Top 10 Reasons why Kids are Super Irritating

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You gotta love the Kids right? The little angles who smile in their sleep, their tiny hand curl around your finger and the tiny feet paddle around the house. The giggle and the laugh are all to die for. But this is the rosy side of the picture (pun intended). The other side is screaming, crying and downright impossible spawn than will test your nerves. Even the parents admit it. One common saying is ‘I figure if my kids are alive at the end of the day, I’ve done my job’. So if the parents themselves are hard pressed to keep the temper in check and love the little tyke, how about the rest of us? Well one reason to love the kid is to keep safe from the mama tigress. However we can sure talk about it. So think about the kid crying through the night, the kid screeching the balloon and the kid shooting water guns at you. Now that we are on the same page, lets see few other reasons why the irritation factor creeps in the candy land.

10. They ignore you

They ignore you.

The Kids have super-powers. Do not believe me? Every strong and confident you may be, the kid can break you in pieces by simply walk through you. They may not like your key chain as much as the next persons and you will lose out on the warm hugs. So the one reason to find the kids irritating is the grapes are sour theory. The Tiny angels will not spare your feelings. Even those in the coveted group liked by the kids are tried and tested to keep the membership alive.

9. Scream machines

Scream machines

My nephew and my brother have a cute way to solve their issues. The daddy starts creaming with the kid till the kid stops. This was adorable till we found that we had in fact taught the kid to be a champion screamer. Now the tiny villain terrorizes other kids and we are red faced when the neighbors complain! Perhaps the kids are all born with  tiny loud-speakers which go without warning and never seem to stop!  They can scream and bang their heads to get the thing they want . That can be the dirty rag or the wedding dress. It’s all the same for them. Screaming is their way of bargain and they seal the deal most of the time.

8. Tantrums


The endless tantrums can give the cuteness a run for its life. The mean streak in kids comes out when you deny them something of when you force them to do something. The complex equations end with the kid winning all the way. Dare you refuse to play with them , dare you win the game and dare you take a piece of their candy. The tantrum will strike and it’s bad.

7. Social disaster

Social disaster

Your friends may whisper in your ears when you have that piece of spinach on your teeth, the kid will go around calling you ‘green teeth’ all night long. The Kids can be disastrous for they have the uncanny knack to remember the worst thing about a person and blurt it out straight to their face.  You do not want to be  on the receiving end of the jab. In the nice restaurants you visit for ambiance, the kid with you might make you apologize all night long. Kids these days hear a lot of stuff on the media and using the said knack, they will repeat it anywhere. Tell them to stop and they will keep saying it over and over. This spells trouble for parents especially at social gatherings or worse, the prayer halls.

6. Attention Attention

Attention Attention

Name one kid who doesn’t light up when you give him/her  your complete and undivided attention.  And what happens when you take away the attention? The term all hell breaks loose becomes real. They want you to hear them sing the nursery poems or worse the Bollywood number. Lungi Dance on repeat in a kid’s voice with all the dance moves can take you to the edge and push you right over. The shiny objects like your blackberry or iPhone or tabs are at major risks. The remote control is not yours neither is the home keys. they want it all.

5. Public place horror

Public place horror

If you haven’t had your evenings interrupted by some kid at the movie who decided to show the prowess of his lungs, I envy you. Even at the restaurants the kids throw tantrums and their darlings of a parents choose to shout from the seats rather than pick them up and head out. These shenanigans are too much especially when you are traveling. The movies and hotels have a door that won’t kill you if you step out. Being cooped up with kids on a bus/train/plane makes you wonder why people have kids! Do not roll your eyes, you know its true.

4. The shadow game

The shadow game

For some reason, the kids love to mimic and they do it in a twisted voice. When you say ” eat your breakfast”they repeat it endlessly till you want to jump into the bowl of cereals and die! This is same when they take something of yours and then insist on repeating your words and dancing around. The shadow game gets on your nerve not just when they do it to you, its worse when they do it to each other. It is like your iPod is stuck and same line is repeated over and over again. P S the battery is endless.

3.They like to see you flip out

They like to see you flip out.

The kids love to see you lose your temper. The lines “don’t mess with me or else” have more pronounced impact on elders than they do on the toddlers. They press all the right buttons and enjoy it when you are trying so hard to keep your tongue in check. Its like they have tiny sensors to know that you are losing it. The irony is the childish action makes you mad, you hope the anger will stop it but its like oil to the flames.  Result: You will go crazy, my man!

2. Everything is funny

Everything is funny

I have seen kids laugh at a toy for a whole day. Whip out the toy and there goes the giggle train. It is worse than a tea party with English Ladies tea-party, for the judgment from innocent eyes will break you and more often than not you will laugh. If you have a particularly humiliating incident like spilling your soup or tripping on a step, they will laugh and they laugh loudly. The smile and innocence sometimes is just not worth it.

1. You miss them if they are not around

You miss them if they are not around

After the fights and faces, the sticking out of tongues and making faces ( lets not judge who did what) when finally you win, you actually, really don’t! It is the circle and the sooner you realize the better. You wish they leave you in peace so you can watch that foot ball cliffhanger but the moment you banish them away, your primal instinct tells you ‘mate you gonna pay for it’. You miss them, cox them into liking you again and when they do so, you end up getting irritated. So this is one battle where you lose if you win and lose if you loose. irritating huh!

Suddenly I have a new found respect for the babysitters!

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