Top 10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season

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Autumn is one of the four temperate seasons and marks the transition from summer into winter. The most distinctive change that marks the beginning of fall is the shedding of leaves of some trees as they pave way for more growth. Usually the season arrives around September in the Northern hemisphere and in March in the Southern hemisphere. Autumn is the most awaited among the four seasons as it brings with it a lot of colour and happiness.  Famous English poet John Keats describes autumn as the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”.  It is indeed a mesmerizing sight to watch the leaves turn light green and then to shades of red and yellow predicting the arrival of the coming bloom. Autumn makes the world a better place where one could live enjoying the little joys of life.

The top ten reasons why autumn is ranked the best season of the year is listed below:


The weather

Neither too cold nor too hot, the climate in autumn is temperate. It is warm enough to take a stroll on the grounds and cool enough to prevent one from sweating. We can wear the dress of our choice and immerse ourselves in the apple orchards and pumpkin patches during the day and bake delicious pies at night. One can drink some coffee hot or cold and grab some hot chocolate too and curl up on your cozy couch. No other season provides a beautiful climate like autumn when we are free to live our lives the way we want to!


The Yellow Leaves

The leaves of autumn are the most beautiful of God’s creations. As the leaves turn yellow, the dense thick trees resemble an illuminated canopy and are a fascination for most children. But the pavements strewn with raiment red and yellow leaves is the most beautiful image that often comes running into one’s thoughts when you think of autumn. Children are seen running towards the leaves looking for the best specimen they could take home as a souvenir. They even preserve them by dousing them in lacquer or even pressing them to dictionaries.


Raking of leaves

The raking of the flaming red, bright orange and yellow leaves are moments of joy and bliss to the lovers of autumn. Though it involves great labour, the raking of the fallen leaves is a fun-filled fall frolic. And once you are done collecting the dry leaves into a big huge pile, one couldn’t resist jumping into it. The woody fragrance of the leaves take you to another world, a peaceful world and you realize that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is not far away.



Autumn means the beginning of another season of the National Football League. Your wait to see your favourite players on the field has finally ended! Crazy football lovers would totally love to stay until midnight lavishing in the fine weather with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and the remote on the other. Also for the avid television crazy bunch, their favourite television shows will be back on the air. Waiting for the next season to begin seems an endless journey during which our only wish is for the early arrival of the fall.


New styles

With the arrival of autumn, there also happens a drastic change in the fashion statement of the day. Though wearing short skirts was of little help in summer, autumn lets you look super cool in skirts and sunglasses as you don’t have to suffer from sweating.  It is also the time to whip out your favourite sweaters and riding boots. Autumn is also the season of scarves. Different varieties of scarves of different colours worn with over sized jackets are the talk of the season. Relishing in the cooler weather of the season one need not worry in putting on the best attires as sweating profusely and sticky clothing are totally out of question!


Autumn Foliage

Autumn foliage is the phenomenon by which the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs turn red, yellow, purple and brown. Watching this change is a mindblowing experience. The brilliance of the ‘fall foliage’ in Eastern Canada and the New England region of the United States have attracted the attention of many tourists. Millions of people flock to these regions every autumn just to witness this incredible work of nature. The Weather Channel and some web-based weather forecasts even provide live updates when the foliage begins thus working as a medium of information to the tourists. As the number of leaf peepers (fall foliage sightseers) is increasing every year, the leaf peeping tourism is making heavy profits out of it.



Everyone loves to take a break from the boring schedules of work and study. The coming of autumn gives us the best time to get dressed up in fancy wears and go partying regardless of how old we are! The All Hallows Evening commonly known as the Halloween day allows people young or old to disguise oneself in any attire on the 31st of October, every year. Halloween also marks the beginning of the triduum of Hallowmas dedicated to remembering the dead. Normally children get dressed up as ghosts, wizards and witches and go trick-or-treating. It is a customary celebration where children go in costume from house to house asking for candy and sometimes even money, asking the question, Trick or treat? Lighting bonfires, telling scary stories, visiting haunted places, making jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and apple bobbing are also festivities that happen on the day of Halloween.


Seasonal delicacies

People with a good appetite and taste for real food, rejoice! Pumpkins, apples, blackberries, plums and pears are available in plenty with the beginning of autumn. Big fat blueberries are used to make tarts and cakes that are insanely delicious. Purple coloured plums are irresistible that one is tempted to eat it, no matter what.  Even birds and insects enjoy the arrival of autumn consuming fallen fruits like apples, crab apples and plums. Apple picking is a traditional custom in many countries and is a favourite autumn past-times. Apple cider, made from apples is a popular seasonal beverage.  So are apple tarts, apple pies, apple crisps, apple muffins and every other delicacy made with an apple!


Pumpkin Spice Latte

The very thought of the season is often immediately followed by three words; pumpkin spiced latte. Autumn will always remain an incomplete memory to those who miss the famous spiced latte that made its debut in 2003. Records show that around 200 million beverages have been purchased since the arrival of the latte in 2003. Freshly steamed milk, creamy pumpkin-flavoured sauce, and seasonal spices including nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and clove are used to make this trademark espresso. The spiced latte is today recorded as the most popular seasonal beverage of all time. People even say that it is drinking a cup of spice latte which actually gives them the feeling that fall has arrived!


Season of harvest

Along with its grandeur and beauty, autumn is also famous as the season of primary harvest. Autumn is personified in Western cultures as a beautiful, well-fed female adorned with fruits, vegetables and grains. Harvesting is a festival, a celebration in many cultures. The Thanksgiving holiday of the United States, the Jewish Sukkot, the Chinese Mid-autumn or the Moon festival and the many North American Indian festivals are a few examples. People show their gratitude and respect to Mother Earth for providing them aplenty of fruits and vegetables. The festival also symbolizes a sense of sadness due to the imminent arrival of the harsh weather.

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