Top 10 Reasons why Beauty is Overrated

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You need to leave for work in a bit but that desperate 10 minutes of time needs to somehow be squeezed out so you can look beautiful!
You need to fit that description, apply that lipstick, that eyeliner. It’s normal; it’s what everyone is doing.

When you woke up half an hour ago, there was drool on your pillow.
Your pajamas were sagging and your unkempt hair dispersed in several directions as you went to throw out the trash.
You were also sitting on the pot doing the necessary.
As you visualize these things, none of them appeals to you as beautiful.
But all of them are YOU! Beauty is nothing but perspective.

So as you finally leave to work, and cast that final glance at the mirror, DO remember to smile. You look beautiful; for sure. You looked beautiful with the drool, beautiful with those sagging pajamas and beautiful with the morning hair, as long as you see it.

Otherwise, beauty is over rated and here are the reasons why.

10. Society

Dear Society,
You are definitely a crazy breed
Lonely without all those attractive faces
Society, have mercy on me

Of course, society has no face but it is in a large way responsible for “The Beauty Paradox”, where unblemished skin, high heels, radiant hair, hourglass figures and a perfect dressing sense makes onlookers go into a state of frenzy and these people are favored above the rest. You may as well be making laborious attempts to abide by the laws of beauty, yet the society might not approve of your looks, as the perception of beauty continuously evolves.

9.Do(Not) Judge a Book By it’s Cover


As you browse the bookshelves at your local library and face the enigma of which book to take home, (keeping in mind the famous proverb of not to judge a book by its cover) what is that factor that actually makes you finalize your selection? You can’t deny that it is after all the alluring cover and its’ illustrations that gives the book its’ first chance to accompany you home, although the spread of word will decide its’ eventual fate.

8. Character Descriptions

Character descriptions

You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
It’s true

Songs and their lyrics, movies and their actors, novels and their characters, advertisements and their models, all have one thing in common. They epitomize beauty. Nearly every fiction novel we come across these days very casually describes its’ pivotal character as “beautiful”. If not, the character will eventually bloom into that captivating element of the novel. Even the buck-toothed, supposedly unattractive Hermoine from J.K. Rowling’s novel was showcased as the very charming Emma Watson in the movie. When we start to relate to these fictitious characters, it only augments our inherent craving to be labeled as beautiful.

7. The World of Escapism

The world of escapism

After seeing ordinary day to day people, in the very form they SHOULD actually be in, we love to escape into the world of series and movies where not even an eyelash is out of place. Dashing men in suits, that raw gym look, looking sexy without even trying and waking up from bed with immaculate hair and a flawless face. Out of monotony, we escape from the genuine world into one of plastic. In doing so, some of this gets implemented into our own life and we don’t mind going into a state of anorexia, or getting buried in make-up to turn a few heads.

6. Beauty at a Price

Beauty at a price

The trend of facial surgeries and glowing skin has seamlessly disseminated from television and fashion industry to the common world. Some of us find it worth to spend millions just to have our nose made 1mm wider or our lips face 1 angle upward. From that prominent jawline to the Jolie pout, we want to have it all. The thriving make-up industry earns millions for plucking and pinching the skins of their customers. We don’t even mind reversing time and going against nature to erase our wrinkles. We curl, straighten and color our hair all the possible shades to eventually come back to the original. Not that I condemn this practice as experimentation and change is always pleasant, but the evolving trends definitely play a role in over rating beauty.

5. Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants

It is the most absurd fact that certain people are actually appreciated to be beautiful! The jaw-dropping reality is that you get to wear a crown on your head due to an amalgamation of genes, god, nature and probability. Wow, so much hard work! Every girl, at one point of time in her life, has dreamt of wearing the crown, secretly enacting her winning moment to the mirror. Indirectly we develop an unhealthy obsession and incessant pressure to look beautiful.

4. Classroom Protocol

Classroom protocol

“The most attractive”, “The hottie of the class”, “The cutest girl”
These are tags that have definitely been or are a part of your school/college life. You might recall a random yearbook poll for the most attractive girl/guy and most likely, your list of school crushes will also comprise of these attractive faces. If genes favored you, you might have even been that girl, and if not, you probably spent your school life stealing glances at her, trying to copy her style and wondering what it was that made her so special.

3. Chemical Reaction

Chemical Reaction

Talking in scientific terms, a major contributor to beauty being over rated is something we humans can’t help. It is the chemical reactions that take place in our body. Imagine this scenario. It’s a bright sunny morning. You’re a guy zipped up in your leather jacket, on the way to work, or for that matter, it’s your first day of kindergarten. Like a gust of fresh air, she passes right by you, and you can’t help it as the background gets blurred and time goes into slow motion. What’s actually happening is that a powerful wave of neurotransmitters is being sent your way. This involuntarily causes surge of several hormones in your body, including Epinephrine, Dopamine, Phenyl ethylamine and Endorphins. Say you are the employer facing the decision to choose from 10 candidates, your vision for the most talented will somehow be blurred by science. You will have a natural proclivity towards the most attractive candidate as your brain is actually more rewarded in their presence.

2. Fair & Lovely

Fair and Lovely

Since ages, beauty has been associated with fairness. Even after Nina Davuluri won the religiously followed Miss America, she was criticized for her dark color and perhaps because she did not fit the standard definition of blue eyes and blonde hair.

Fairness is not going to bring you love
It’s not gonna make guys swarm around you
It’s not gonna buy you best friends
And most importantly, it’s not gonna give you success

TV advertisements have promoted beauty in terms of fairness to highly insane levels, especially in India. Somehow, you just have to be a buyer of these products, using and re-using them with no positive effects.

1. Zuckerberg!


Initiated as a “hot or not” game for Harvard students, Facebook proliferated into becoming the world’s most used social website. Users are obsessed with how they are portrayed to the outer world, and Facebook gives them an ideal platform to conveniently showcase their fake appearance and befit into societies description of beautiful.

Our profiles are maintained on a regular basis as we upload pictures, precisely to keep a tab on how many “likes” and “comments” we receive. We religiously click, update, compare and try to appear effortless. We tilt our head one way, then the other. This profile picture is uploaded after considerable attempts at getting the perfect amount of light, the perfect angle and ultimately chosen from the numerous pictures clicked. Finally it is embellished with several Picasa effects after carefully photoshopping any pimples and blemishes. The new age of technology over rates beauty and currently engulfs about 1 billion users who spend more than 70% of their browsing time on Facebook.

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