness starts killing them. In the race of achieving their destination, they create hollowness around themselves and as a result they start feeling lonely. It is good to fulfill your dreams but sometimes this may render you into loneliness.

9. Over expectations


This is a very common and gradual means to invite loneliness. Expecting one or the other thing from others is inbuilt in humans and sometimes this expectation turns into over expectation. This exceeds one’s capability to fulfill it and as a result people end up in hurting themselves. This hurt feeling then pushes them into the pit of loneliness. When you are hurt, you don’t need anyone near you or even if people are present to console you, they appear to be mocking at you. Therefore, loneliness becomes the end result of over expectations.

8. Are you an introvert?


Being an introvert has become a major problem these days. In this modern world, where people find ways for exposure, being an introvert becomes a negative aspect of one’s personality. And due to this reason they lag behind in the society which becomes a reason for their sadness at times. Hesitation in putting forward one’s views resulting in loss of opportunities leaves the person dejected and lonely. Dejection arising from being introvert is inexpressible and therefore the person feels very lonely. Lack of communication skills and a fear to interact with the society renders the person into loneliness.

7. Depression and Negativity

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Depression is also among the leading problems in today’s world. Now days, people are so busy in their lives and busy schedules that they create a lot of negative environment around them. Work pressure and entanglement in daily life problems pushes a person into a very depressing and gloomy mood. As a result of this the person starts feeling lonely. Because of this depressing and negative atmosphere the person cuts off from the outer world or even the closed ones. And hence, loneliness is the end result at times when the problem reaches to the highest level.

6. Underestimating own self

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People unaware of their own concealed abilities, always appear in low spirits as they consistently underestimate themselves. Because of this under estimation they start losing confidence to interact with other people. Considering themselves of lower level they appear to be lonely at many times. Sometimes even if others praise them or try to encourage them recognizing their ability, yet they prefer to be at loneliness as they lose confidence in their own selves. And this is the reason they do not believe in others as well who in turn leave them.

5. Betrayal by friends

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Friends are the best companions, a person finds in his whole lifetime. People rely on their friends the most for emotional support as they are the ones’ who understand them better than anyone else. But when this very support back stabs the person, it hurts the most. Loss of a friend due to betrayal could not be filled by any other person. A person feels very lonely in this case. And especially when the old memories haunt loneliness is felt utmost. Everyone is well acquainted with the fact how much importance friends keep in a person’s life. They are just like lifelines and when it is taken away, loneliness becomes very obvious.

4. Communication gap within family members

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Because of the widespread modernism everywhere, people have become so busy in their own personal lives that they forget their families. Social life is dominating people’s private life. Despite sharing the same roof, people don’t even know about other’s life. As a result, at times of leisure from their routine people start feeling lonely. This is because; no one likes to take interest in the problems of anyone. It is a well-established fact that family is the foundation of one’s life. The support a person can get from family members is nowhere less to solve any difficulty. And due to today’s lifestyle people have lost this asset of their lives and as a result they feel lonely at one or the other instance in the journey of their lives.

3. Breakups

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End of a relationship is always hurting. Emotional attachment to a person when breaks, creates a wound deep inside heart. When a people get into a relationship they develop a trust over the other person and when the relation ends, this trust is also shaken. Because of this, the people fear to create any new relation and as a result remain lonely. The emptiness in heart developed by broken relation makes people feel lonely. They start losing faith on everyone as because of the breakup they become biased minded and the prejudice of getting back stabbed again cuts them off the society. Therefore, people prefer living away from society and this becomes the reason of their loneliness. Unexpected breakups create more loneliness in a person’s life than the expected ones. But in both the cases, feeling of loneliness is very obvious.

2. Pride

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Pride in a person comes when being at a higher position or status in society; he looks down upon the people at a lower level than him. In this case, the person instead of creating a good profile in others’ eyes loses their respect. And as a result of this, people gradually stop interacting with the person. One because of being made feel inferior and secondly for their own self-respect, they start avoiding that particular person. And therefore, finding no one around him because of his very hubris the person feels very lonely at times when he needs emotional and moral support. It is very truly said that money cannot buy happiness. Despite having a tremendous amount of wealth, a person could be rendered into loneliness.

1. Death of a closed one

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Death is the sole truth of life. One, who comes, has to go one day. But people get so much attached to each other that this fact is neglected by them. And therefore, death of a closed one be it friend or relative; it becomes hard to accept. The cherishing memories spent with the person remains eternal with the person left behind him. And these memories make him realize the loneliness and emptiness of his life. The absence of the lost person from life makes people lonely at times.

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  1. misery blvd

    May 27, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    lonliness is killin me.. I am an introvert who all my past friends betrayed me, I’ve been hurt so much in my past, lack of communication in the very tiny family I have and my boyfriend puts me down an makes it so hard… I’m so alone.. I have nobody anymore I just sit in my room smoke weed and cry..

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