Top 10 Reasons to Travel Alone

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“Travel, it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story-teller.” These words were uttered by the well know traveler of the Middle East, Ibn Battuta. Oh, we definitely couldn’t agree any more than we do. Travel, in whatever form, is always such a great pleasure. People travel for work, business, leisure and some travel because the idea of staying in one city forever sounds too redundant to them. But no matter what the reason is, traveling is always fun. Whilst traveling, we discover new places, we experience new things, we learn new cultures and we meet new people. And somewhere in this process, it so happens that we end up re-discovering ourselves. But sometimes it happens that if you are not traveling with the right kind of people, your trip can turn into one big sour memory. So having a good companion or good company is extremely important for a good traveling experience. But if you do not have a co-traveler, take a chance and travel alone. Traveling alone will help you discover a lot of things and let you know what freedom truly means. So here are the top 10 reasons you should travel alone-

10. Simple Logistics and Accommodation

Simple logistics and accommodation

A lot of times, it happens so that one or two member of a group are the ones who want to stay in an expensive hotel while you are all in for a simple dorm room. When it’s only the question of a place to keep your bags and extra luggage at, while you’re out traveling all day, inexpensive and affordable dorm rooms, service apartments and home-stays are some very feasible options. The best part about traveling alone is that you can easily get such an inexpensive place to stay where you only return for the night.

9. Don’t have to Co-ordinate Dates

Don’t have to co-ordinate dates

We all live in very busy lives of ourselves. Planning a trip with a lot of people can thus be a big pain. You have to sit and co-ordinate the days and dates when all the people can travel together. There will always be on sour fellow who will have some problems with every date so even before your trip begins, there are problems. If you travel alone, you only have yourself to look after. So you can leave as and when you want without any restrictions or hindrances. This is also great in terms of flexibility. So even if there are any last minute changes, you only have your own time-table to care about. When it comes to traveling, you will see that flexibility means a huge deal!

8. Better at making Decisions

Better at making decisions

It often happens that while on a trip with many people, you have to take into account their likes, dislikes and preferences while doing anything. But if you are alone, your sole self is the only decision maker around. You have to decide what to do, what to see, what to eat, when to travel. This obviously makes you a better decision maker as you are left on your own without anyone else’s opinions to make the final decision. At first, your decision may prove out to be wrong or a mistake, but with time, you will see that your decision making skills will have definitely improved.

7. It revolves around ‘YOU’

It revolves around ‘YOU’

It’s not very frequently that we get the freedom to do things as and when we please. But when you are traveling alone, your trip revolves around only person and that is you. You can go wherever you want. Complete all the places that you want to see and the things you want to do which are there in your bucket list. Don’t leave the list unfulfilled just because no one else shares your aspirations and because you have no one to go to these places with. Pack your bag and leave; you will meet people like yourself for sure.

6. Makes you tackle language barrier

Makes you tackle language barrier

When we are with our group of friends and families, we don’t generally go ahead and mingle with the other crowd because we are so comfortable in our own little shells. But when you’re alone, you are in some ways forced to communicate with different people. Now these people may not necessarily speak the language you speak. So you have to go the extra mile to tackle the language barrier. It is a different kind of fun. You will have to mix with the locals and maybe learn a bit of the local language too and you will see that it is always great.

5.  You will be More Assertive

You will be more assertive

Traveling alone is not always rainbows and butterflies. Of course, sometimes your decisions may go wrong and plan may not work. But if you have fun along the way, it won’t matter that it didn’t go according to the plan. This way, you will be more assertive about yourself. You will see that you can have fun without any company, get yourself out of any problem without any help and that you can live without constantly being surrounded by too many people. Such assertive attitude is very helpful in life.

4. You will meet new people

You will meet new people

We all know that if we are with a group of people we all know, we don’t try to get to know other people. But if you are alone, you will definitely meet so many new people. And with every new person, you will get to know a new story, a new life, a new culture, a new language and what not. You’ll meet people at bars or cafes and if you hit it off really well, you can even travel a little with them. It can be a great experience to travel with people who shared similar interests. But make sure you are aware of the people you are meeting and be safe. Sometimes, while traveling, you meet people who then go on to be some very good friends of yours for the rest of your life!

3. You will learn more than you can imagine

You will learn more than you can imagine

The best and the most important part of meeting new people is getting to learn a lot. You can sit at home and read all the information you want but remember that the world is not in our books and maps, it’s out there. You will get first-hand stories and experiences from complete strangers and you can learn about their culture, food, language, lives and what not. You just need to be open minded and ready to soak in all the information you get from the people. Somewhere or other, this information will prove to be very useful in your life.

2. Freedom like no other

Freedom like no other

Want to know what freedom actually feels like? Then traveling alone if your answer. You have no itineraries, no curfews, no deadlines, no meeting and you have nowhere to be but where you want to be and you have nothing to do but have fun. This is freedom like no other. But you must make the best use of this freedom and do all the great stuff around the place you are traveling. The sense of completion and satisfaction after taking a trip alone will rejuvenate and refresh you!

1. You will discover yourself

You will discover yourself

You are not such a bad company and traveling alone will teach you to be at peace with yourself. You will know what you want and like when the only one making are all the choices and decisions is you. If you visit some breathtaking place, you will feel your body fill itself with ecstasy of having made it this far. The deep thoughts and long nights will make you ponder over your decisions. All in all, you will know yourself much better than you did before you decided to take the trip alone. So what are you waiting for? Go on; adventure awaits!

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