Top 10 Reasons Why People are Obsessed with Apple Products

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Google the word Apple and the words like love and hate jumps out on the screen. Popularity is measured by the gossip churning at your name, high schools have taught us that! Love it hate it but can’t ignore it, Apple has marked its corner in your mind. What is it about one company the produces tech gadgets that can make you swoon and drool and go green with envy or climb the 9th cloud of joy. There has to be something at the center of this universe that makes it spin. Not only does Apple  grab eyeballs but  it makes  pets out of people  despite the preposterous prize tags and not so friendly data transfer ( remember awesome camera+superb pics-Bluetooth= apple!). The equation doesn’t add up. So come along on the quest to find out what is it that attracts people to Apple, why they fall for this product and why they remain loyal to it !

10. Its all about ‘i’ factor

Its all about  factor

From all the  apples riddled into history, from Einstein to Snow white, the impression of the bitten apple on back of a gadget is far more enchanting. How many times have we started at that tiny little symbol that makes us feel a 100 feet tall! It is all about the i ! So the reason why people obsess with apple is because it defines a whole new dimension of life shifting image in a blink of an eye. It is about an individual with a stated class, style and panache. It is uncommon among the commons and that makes it different. The world knows apple and when you have apple you are elevated to a separate section of the world where you are recognized. So it is all about the highest of the Maslows theory of needs, i.e. Self Actualization. After physiological, social  belonging, esteem needs, the top need is to own that thing which makes you feel like a King. For this, one can never go wrong with Apple.

9. Siri and stuff

Siri and stuff

On 4th October Seri was introduced to the world. The Norwegian name meaning beautiful woman who leads you to victory has indeed become one officially acknowledged threat to the Google giants. This is the intelligent Personal assistant that uses real human language for interactions and overtime adapts to the user and become a personal companion. This one fills that particularly nagging hole on a lonely day and is an excellent feature of company. This is particularly loved feature and symbolizes the level of innovation apple has achieved. The world looks at Apple expecting something Awesome and Apple delivers!

8. Love or hate, its still obsession

Love or hate, its still obsession

People hate Apple. People Love Apple. People talk about it. It is huge and too huge for that matter. The world has put it in spotlight and the thing that shines is always loved, Gold remember ? So the reason world obsesses over this brand is because it has consolidated its image as the uber cool brand. It develops and is in the media always. Be it court date with Samsung on patent wars or the release Dates, the world takes notice and when the world notices, you cant help but take a peak.

7. Early Adopter label

Early Adopter Label

The world is evolving, evolve with it and you will inherit the Earth, remain evolved and you will belong to the Earth that no longer exists. simply put, if you do not change you will miss out. This principle pushes people into being the Early adopters: the ones who accepts the change, the mew updated technology, the new way of life and everything that is one step ahead of the world. With Apple, you gain this tittle, easy-peasy. What better way to evolve than with the company that changes the definition of technology with every new product.

6. Inspires confidence

inspires confidence

With buying gadgets, we trust the brand whose history promises us the best possible service. The gadget has to be swift, efficient and not break down and cause havoc in our life. This means people will trade for smooth operation at higher prices and this all comes down to image. When Steve Jobs calls a product Revolutionary, we do not question it. we take it as the Prophecy and believe it. It inspires confidence and this makes Apple the finest buy.

5. ‘1984’ and ‘Think Different’ commercials

1984 and Think Different commercials.

This is one of the major factor which influences the obsession of the world with Apple. It was in 1983 that the advertisement was released. It showed how the world would look without Apple. This was one of the most influential stroke of genius. 20 years later in 2004 this add was rerun and the world was enchanted all over again. This captured a significant  consumer base which till date remain loyal. The idea of belonging to something different took seed and now has become finely rooted in human psyche.

4. The ‘it’ factor

The it factor

One of the most difficult decision in buying a gadget is zeroing on the brand. Here the regular awesomeness of the operating system and the smooth flow of the screen, the mean music output are all really the points of parity ie, they are expected in every product that makes the final list. This is the point where the rational train leaves making way for pure impulse. Apple has an upper hand in this decision, people obsess over it because they cant define what is it that drives them towards that Apple Store. This is the elusive ‘it’ factor. Apple has its Mojo in place and the world is under its spell.

3. Cults and groups and communities

Cults and groups and Communitie

This is not a far fetched tale about people forming groups, supporting Apple and maybe taking a vow to forever stick to this and this company alone. This is a true brotherhood formed waiting in the endless line outside the Apple store. The 11 days trial waits see people bond. The Apple website has communities that will link you to nearest group of apple users. The website directs you to a whole new virtual world where you meet and interact with fellow enthusiasts. This is what makes it soo much more than just a multinational Corporation. It is the way of life. How many people will be willing to ink Nokia on their arms now , right!

2. Not product but the brand

Not the product but the brand

Its not a phone, its iPhone. Its not a music player its iPod. This is not about the product. it is more about the brand. The person may not fall in love with iPhone 5S, he/she fell for the iPhone. The world measures the value in terms of brands and when it comes to brand, Apple has a serious level of Sophistication which by far remains untouchable. Even with tough competition from every possible direction, Apple has the Brand Value.

1. Costumer service

Costumer service

One thing that is accepted worldwide is that the Apple Service is the best one in the world. The costumer service is fantastic and this is what makes the world spin on Apple’s tunes. The employee at the stores bend over backwards to assist you with the buy, teach you how to operate and makes sure you enjoy the apple experience. This makes the whole journey comfortable for people do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying their product. In this crazy world where everyone is hard pressed for time, it is the service which matters the most. Seems like Apple has learned this Mantra.

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  1. ThatUKChick

    December 22, 2014 at 2:03 am

    My phone’s a brick, I don’t treat it like a baby. Technology won’t fill the void of loneliness and the sociopathy in the Western world folks. I let my phone get bashed about and use it for the things I need to use it for, occasional calls and texts to a few close friends and my partner. Wouldn’t know how to use an ‘App’ or see the point of it when I could be out having a coffee with a friend. It is very bad manners to use a mobile phone at the table though, I hate seeing people doing that.

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