Top 10 Reasons why Drinking is Good

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Well we all have heard about the bad impacts of drinking and we are very well aware of the bad facts about it. Drinking has become a habit nowadays and people consume alcohol on a daily basis. Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages and so does drinking. According to the latest studies there are many good effects of drinking too. A glass of wine with dinner does not harm you. It is also said that small amount of alcohol can give you a very good sleep but improper amount can actually destroy your sleep and gives you a bad hangover. Drinking in proper amount can provide benefits, So here is a list of top 10 reasons why Drinking is good.

10. It’s good for your kidney

Ever since we entered our teenage, our parents began to keep a check if their child is getting into drinking or smoking. They would come up and give you a hundred reasons as to why you shouldn’t drink. Here is the time to fire back. Yes, it has been proved that drinking is good for your body organs, especially kidneys. A study done by scientists in Finland proved that alcohol has kidney benefits, specifically beer. A bottle of beer everyday helps to lower the risk of developing kidney stones by forty per cent and helps in removal of kidney stones.

9. It keeps you thin

Losing weight has always been one of the toughest things people have to do. Hitting the gym, avoiding good food, getting up early and what not; people reach out to the hardest measures to shed those extra kilos. Now imagine, consuming your favourite drink and not gaining an ounce. Doesn’t it seem absolutely amazing? A research has found that wine helps you to keep a check on your body weight. Studies show that women who drank one or two glasses of red wine everyday were thirty per cent less likely to be overweight than those women who didn’t drink. It works as a stimuli and encourages your body to burn calories and thus, reduce the body weight.

8. It helps men in problem solving

You must have heard the famous epiphany ‘Alcohol, because no great story ever began with salad.’

If you have some big idea in your mind and want to make it a success, it’s better to grab some beer cans first. The Psychology Department of the University of Illinois lately conducted a study to check the effect of alcohol on men’s cognition. A group was given pints of beer while the other half was asked to work with no booze. The experiment showed that the men who were two pints down solved forty per cent more questions than the group of people who were not given any beer. It revealed that drinking beer helped in relaxation of the mind and thus, they came up with better and creative ideas to solve problems.

7. Good for heart

Alcohol contains antioxidants which provide many health benefits. Beer contains the same amount of antioxidants as red wine and up to five times more than the white wine. A research paper presented by Dr. William Ghali of the University of Calgary showed that drinking two to three glasses of beer per day can help you to reduce the risk of heart diseases by up to sixty per cent. Thus, it is absolutely correct to say that drinking makes your heart happy and healthy.

6. Excuse to escape embarrassment

Remember at your best friend’s wedding, you spoilt the wedding cake or how you started dancing in the middle of highway at the dead hour of night or how at the college tour, you abused your own teacher. Do you remember anything? Well, even if you do and feel embarrassed for it, you have an excuse for it that is totally going to work. “I was drunk.” As simple as that. Your friends and family will remember it all but you can pass it easily because you weren’t sober, even if you were.

5. Helps in building friendship

It is not wrong to say that the best friendships are made on a solid foundation of sarcasm, laughter, dislike of the same people and of course, alcohol. Many studies have revealed that the friendships of people have blossomed sitting at the bar drinking together, or having a gala time drinking at their friends’ terrace. People tend to be truthful and show faith when drunk. Thus, it leads to sharing their stories, problems of life, education, marriage, spouses, parents, money, everything. They find it hard to share this stuff when sober but can easily say it when they are a few bottles down. Thus, sharing of secrets and their lives helps in strengthening of bonds which can run as life-long friendships.

4. Alcohol has variety

Diversity is the spice of life. We tend to get bored with doing the same stuff and things over and over. Our lives are mechanical. Getting up early, burning yourself out at work, the daily domestic issues, same kind of food, same people. Isn’t it? if you are becoming of such boredom, here is something that you need to know. There are four hundred types of beer alone. Interesting fact, isn’t it. Apart from beer, you can dive in wine, whiskey, scotch, tequila, vodka, rum and the list goes on. If your life has become monotonous, it is time you start trying the different varieties of alcohol and give your life the much needed spice. You are surely going to be a much more interesting and happy person than you used to be.

3. Good for bones

A study done in 2009 showed that beer is actually good for your bones. It has high level of silicon which is said to be a boon for your bone density. The barley matls, which constitutes of one of the four basic building blocks of beer, helps to stave off osteoporosis besides, giving the bones the much needed silicon. However, one should note that not all brews are made in equal proportions. If you want to build your bones, reach out for half malt-heavy beers like IPAs which have 41 mg of silicon per litre and pale ales which has 37 mg of silicon per litre, thus making a good deal to give your body healthy minerals.  It helps in building strong bones and next time, if someone comes and fiddles with you, you can easily punch him down. How’s that now.

2. It gives you healthy ovaries and breasts and good prostate

Health benefits of alcohol seem to be uncountable. From helping in reducing the level of kidney stones to reducing weight, making your heart healthy and happy, building  strong bones, and increasing the brain’s capability to solve problems by thinking creatively, alcohol also helps in making good and healthy breasts and ovaries. Good flaonoids, which includes xanthohumol , too, helps in destruction of cancer cells in our body, specifically in parts like breasts, ovaries and prostate, which are highly prone to cancer as one’s age increases. Thus, one should drink to stay healthy and happy and keep the diseases at bay.

1. Employment generation

The brewing industry alone employs 1.7 million people and helps to run their houses. It is one of the largest industries in the world that has emerged and has been growing rapidly. It would be wrong to say that alcohol provides only benefits to its consumers. It has been a cause of many diseases in spite of curing many. On one hand, where it has resulted in annihilation of people and families, at the same time, it has fed many mouths and continues to do so. Many people will be rendered homeless and financially handicapped if the alcohol industry shuts down. It provides employment to a sizable number of population in all parts of the world. Besides this, the above listed points are a testimony to the wonders it can do to your life. So here’s to drinking. Drink, live, laugh but do it responsibly.

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